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first_imgHR strategy forumOn 24 Feb 2004 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Ask our experts. Personnel Today would like readers to send in theirstrategic HR dilemma. All questions will remain anonymous and will be forwardedto our strategy forum members, two of whom will provide step-by-step advice inthe magazine. Send your dilemmas to [email protected] dilemma Improving performance at a local authority I have just joined a large unitary authority as HR director. The authorityprovides all local government public services including refuse collection, roadmaintenance, education and the social services. Pressures on the council have been mounting. Last year, it was subjected toan audit commission assessment and was adjudged to be ‘fair’, but there isconcern the reassessment this year will be less favourable. This could lead to much tighter central government control, reducing thelocal flexibility the council feels it needs to best serve the interests of thelocal community. Managers are under pressure to deliver demonstrably betterservices on tight or reducing budgets. There is also a sense of short-termism asmanagers try and ‘fix’ difficulties. Our sickness absence levels are in the upper quartile for similarauthorities, and our turnover rates are little better. Our workforce is a doesnot reflect the ethnic composition of the local community and there have beendifficulties filling jobs in specific and critical areas. A recent surveysuggests staff morale has hit rock bottom. My role is to ensure the council at least retains the previous rating underthe assessment scheme and managers are looking to me to both resolve some ofthe current resourcing difficulties and to turn around staff morale. Whatshould my priorities be? Solution 1 By Dilys Winn head of resources at Gloucestershire County CouncilStrike a balance between ensuring you do not get sucked into the sameshort-termism gripping the rest of the organisation, and getting credibility byshowing understanding of the immediate problems. Use your judgement to pick theimportant things and be firm in consigning the rest to longer-term plans. Step 1 Start with the problems you know will be detrimentallyaffecting morale and therefore performance. The combination of high turnover,high absence rates and recruitment difficulties will put real pressure on staffand managers alike. Do you know why people are leaving, where they are goingand what measures you could take to make inroads into this? Look at currentarrangements for managing absence. Could tried and tested techniques used byauthorities to manage absence be useful here? Step 2 Try some short-term measures to patch the critical gaps in theworkforce. Since paying higher salaries across the board is unlikely to be anoption, put together a resourcing strategy. This should combine innovativerecruitment campaigns with a serious look at whether these services could bedone elsewhere or be outsourced. Step 3 Take ownership of the results of the staff survey. Find out asmuch as you can about the root causes of staff concerns by engaging staff andmanagers at all levels. Focus on two or three key issues. Develop acommunications strategy to keep staff posted about what is being changed inresponse to their concerns and make sure you get the commitment of theorganisation to run follow-up surveys to measure progress. Step 4 Make sure you know what is required to be in place for thevarious inspection regimes. At the very least, you are likely to need to beable to demonstrate that you have a published people management strategy inplace which is consulted upon, directly links with the council’s key aims andincludes proper measures to evaluate its effectiveness. Step 5 Finally, get beyond the immediate and avoid being drowned byshort-term problems. The difficulties you found when you arrived at theauthority occurred because of a lack of longer-term strategies. You will needto get your managers involved in some crystal ball gazing, questioning wheretheir services are going in the medium/long-term. Your longer-term strategymust reflect these changes, government agendas and potential legislativechanges setting out what resourcing arrangements are likely to be needed.Address how these will be met through skills development, succession planning,creating sustainable sources from which you can attract new skills, andcreating an environment where people flourish and therefore choose to stay. Solution 2By Paul Kearns, Director PWLThe golden rule of HR strategy is never try to fix long-term, structuralproblems by reacting tactically. ‘Quick fixes’ are self-defeating. Step 1 There may be the pressure of the re-assessment looming, but itwould be better to acknowledge that the issues you have identified can only beresolved strategically, not tactically. You will not resolve staff morale,ethnic composition, sickness or turnover quickly, so why not openly admit this?Step 2 Give management and the Audit Commission the reassurance thatyou know your job, but stress you will need time. What option is there,especially as you have only just joined? Step 3 Instil confidence by making your first priority theinstallation of effective systems. Better systems will improve performance inthe short run but will also have a long shelf-life. This is exactly the sort ofdevelopment the Audit Commission will be looking for. Even if they think yourpresent performance is poor, they are more likely to give you the benefit ofthe doubt for the future if they see effective systems being built. Thesimplest, most effective system to start with is the PDCA system (Plan, Do,Check, Act). Get agreement from the chief executive for this to be implementedimmediately. Every manager should be asked to try it out at least once toimprove one of the existing HR measures you have highlighted. Step 4 Staff morale might appear to be a priority, but it is just onesymptom of an under-performing organisation and it is not the job of HR to‘turn it around’ for line managers. Focus on the underlying causes of poorperformance and, over time, the staff morale issue will begin to resolveitself. Step 5 If you need a quick win to garner much-needed support, thenfollow the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ principle. Set about discovering theworst-performing part of the authority and give it some special attention. Itwill already be under a great deal of pressure, so any good ideas you haveshould produce results with little effort.How the forum worksThe HR Strategy Forum, which issupported by some of the industry’s most experienced people (see below), isPersonnel Today’s major new initiative to help readers become more strategic intheir day-to-day operations. Over the coming months, Personnel Today will give a unique,developmental opportunity to hone your strategic skills using a wide range ofHR scenarios submitted by senior HR professionals. Each week, our panel ofexperienced practitioners and consultants will provide solutions to a typicalstrategic HR dilemma. You can get involved by sending in your own problems,marked ‘strategic dilemmas’, to [email protected] Brown, Assistant director general, CIPDPaul Kearns, Director, PWLJim Matthewma,n Worldwide partner,Mercer Human Resource ConsultingAndrew Mayo, Director,MLILouise Allen, Director, LAPartnersPenny Davis, Head of HR operations,T-MobileMarie Gill, Head of organisationaldevelopment, AsdaNeil Roden, HR director, Royal Bankof ScotlandRalph Tribe, Vice-president of HR,Getty ImagesDilys Winn, HR director,Gloucestershire County CouncilMargaret Savage, Head of HR strategy,BT Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Trinity President apologises for hosting Christian Concern

first_imgThe President of Trinity College, Sir Ivor Roberts, has released a statement of apology following growing opposition to the fact that the college hosted the controversial Christian Concern for their annual ‘Wilberforce Academy’ conference.In his statement, Sir Ivor said, “Trinity has been contacted by a number of current and old members about the holding in College of a conference organised by Christian Concern. When the booking was taken for this conference we were not aware of the organisation’s background. The name rang no bells.“What was known was that the delegates were to be addressed by both a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, and another Anglican bishop, and so the request to use Trinity facilities appeared to be perfectly reasonable and one that we would have no cause to question.”He went on to specify exactly what action Trinity would take in response to vocal opposition to the group’s presence in the college by students, explaining, “We have set up a review of our procedures for college use by outside agencies. Trinity regrets that any current or old members were upset by the fact that we gave houseroom unwittingly to Christian Concern.Any profits from the conference will be given to an appropriate charity.’Christian Concern have been branded homophobic in the past, largely due to their staunch opposition to same sex marriage. In a blog posted in May last year, the group’s CEO Andrea Williams accused the incumbent government of extraordinary arrogance for attempting to pass a bill on same sex marriage, and asked “Why are they so committed to imposing same-sex marriage on us all?”Trinity’s own Christian group, the Christian Union, has distanced itself from Christian Concern, with a representative stating that, “The Christian Union in Trinity were not involved in the conference or the decision by college to host it. The CU is committed to sharing the love of God with all people in our college and in the wider university.”In response to accusations of radical and divisive views held by the organisation, Christian Concern’s founder Williams hit back with the assertion that, “The views held by Christian Concern are not ‘radical’ in any way. They are the views held historically by the Christian Church for the past 2000 years and should therefore come as no shock to anyone.“Freedom of speech and freedom within learning has been a principle which we should all strive to maintain. The day when academic institutions, or governments, start ‘banning’ free speech and free ‘discussion’ at universities is the day when we start to see our society censored, and the very start of ‘mind control’.’An undergraduate student of Trinity College, Crawford Jamieson, held views more in keeping with the vast majority of Trinity students, however. He told Cherwell, “LGBTQ students within Trinity College certainly felt, and quite rightly, that the presence of ChristianConcern within the college was a slap in the face. However, the mistake does seem to have been genuine on the part of the college and the President’s response has been appropriate.”Trinity is now expected to take similar action to that taken by Exeter College last year. In 2012, Exeter also faced controversy for allowing Christian Concern to use the college facilities for their conference. The college donated profits made to causes supported by LGBTQ, the sexual rights and awareness group.Katie Colliver, OUSU’s Vice President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities was not completely satisfied with the outcome. While pleased to see that Trinity had taken on board the objections of its students and would be reviewing its booking procedures, she added, “It is frustrating that they were unable to learn from Exeter’s experience last year.’last_img read more

Press release: Employment Minister welcomes new UK employment record

first_img Today’s statistics show the enduring strength of our jobs market, with wages outpacing inflation for the ninth month in a row and employment at a record high. This is benefitting people across the country, with almost 400,000 more people in work in the last year. Putting more money in the pockets of working families, and showing the UK remains a great place to invest and do business. The Minister of State for Employment, Alok Sharma, has welcomed the best job figures on record – with 32.48 million people in work in the UK, more than ever before. Out-of-hours (journalists only) 07623 928 975 Press Office Caxton HouseTothill StreetLondonSW1H 9NA backing businesses to create good jobs with our modern Industrial Strategy, while ensuring they play by the rules, so we are closing tax loopholes, strengthening workers’ rights, and tightening the rules big businesses must follow investing in the infrastructure, training and apprenticeships we need for our future, with public investment at the highest sustained level in 40 years introducing Universal Credit which is helping people move into work faster and stay in it longer, while recent Budget measures mean 2.4 million families will keep an extra £630 per year of what they earn helping people stay in work longer with our Fuller Working Lives strategy, which supports employers to recruit, re-train and retain older workers tackling inequalities in employment highlighted by the Race Disparity Audit, through targeted support in 20 areas around the country and £90 million announced by the Prime Minister to help young people arranging work experience sessions for students through Jobcentre Plus, in over 1,400 schools Scotland (local media enquiries) 0131 310 1122 London Press Office (national media and London area enquiries only – not questions about personal claims) 020 3267 5144 Over 3.3 million more people have entered work since 2010, meaning an average of 1,000 more people in work every day. Sectors across the economy are benefiting, with 23,000 more manufacturing jobs in the last year and 22,000 more jobs in the hospitality sector.The statistics also reveal three quarters of jobs created since 2010 are full time, permanent roles that are in higher skilled occupations, which typically bring higher earnings – all ambitions of the government’s Industrial Strategy which seeks to create better, well-paying jobs fit for the future.The government is helping even more people benefit from a well-paid job by: England and Wales (local media enquiries) 029 20 586 then 097 or 098 or 099 The figures also show real wages are up for the ninth month in a row, with regular pay up 3.3% on the year – its fastest growth in almost a decade.Today’s (11 December 2018) figures also reveal the youth unemployment rate has almost halved since 2010, with female employment at a near record high of 71.2%.Minister of State for Employment Alok Sharma said: New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the UK continues to have the best jobs market in decades with the unemployment rate at a near record 40 year low, 4.1% and employment rate at a joint-record of 75.7%. Contact Press OfficeMedia enquiries for this press release – 020 3267 5162 Follow DWP on: Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn – YouTube – read more

Press release: Intimidation in Public Life: Lord Evans welcomes government response

first_imgLord Evans said: ‘The Committee welcomes the government response and we are pleased that the Government has accepted the recommendation we made in our 2017 report to make intimidation of electoral candidates and party campaigners a criminal offence.‘This is an important step and carries a powerful message about the unacceptable abuse and intimidation of people who stand for public office. If we want a vibrant and diverse democracy, more representative of the public its serves, we must be prepared to stand up to intimidation’.last_img read more

Polish farmers seek cash after virus-infected minks culled

first_imgWARSAW, Poland (AP) — A farmers’ organization in Poland is pressing the government to compensate mink farmers in case the animals have to be culled because of the coronavirus. The organization dispatched a letter to deputy agriculture minister on Tuesday asking for compensation following a recent decision to cull thousands of mink at a farm in northern Poland, where four out of 20 tested animals were infected with the coronavirus. The animals were culled Monday, in the country’s first such instance. The law doesn’t make farmers eligible for government compensation and the farmers’ organization wants that changed. Poland is one of the world’s biggest producers of mink furs.last_img read more

Trail Mix: Sam Lewis & The Hotel Sessions

first_imgThe first time I heard Sam Lewis sing, I knew he was a star in the making. A gifted songsmith blessed with a soulful Southern twang, Sam’s debut record didn’t leave my cd player for weeks. It isn’t hyperbolic to suggest that “I’m A River,” the gospel infused gem from that first record, was my favorite song of 2012.Waiting On You, Sam’s new record, is scheduled to drop in April, but fans old and new are treated with a special release this month. Recorded in a succession of hotel rooms while crisscrossing the U.S. and U.K. on tour, The Hotel Sessions offers listeners solo acoustic renditions of the tunes set to be on the new record in April.The Hotel Sessions is straight forward and simple – Sam, his guitar, and a room. Initially a series of demo recordings designed to acquaint his band with what would be on the new record, the project grew into a full album in its own right. And while Sam often records with some Nashville heavyweights – his first record included Kenny Vaughan on guitar and Dave Jacques on bass, among others – nothing is lost on these stripped down versions. In fact, it could be argued that Sam is at his best in these solo situations. Unencumbered by distraction, his songcraft and passion are masterfully showcased.I recently caught up with Sam to chat about the new record and lots of things hotel-related.BRO – What was the inspiration behind The Hotel Sessions?SL – The idea actually came from my manager’s assistant this past summer. I had just broke ground on a new album, Waiting On You, which will come out in April through Brash Music, a great indie label out of Atlanta. During a production meeting, we got to thinking of some cool ways to bridge the gap for my fans and get them excited about the release in April. Once our release date was announced, we were getting tons of inquiries about the record – folks didn’t want to wait that long to hear it! The demos of the record were nothing more than acoustic versions of me and my guitar captured in different hotels throughout the U.S. and U.K. These songs were still getting penned leading up to the recording sessions and I was still in the middle of a solid summer tour and I was getting them to my producer, Oliver Wood, and my band mates via email. All that being said, we put on our thinking caps, and The Hotel Sessions began to come together.BRO – As compared to playing in a studio, did you hear your songs differently while playing in these hotels? Did any sonic surprises happen?SL – It was interesting, more in hindsight, really. Once I agreed to use the actual demo recordings I had sent to my band mates, some personal insecurities set in. The demos are rough – I mean ROUGH – and I thought I should rerecord them. I did, but the new ones lacked that magic, so that proved to be a waste of time. We went with the original demos in the end. One thing to note is that the hotels are just like the studio; both can be magical environments if you are comfortable. A few of the songs changed completely from the hotel version once we began tracking in the studio, but I love all the versions of these new tunes. And there were some sonic surprises for sure . . . you pick up refrigerators, birds, sirens, trains, toilets, and sometimes you can even hear a couple arguing in the next room.BRO – Did any of the hotels you visited make you think, “Yeah, I could crash here for a while”?SL – A couple did, but I’m not the biggest fan of hotels. I try to stay with friends, family, or bed & breakfasts while I am on the road. Hotels don’t do much for me. I always seem to get stuck in the ones with the running toilet, thin walls, and/or the funky comforters. I may have just described every Super 8 or Days Inn I have ever visited.BRO – We are featuring “Waiting on You” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?SL – Funny enough, I actually started writing this song at precisely the same time an old roommate of mine was moving stuff out of the house, though the inspiration came from another place. I’m honestly not sure where it came from, but it is one of my few non-autobiographical tunes. Most songs I pen, I couldn’t begin to tell you when I started or finished, but this one I always remember starting.BRO – Do you like the sheets tucked or untucked?SL – Man, as long as they are clean, I don’t have a preference. I’ve come across many weird things while on the road, but this one time always sticks out. You know some of those fancier hotels that put chocolate on the pillows? Well, I was in one of those hotels one time and apparently the person that cleaned my room must have had some extras and then forgot to leave the air conditioner on. When I got back to my room on a scorching July afternoon, in dire need of a nap, it took me a minute to realize it was just melted chocolate on those white sheets. I found it more entertaining than the manager on duty.Sam Lewis hits the road again later this month, with a run of dates out in Texas. He returns to the Southeast on January 31st, with a show at The Willow Tree in Johnson City, Tennessee.I am happy to say that the fine folks at The Willow Tree have offered up a pair of tickets to the show. If you are you are interested, just take a second to drop me an email at [email protected] with SAM LEWIS in the subject line. A winner will be chosen from all emails received by 5 P.M. on Friday.Make sure you take a listen to “Waiting On You” on this month’s Trail Mix. For more information on Sam Lewis and how you might go about getting a copy of The Hotel Sessions, surf over to read more

Pablo Mari confirms Arsenal move after touching down in London

first_imgAdvertisement Pablo Mari confirms Arsenal move after touching down in London Video Settings The 26-year-old defender is on the verge of signing for the Gunners (Picture: Getty)Flamengo defender Pablo Mari has touched down in London ahead of his surprise move to Arsenal and confirmed he is looking forward to joining the Gunners.The Spanish centre-back, who was previously at Manchester City but never played for the club, emerged as a shock target on Friday after Arsenal accelerated talks with Flamengo.Although the Brazilian side had been reluctant to lose such an important player, Arsenal technical director Edu flew to his homeland to wrap up a deal. Comment Mari won the Copa Libertadores during his brief time at Flamengo (Picture: Getty)Arsenal are believed to be paying around £7million to sign Mari, which represents a big profit on the £1m Flamengo paid City only last summer.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT The 26-year-old was pictured at Rio de Janeiro airport with Edu on Friday evening and boarded a plan to London, touching down at Heathrow on Saturday lunchtime – where he was greeted by several grabbed a brief word with the defender as he came through the arrivals gate with Edu, asking if he was excited to sign for Arsenal, and he effectively confirmed the move saying: ‘Yeah of course!’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing ArsenalMari said his goodbyes to his teammates and the coaching staff at Flamengo on Friday and will now undergo a medical at London Colney before penning personal terms.He quickly became a fan favourite at the Brazilian club, anchoring the defence as they won the Copa Libertadores – becoming the first Spaniard to win the storied South American competition.Pablo Mari has just arrived at Heathrow with Edu and he tell me he is excited to be joining Arsenal.Medical to take place this weekend.— Charles Watts (@charles_watts) January 25, 2020 Full Screencenter_img About Connatix V67539 Advertisement PLAY Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 25 Jan 2020 1:03 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link19.4kShares Mari – who was sent out on various loans to Girona, NAC and Deportivo while at City – got a taste of life in the Premier League when he played against Liverpool in the Club World Cup final.Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta had been keen to bring in a new central defender even before Calum Chambers picked up a serious ACL injury, and Mari will now compete for a place in an Arsenal back-line that has leaked goals all season.MORE: Flamengo star Pablo Mari pictured with Edu flying to London to complete Arsenal moveMORE: Arsenal close in on Thomas Lemar transfer as Atletico Madrid sanction moveMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City 1 min. storylast_img read more

Merseyside retains CBRE as adviser for £400m property portfolio

first_imgMerseyside Pension Fund has retained CBRE as its strategic property adviser.The £6.8bn (€9.24bn) Merseyside Pension Fund reappointed the manager to advise on its nearly £400m property portfolio, according to documents filed with the EU. Merseyside tendered for a new manager last year, on a 6-10 year contract.CBRE is to review the UK property portfolio’s investment strategy. The local government pension scheme is yet to decide on an operational property manager, which it is also tendering for under a separate contract.The new property manager will run the day-to-day operations for Merseyside’s portfolio that includes shopping centres in the South East of England, a business park and a building in London’s Mayfair district.CBRE was initially awarded a four-year contract to run its portfolio in 2009, replacing Savills, before then being given a two-year extension.The pension fund’s property holdings rose 18% in value over the year to April 2015, becoming the biggest contributor of growth to the portfolio’s 12.6% return.last_img read more

Low-pressure system could become first storm

first_imgNewsRegional Low-pressure system could become first storm by: – June 7, 2011 Share Share Sharing is caring! 9 Views   no discussionscenter_img Tweet KINGSTON, Jamaica – A broad low-pressure system about 150 miles southwest of Jamaica has some potential to become the first storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, but even before it reaches that stage, the rains it’s producing have caused major flooding in two Caribbean islands and resulted in the death of one man.The National Hurricane Centre (NHC) in Miami said this morning that there was a 40 percent chance of the system developing into a tropical cyclone by tomorrow.A hurricane hunter is scheduled to investigate the system tomorrow.“Regardless of development (of the system), heavy rains could cause flash floods and mudslides over portions of Haiti and Jamaica as the system moves slowly towards the northwest or north over the next couple of days,” the NHC said.The two countries have already been getting heavy rains associated with the low-pressure system.One death so farThere was flooding across Jamaica yesterday, with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) reporting a suspected drowning at Bob Marley Beach, Nine Miles Bull Bay. The victim was one of two men in a fishing boat trapped by the flood waters. The other man was rescued and taken to hospital.Several communities were also marooned by the flood waters.The Meteorological Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for low-lying and flood prone areas of St Mary, Portland, St Thomas, St Catherine, Clarendon, Kingston and St Andrew. A statement from the ODPEM said the Ministry of Labour and Social and Security has been placed on standby in the event the rains persist into today and tomorrow.Over in Haiti, the government and international aid groups evacuated 56 families from flooded areas after the country’s largest lake, Lake Azuei, overflowed from days of heavy rains.The Associated Press quoted an official with Haiti’s Civil Protection Department, Nadia Lochard, as reporting that several other families chose to stay in their flooded communities because they either feared their possessions would be stolen or they needed to tend to livestock. President Michel Martelly visited the flooded areas.Caribbean 360 News Sharelast_img read more

IOC to hold coronavirus crisis talks with sports bodies

first_img Promoted Content9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way11 Strange Facts About Your Favorite TV ShowsBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThe Most Stunning Wedding Looks From Around The WorldWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?15 Extremely Surprising Facts About Disney PrincessesWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Mesmerizing Wedding Looks From Different Countries Loading… With less than five months to go before the Tokyo Olympics, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach plans emergency talks with member organisations, sources close to the IOC said on Sunday. On Sunday, the Olympic countdown clock in Ginza in Tokyo showed 131 days before the Games are scheduled to start The IOC plans a conference call on Tuesday to “keep the international federations informed of the situation, as well as the National Olympic Committees and athletes,” one source close to the IOC told AFP. The IOC “will take stock of the actions taken” to respond to the coronavirus crisis “and the federations will have the opportunity to ask questions” added a source close to one international sports federation The IOC “conducts a regular dialogue with all the Olympic partners and regularly informs them of the situation,” added an IOC spokesman. While many international sporting events have been postponed or cancelled, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised on Friday that Tokyo would host the Olympic Games as planned in July and August, despite questions raised by the pandemic. Thomas Bach said on Thursday that his organisation would follow the recommendations of the World Health Organisation regarding a possible postponement.center_img Read Also: Pogba makes coronavirus fund-raising pledge He acknowledged, however, that the cancellation of qualifying events due to the epidemic was already posing “serious problems”. The issue of qualifying will be a focus of Tuesday’s telephone meeting. At the beginning of March, Bach said the IOC would show “flexibility” regarding the qualifications for the Tokyo and encouraged “all athletes to continue to prepare” for the Games. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more