David Brent hands out the HR Oscars

first_imgThe HR team at Bupa were stars for the night after becoming the overallwinners of the Personnel Today Awards 2002. They collected the accolade after winning The Work Foundation Award forOrganisational Change. Bupa won for implementing an impressive change programmethat has helped double profits and increase customer and staff satisfaction. The HR party of the year kicked off as Ricky Gervais, star of BBC’s TheOffice, entertained the audience at our biggest-ever awards. Known for his ‘unique style’ of handling people, as bungling manager DavidBrent, he announced the 11 category winners, and overall winner. The eventrecognised the profession’s outstanding achievers. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article David Brent hands out the HR OscarsOn 5 Nov 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

A statistical approach to determining energetic outer radiation-belt electron precipitation fluxes

first_imgSub-ionospheric radio-wave data from an AARDDVARK receiver located in Churchill, Canada, is analysed to determine the characteristics of electron precipitation into the atmosphere over the range 3 < L 30 keV precipitation flux determined by the AARDDVARK technique was found to be ±10%. Peak >30 keV precipitation fluxes of AARDDVARK-derived precipitation flux during the main- and recovery-phase of the largest geomagnetic storm, that started on 04 August 2010, were >105 el. cm-2 s-1 sr-1. The largest fluxes observed by AARDDVARK occurred on the dayside, and were delayed by several days from the start of the geomagnetic disturbance. During the main phase of the disturbances nightside fluxes were dominant. Significant differences in flux estimates between POES, AARDDVARK and the riometer were found after the main phase of the largest disturbance, with evidence provided to suggest that >700 keV electron precipitation was occurring. Currently the presence of such relativistic electron precipitation introduces some uncertainty in the analysis of AARDDVARK data, given the assumption of a power-law electron precipitation spectrum.last_img read more

Dynamics of marine debris ingestion by profitable fishes along the estuarine ecocline

first_imgThe dynamics of microfilament (<5 mm) ingestion were evaluated in three species of snooks. The ingestion of different colours and sizes of microfilaments were strongly associated with the spatio-temporal estuarine use and ontogenetic shifts of snooks. Their feeding ecology was also analysed to assess dietary relationships with patterns of contamination. All species were highly contaminated with microfilaments. The highest ingestion of microfilaments occurred in the adults, when fishes became the main prey item and also during the peak of fishing activities, in the rainy season. This suggests that trophic transfer, in addition to periods of high availability of microfilaments are important pathways for contamination. The ingestion of microfilaments of different colours and sizes was likely influenced by input sources. Blue microfilaments were frequently ingested, and appear to have both riverine and estuarine inputs, since they were ingested in all seasons and habitats. Purple and red microfilaments were more frequently ingested in the lower estuarine habitats. The length of microfilaments was also associated with environmental variability. Longer microfilaments were ingested in habitats with greater riverine influence, the opposite was observed for shorter microfilaments. Therefore, microfilament contamination in snooks are a consequence of their ecological patterns of estuarine uses through different seasons and life history stages.last_img read more

US Navy orders additional two CH-53K test helicopters

first_img View post tag: CH-53K View post tag: US Navy Share this article September 26, 2016 The U.S. Naval Air Systems Command has awarded Sikorsky Aircraft a $232 million contract for the procurement of another two CH-53K system demonstration helicopters.The service initially ordered four aircraft from the company in 2013 in order to carry out operational evaluation of the new helicopter system and than ordered additional two in April 2014.Work on the latest order is expected to be completed by February 2020.U.S. Navy’s CH-53K program is a $25.5 billion, 200-helicopter undertaking aimed at replacing the U.S. Marines’ ageing CH-53E Super Stallion.Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky achieved a significant U.S. Marine Corps requirement when the CH-53K flew 100ft above the ground with a 12,250kg payload, thereby tripling the external load carrying capacity of the current CH-53E.The new helicopters will have a gross weight of 39.9t and will be powered by three General Electric T408-GE-400 engines.The helicopter has an Initial Operational Capability set for 2019. US Navy orders additional two CH-53K test helicopters from Sikorskycenter_img View post tag: US Marine Corps View post tag: Sikorsky Authorities Back to overview,Home naval-today US Navy orders additional two CH-53K test helicopters from Sikorsky last_img read more

Mother’s Consent To Adoption Not Required, Appeals Court Rules

first_img Mother’s Consent To Adoption Not Required, Appeals Court RulesOlivia Covington for www.theindianalawyer.comA trial court properly determined that a mother’s consent was not required to the adoption of her child, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled, finding that even though she had a difficult year in which she had no communication with her child, the law requires her to continue to foster her parental relationship.In the case of In re Adoption of E.B.F., J.W. v. D.F., 28A05-1702-AD-257, M.F. brought a paternity action for his child, E.B.F., that resulted in a custody order allowing he and J.W., the child’s mother, to continue sharing legal custody, with M.F. assuming primary physical custody and J.W. paying nothing in child support. Further, J.W. was given parenting time “at such times and upon such conditions as the parties are able to mutually agree.”J.W. saw E.B.F. on Christmas Day 2013, one year before D.F., the child’s stepmother, filed an adoption petition on Jan. 2, 2015. During that time, E.B.F. lived with M.F. and D.F. and had little contact with J.W. Additionally, J.W. was unemployed, struggled with substance abuse, moved frequently and was in an abusive marriage during much of that time period.During a consent hearing, the Greene Circuit Court determined J.W.’s consent to her child’s adoption was not required, then later determined the adoption would be in the child’s best interests and granted D.F.’s adoption petition. J.W. appealed, challenging the ruling that her consent was not required.The Indiana Court of Appeals upheld that decision Friday, finding J.W. failed to communicate significantly with E.B.F. for one year without justifiable cause. Specifically, Judge Paul Mathias referenced the trial courts findings, which found J.W. had not sent her child and letters of cards since Christmas 2013 and further discredited her testimony that D.F. had denied her the ability to contact E.B.F.J.W. argued that her one-year lapse in communication should not overcome the 10 years she spent as E.B.F.’s sole physical custodian. But the purpose of the adoption statute is “’to foster and maintain’” parent-child communication, Mathias said, so it would be contrary to the statute “to excuse a parent from fostering and maintaining communication with her child simply because, before the one-year period, her communication was not poor.”J.W. further argued the evidence did not support the trial court’s finding that she had no justifiable cause for her lack of communication, but the appellate panel disagreed, noting the trial court found she only made “minimal effort(s)” to have significant communication with E.B.F. Further, although D.F. testified in court that she would not let J.W. take the child if the child did not want to go with her, such a statement is not enough to show J.W.’s communication efforts were actually thwarted by D.F., the court said.“We do not deny the difficulties Mother faced and overcame in 2014 in freeing herself from an abusive marriage and from her drug dependencies,” Mathias wrote. “…However, our law puts the burden on Mother to continue to foster and maintain her relationship with Child, no matter the inconvenience to her in doing so, and does not permit her simply to take a one-year hiatus from parenting without consequence, no matter that she used that year to improve her circumstances.”FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Man charged with killing teacher in hit and run is given a trial date

first_img Pinterest Man charged with killing teacher in hit and run is given a trial date WhatsApp Twitter WhatsApp By Carl Stutsman – February 26, 2020 0 214 Pinterest Twitter (“Cuffs4” by banspy, Attribution 2.0 Generic) The trial date has been set for a man accused of killing a high school teacher in a hit and run. Ryan Gravit, of Lagrange, will face judge and jury June 8th.It was in August of last year that police say Gravit, while intoxicated and driving a U-haul truck, hit Chuck Schlemmer as he was riding his bike near Ligonier. Gravit left the scene of the crash and Schlemmer died several days later in the hospital when his family took him off life support.The Goshen News reports that the Noble County Prosecutor will look for a stricter sentence after filing a motion to have him designated as habitual criminal offender. Schlemmer taught at West Noble for 24 years and coached cross country until 2017. Facebook IndianaLocalNews Google+ Google+ Facebook Previous articleMan charged in hit and run due in courtNext articleRV Shipments up in January Carl Stutsmanlast_img read more

News story: £215 million additional investment for UK innovation centres

first_img The Catapult network is making a significant impact to our modern Industrial Strategy. It is playing a key role in realising the government’s ambition to spend 2.4% of our GDP on research and development by 2027. This additional support fully funds the Catapult network for the next 5 years and cements their place at the heart of the UK’s innovation infrastructure. By combining the expertise of the Future Cities and Transport Systems Catapults, they are bettering the offer to innovative UK companies that are improving the way our cities work and revolutionising how we get around. Network of world-leading centresThe Catapults are a network of world-leading centres that are designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas. They are helping to drive future prosperity by transforming high-potential ideas into new products and services that generate economic growth for the UK.The Digital Catapult is making UK industries more productive and competitive by supporting them to take up advanced digital technologies, such as AI, 5G and augmented and virtual reality. Businesses working with the Digital Catapult grow their employment numbers by over 15%, which is 3 times higher than seen in the wider economy.The Medicines Discovery Catapult is focused on using newly industrialised technologies to deliver new medicines to patients, faster. For example, they have recently announced a collaboration with AstraZeneca to use the power of sound to speed up the process of early drug discovery.The Catapult is helping to grow the UK’s bio-economy, creating jobs and attracting investment into the country, so that we are able to maintain our position as a global leader in medicinal research and development. Minister for Digital, Margot James said: Dr Ian Campbell, Interim Executive Chair of Innovate UK, said: The Catapult network offers the technical expertise and equipment to allow businesses to take on the challenges and opportunities we expect to face in a future world. We’re backing experts to push new boundaries, so our future economy reaps the benefits of new technologies with more highly skilled jobs. Investment in research and development is at the heart of our modern Industrial Strategy as we build on the UK’s reputation for scientific innovation.center_img This additional funding will help us develop the cutting-edge technology of the future and build on the fantastic new statistics out today, which show we are leading Europe in producing fast-growing, digitally focused, billion-dollar businesses. The UK is a hotbed of innovative tech talent and the Digital Catapult will continue to play a vital role in making sure the sector has the foundations to thrive as we build a Britain that is fit for the future. The £215 million investment is in the Digital, Medicines Discovery, Future Cities and Transport Systems Catapult centres.It builds on the announcement made in August by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, of nearly £1 billion for the Catapult network and fully funds all centres for the next 5 years. The Catapult network is managed by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.Combining knowledgeThe Future Cities and Transport Systems Catapult centres will be combining to bring together their skills and expertise in tackling the problems of modern city living and shaping the future of mobility.The UK’s urban areas are home to 83% of the population and by 2050 more than two-thirds of people worldwide will live in urban areas. The world of transport will transform dramatically over the coming decade as new technology – such as decarbonised power sources, AI and big data – radically transforms the way that people, goods and services move around our towns and countryside.The new Catapult will help businesses to access the UK’s world-leading research expertise more easily, enabling them to grow faster, create more jobs and keep the UK at the forefront of urban and transport innovation. The centre will operate from sites in London and Milton Keynes.At the heart of the Industrial StrategyBusiness Secretary Greg Clark, said: Find out more about the Catapult centres.last_img read more

Phish Debuts New Song, Rocks Hard For Klipsch Music Center Performance

first_imgLoad remaining images Phish continued their smoking hot tour with a stop at the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, IN, playing a great Sunday show for those who made the trip. Though the show was delayed by the rain, the band more than made up for it, ringing truth in the old adage, “Never miss a Sunday show.”The first set started with a surprising “My Friend, My Friend,” an unusual choice for the opener. The song hasn’t played in that position since 2003, but the band navigated the fun composition with a passion. From there, the band quickly kept the energy rocking with a jamming “Kill Devil Falls.” The song always rips, and Trey Anastasio was on fire throughout.From there, the band got into a funky “Camel Walk,” before bringing the fans into “A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing.” A fun reference to the storms that delayed the show’s start, Phish took the jam into dark waters before rocking the ending. From there, it was Mike Gordon who took the lead on “Poor Heart,” bringing the bluegrassy tune out for its first appearance in 2016. That groove segued into “Tube,” which always brings the energy up, keeping the crowd rocking.“Halley’s Comet” came next, enticing the fans to sing along as the band led the carefree tune. Where “Comet” was lighthearted, “Maze” brought the intensity, capturing hold and unleashing its enchanting spell. Page McConnell really fueled the song’s ascending improvisational moments, taking everyone on a musical journey. He continued to take the spotlight for “Lawn Boy,” thanking the crowd and singing his heart out on the title track of Phish’s 1990 release.The band then took an opportunity to try out a new song, titled “Breath and Burning.” The slower song was a band debut, destined for the new album. From there, Phish took the energy up with “Saw It Again,” before finding “Theme From The Bottom” and closing out the first set with a funk laden “First Tube.” It was a great set, highlighted by tight musicianship.The second set was absolutely raging, starting with a well-executed “Punch You In The Eye” before grooving straight into the funk number “Back On The Train.” The upbeat jam heated up Klipsch with a vengeance, getting fans ready for what would come next. Phish then brought an onslaught of jamming, unleashing a soaring “Light” that segued seamlessly into the TV On The Radio cover, “Golden Age.” That funky tune rocked hard, and the energy kept on when Gordon started the bass line for Stevie Wonder’s “Boogie On Reggae Woman.”The song funked hard, raging for a rhythmic boogie down jam that eventually wound down, finding its way into “Wingsuit.” The Fuego song has a slower tempo, and Anastasio hit the Gilmour-esque guitar solo majestically. The band then played their song “Shade,” a ballad song that was debuted in 2015. The cool down moment set the stage nicely for the classic rocker, “Possum.” The bluesy number saw some great work from Jon Fishman, who leads the build up and jam perfectly in the song.After a brief pause, the band finished up the show with their cover of Velvet Underground’s “Rock And Roll.” The energetic song brought the house down, as Phish bid their fans a fond farewell to close out a great performance.Check out the full Phish.net setlist, below.Setlist: Phish at Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN – 6/26/16Set 1: My Friend, My Friend, Kill Devil Falls, Camel Walk, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Poor Heart > Tube, Halley’s Comet > Maze, Lawn Boy, Breath and Burning[1], Saw It Again, Theme From the Bottom > First TubeSet 2: Punch You In the Eye > Back on the Train, Light > Golden Age -> Boogie On Reggae Woman, Wingsuit > Shade, PossumEncore: Rock and Roll[1] DebutNotes: This show featured the debut of Breath and BurningImages courtesy of Phierce Photo, check out a full gallery below.last_img read more

Washington Electric Co-op approve expansion of landfill generating plant

first_imgCO-OP MEMBERS VOTE TO SUPPORT EXPANSION OF LANDFILL GENERATING PLANT97% Vote In FavorThe members of Washington Electric Co-op have voted overwhelmingly (1,802 in favor, 50 against) to support the expansion of their generating plant at Vermont’s largest landfill in Coventry. Construction will start immediately and the additional generating equipment is expected to be on line in early 2009.The plant, which generates electricity by burning the methane produced by decomposing trash, began operating in July 2005. It had already been expanded once in January 2007. This second expansion will increase the plant’s generating capacity from its present 6.4 megawatts to 8.0 megawatts. The Coventry facility is now generating about two-thirds of all the electricity used by WEC’s members at well below market cost.WEC applied to state regulators for approval of the second expansion in July of this year, and the Vermont Public Service Board issued a Certificate of Public Good on September 17th. Vermont law requires that an electric cooperative’s members also approve such a project following the PSB’s action. WEC’s Board of Directors authorized a special meeting and vote for October 7th, with voting by mail occurring over the past two weeks.Founded in 1939, Washington Electric Co-op is a consumer-owned utility serving over 10,000 member households and businesses in 41 towns in Orange, Washington, Caledonia and a small part of Orleans Counties.last_img read more

How to win social media like Navy Federal Credit Union

first_imgCredit unions have a unique position when it comes to social media. Unlike banks, which are opened to everyone, credit unions have a specific customer base. Members have to be affiliated with certain groups, such as an employer, community, or school. With the smaller, more targeted pool of members and potential members, social media can be viewed as a natural extension of strategic community engagement. The challenge is getting buy-in from credit union decision makers, as well as tracking ROI of social media participation. However, the tide seems to be turning, as research from CUNA Mutual shows that 60 percent of credit unions have been using social media for about 2 years.In terms of goals, brand awareness and customer sentiment are the primary focus of social media for credit unions (35%). Interestingly, many credit unions are viewing their ROI from social media, not in terms of revenue, but engagement. So when asked if they are reaching their goals, 75% responded positively. Measuring engagement is a good start, but as strategies mature, credit unions will also find opportunities to grow and track social media use to product sales. Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) provides a good example of how credit unions can win both brand awareness and ROI using social media.Navy Federal Credit Union – A Case StudyIn January 2012, NFCU increased their Facebook likes from 22,000 to a staggering 770,000 one year later. Their average daily reach increased from 4,692 to 896,782. These results were so phenomenal, Facebook used them for a case study. But first, a bit of background on NFCU. They are the largest credit union in the world, with $50 billion in assets, and 4 million members of the US Department of Defense military and civilian personnel and their families. Their goal when they began using Facebook was to increase brand awareness and membership. continue reading » 35SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more