Seven factors of novice Shanghai Longfeng senior peer to consider the choice of


first, find the direction is the first to consider.

Hello, I am full of love, since this year Shanghai has been changing the algorithm, some new Adsense just contact Shanghai dragon, also saw so many online training materials, Shanghai dragon related articles, but not the slightest progress, this is why? To the novice is too low or IQ? Bad luck? Or with wrong? Today, these have to discuss this problem, also can pay attention to my WeChat (tt_tech) or WeChat (search for "full public platform design") can ask me questions. read more

Shanghai dragon is not dead the chain operation in the new era

The chain construction site is not After

a few years ago, the chain has a great influence on the Shanghai dragon is indeed. At that time, the website construction is completed, as long as the hair outside the chain, then the website ranking can easily come up. At that time, created a lot of standing outside the chain, and a push, many well-known websites and promotion celebrities are relying on Links to get a lot of traffic. Therefore, a large number of links to the sale, the chain group, black chain chain will gradually hang seng. In the past, these are indeed can improve the site’s ranking in a short period of time, but with the search engine algorithm upgrade, from the beginning of 2012 the construction of the chain has become from the trick today we say cheating. read more

How do share the love of Shanghai every day to update the site snapshot

1) update the fixed time every day, try to make the web site of the time change rule of

website! !Pay attention to the content of !

have said, a website of the weight is high, we can judge from his new snapshot, if the snapshot of this website is very new, but also love Shanghai every day to update it, it means that the weight of this web site is good; on the contrary, if the snapshot site is very old. But ten and a half months to update a, it shows that the weight of the site is not zayang, the webmaster is best way to increase the site under the "quality" of it, that we want to do to make love in Shanghai every day update snapshot of our website read more

On site backlinks and included suddenly drop factor

can be seen from Figure 2, the external links are stable, the number of included are stable, so what is the cause of the number of the journals and the reverse link suddenly dropped so much? The analysis of reverse link in decline for a week before the work of

link to the site counter

now high quality links do not reverse links to the source site is too single, and the source of the chain is everyone can do links, the chain is the winning number, rather than win with quality, we all know that a high quality link to be more efficient than a low quality N link, high quality link reduces the search engine to crawl before the low quality of the chain (since there are high quality links, but also what I want to do low quality links, search engines should also think so, please give the search engine of human thought) on, what links are of high quality links I will be in the near future, and we share the high quality links. read more

After the Shanghai Dragon Age unpopular long tail word opportunity

himself through the Shanghai Phoenix to earn a living, but find that sometimes the index word is really like some words, The loss outweighs the gain., hundreds of the index, but also do even dozens or even a number of potential flow first, which naturally have a reason to love Shanghai index, of course there are reasons of Shanghai big dragon the environment at present, everyone in the index of word, the choice of words are becoming less and less valuable are more difficult to find. So everyone is in the Shanghai dragon Er era, go long road is a wise choice, go unpopular long tail is a wise choice. How to seize the opportunities of the unpopular long tail word? I just share some of my experiences and opinions, the hope can give you bring a breakthrough on the idea. read more

The depth of analysis on the relationship between the weight of the website ranking

back to the topic, so much may be difficult to understand, and now it is not very clear, I am more intuitive with you through the case analysis of


, the weight of the website ranking

2. case analysis

I once asked a friend of the industry is a problem, how to put the site ranking? He told me to take the weight of the website get higher, because only the weight high website, search engine to love, so your website ranking back to front.

1. the weight of the website ranking

three, where to weight read more

2013 love Shanghai quality site build direction and requirements

is in love with the high quality of the site in


users want to search for their own things more and more clear, so the site should be more subdivision. The webmaster should be your field to do more detailed, do more comprehensive, provide more professional services and network experience for Internet users. This is reflected in the content of the website, content more comprehensive, more original.

love Shanghai in the past year, a lot of problems encountered by the webmaster to summarize the basic requirements of the high quality of the site. The chief designer of Shanghai love web search that now love Shanghai users increasingly stringent requirements, and the owners should according to the requirements of users own ideas and practices change constantly, will own website to become closer to the people, closer to the users of the website. read more

Duplicate content website webmaster hazards need to take precautions

repeat content refers to different URL link content is the same, the cause of duplicate content may be content acquisition, direct use of acquisition tool for collecting other sites; Web site because of irregularities, causing the site to have multiple URL addresses can be accessed, the spider also included multiple repeat site did not set the 404 error page; the default error page, all links to jump to the home page, this approach also leads to a large number of sites link error repeated page; or because the mall like websites, because the products of different sizes, setting a plurality of pages are introduced, but the general content of the web page is the same, this situation will also be a spider that is repeated content. read more

A mistake should not straighten out the idea of finding errors can be successful construction of the

1, the chain is not in the correct form, for example: www. * * *贵族宝贝, we can see that the chain form is commonly used in many webmaster is not allowed. The page in the chain way, I can only say sorry to the webmaster, very small this chain can bring the role of the spider can not love Shanghai direct access to Shanghai, love spider to space, how much use.

6, the chain of words is not formal, we do not know when the recent search words through search engines love Shanghai not found a problem, that is a part of Shanghai has not recognized the words of love, it will prompt a sentence: according to relevant laws and regulations and policies, some search results are not displayed. So you must pay attention to the problem, if you do the site is illegal, then I think you outside of the chain also need to construct words > read more

Practice get the love of Shanghai trust love Shanghai ranking

love Shanghai rankings? Is the main problem of the webmaster. The first time I do, a year to sum up a few points below, and share with you:

blog, bookmarks, bookmarks, forums, post, know, love asked knowledge, YAHOO knowledge hall, know the ocean to ask questions, answer questions. Of course, do not blindly increase the chain.

: 2. original and carefully wrote a lot of results, the weight is not very good, mainly "too small". Finally.

two, I do stand experience:

, a new share chain:

5, bookmarks, network applications, when the above you on your own website published an article when, should take the article collection, the article addresses some of the best bookmark with multiple ID collection. Such as: QQ bookmarks, sina favorites…… read more