How do the rankings generally do not tell him

determines whether we can attract the spider to the site to bring a good ranking, but there are many ways to attract spiders, as long as these methods are applied well, so do the ranking is not a dream, but there is a part of the concept of friends attract spiders or not so deep, so I give you a concept attract spiders, attract spider means we use the first hand resources outside the station into the station to guide the spider included, this is to attract the spider, and attract spiders are generally from outside the station lead us to a small part of the spider crawling automatically, you can find a website at the beginning of operation, the spider can not automatically find the site crawling spiders because there are still some resistance to the new site, such as whether the site. The DNS server is stable, if you can open a website and so on factors, so the spider to a new web site can not rashly go crawling, more is to inspect the spider on the site, but the study on the site of the spider is relatively long, so this time we need to use the hand resources of the spider on the site guide, is to attract the spider, I believe that everyone on the concept of metaphor attract spider has very deep, so how to attract the spider operation, those methods can help us succeed in attracting the spider? Below I give you some of the more popular and useful methods: read more

Wei Zhe’s business no strangers is the principle of building a teamshlf1314 alliance advertising opt

, however, Wei believes that the timing is right. When the wind blows, pigs can fly, and birds do not have to learn to fly." Mr Wei likened the macroeconomic boom to the strength of the wind. He believes that when the economic slowdown, enterprises need to fight internal forces, and spontaneously requested to enhance management and operational level. Well, they need investors not only to give money, but also to manage and operate resources.

In the process of

in recent years, PE Private, Equity, private equity in China has mutated into People ‘s Equity national investment, the bubble is magnified. All the friends around were urging Wei Zhe not to join in the fun. read more

Discussion Shanghai Dragon technology is chicken ribs

what do we let the industry to discredit the operation, so slowly, Shanghai will become the "chicken ribs dragon technology". What should we do as we are engaged in this industry, because it is noble, it not only help the enterprise to realize the Internet marketing, it is convenient for users to browse, it also makes the search engine more humane, more accurate, more reasonable ranking. So, we are a sunshine industry, let this industry slowly become a core technology of science and technology, rather than "chicken ribs". read more

A new website from the love of Shanghai 3 times down the right road to revival

right down

This is my

experience harvest:


4. do not keep their normal, do not worry, continue to write some good original articles continuously.

the result can’t proud!

2. don’t change their style, even if change, also want to keep the old post, new posts using the new template.

2. do link with……

is still not > master;

1. if forced to modify title and keywords, because the first document catalogue with change, keep the old document. This love of Shanghai can not only preserve the old card, and included new posts. read more

360 search engine optimization should be how to operate

Principle 360

this is the focus of this paper, when we use the most commonly used commands, such as site, domain. When Link search instructions >.

360 search engines in the date of birth will give you a good name: comprehensive search, yes, the key lies in the synthesis of two words, the beginning of 360 search are combined with other search engines, such as love Shanghai, Sogou, Bing and Google help, fell in love with the sea in weight this time was still relatively large, so we see the market in Shanghai ranked love good site in 360 will also get good rankings. read more

Gu Dongyuan on the Site Title Optimization Design of the most effective strategies 2


tell us, not because of marketing.


design is the marketing website title first, if not the title of website marketing ability into full play, is absolutely the largest loss of construction site, so the site title must contain the user after reading, immediately triggered a strong desire for the site title, if your web site is designed to be a marketing type title if your site is not ranked first, such as third, then your website click rate than the first difference! The principle of marketing Title Design: user attention, stimulate the user desires, solve user risk resisting, the three point is the title of each page to design the most basic elements, such as my website the title of Shanghai dragon money training and Shanghai dragon combat training professional brand, visitors see Shanghai dragon money and professional brand, may soon be clicked, if the standard The design of "Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon training and practice training" obviously does not have the above marketing ability. read more

Search engine optimization is high technology type physical thinking activity

search engine optimization for a long time, numb, writing has become a plus potluck, the chain has become a necessary work. You write an article, I wrote 2 articles, you write 2 articles, I will write 4 articles, the fight is the number. So the chain is needless to say, the Commissioner of the chain now, can be said to be as long as the forum to get in by every opening, can be seen everywhere outside the chain of the army. Not to mention the blog, classification of information, B2>

3, physical activity: read more

See the essence through the phenomenon of rule based love Shanghai

A website

the content of the website construction, often mentioned is the high quality original content, so what is the quality? High quality content is not a long and minute statement, not illustrated, but in line with the needs of users of the original content! Do the new station in this area is very good, although the competitors, but I’m not stingy praise. With > contents and pictures

can clearly see that the keyword is part of the scarlet letter. The first screenshot is the new station, the second is the website screenshot. read more

Love Shanghai ranking algorithm frequent updates you hold it

many of the site’s site is not in the home, the dream Shanghai dragon training exchange group has a lot of people say Links large area right down like today, if you want to remove Links etc.. Then the dream of Shanghai dragon net also saw some website, found that many site station is not the first home page, there is a direct disappear, some in the second. In fact, site is not the first does not necessarily explain the website is right to be reduced, the dream of Shanghai dragon training at present SITE is not in the home, but the ranking is just up and down, the following figure is. read more