Succulents for summer

first_imgBy Bodie PennisiUniversity of GeorgiaThe summer heat and water restrictions seem to affect gardeners and gardens alike: they make us wilt right along with our plants.Naturally, we wish we’d planted more heat- and drought-tolerant plants. If they happen to be winter-hardy too, so much the better.Fortunately, you can find such garden winners among the succulent plants. Good examples are Sedum (stonecrop), Sempervivum (houseleek, hen and chickens), Delosperma (ice plant) and Agave (century plant).Many of these species and other cold-hardy succulents are excellent ornamentals that do well in diverse growing conditions. They’re ideal selections for the low-maintenance home landscape.Most succulents do best when you plant them in full sun to partial shade in well-drained soils. These plants are especially averse to wet places in winter.Water saversAs their name implies, succulents store water in their leaves and stems, so irrigation is seldom necessary after you get them established in their proper planting areas. These plants are naturally very adaptable to extended periods of drought.Succulents aren’t heavy feeders. One to two applications of fertilizer in the spring and early summer are enough to keep it growing and healthy.As a bonus, these plants take on a range of subtle to intense color variations at times, such as during active growth and winter dormancy. These changes just add to their visual appeal.Sedums and sempervivums have many ornamental uses in the garden. They’re wonderful in a rock garden or alpine planting or for bare slopes with poor soil. Besides the appeal of their foliage, many sedum cultivars boast white, yellow, pink, or red flowers.Succulents can be used as edging plants for walkways and front border accents in perennial beds, where they weave their foliage with adjacent plants to add an amazing textural richness.Last, but not least, succulents can grace containers of all sorts and sizes.Many stonecrop and hen and chickens species look very different. Leaf colors range from lime green to burgundy to purple. And size varies from less than quarter of an inch to a foot across. Foliage can be thin and spiky or thick and rounded with a pointed tip.Some winnersThere are some notable hardy Sedum selections. One is Sedum ‘Akebono,’ a low-growing plant with spring flushes of cream-colored new foliage that changes back to green as the season progresses and then flushes again in the fall.Sempervivum ‘Oddity’ is another low-growing succulent with a green, tubular leaves tipped in burgundy.Another succulent species, Echeveria, offers the cultivar, “Topsy Turvy,” with waxy, silver, tubular leaves with an interesting, lengthwise fold. This plant is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture Zone 8.Delosperma cooperii (hardy ice plant) is a low-growing evergreen perennial with small, medium-green leaves. Pink blooms cover the plant from early spring to first frost.And finally, Delosperma nubigenum (yellow ice plant) is an excellent ground cover. It features brilliant yellow flowers and bright green, jellybean foliage spreading to form solid mats.(Bodie Pennisi is a Cooperative Extension floriculturist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

The eleven with the most goal in Europe: Theo, Achraf, Cazorla, Cristiano …

first_imgIn LaLiga, the leader is Santi Cazorla. The Spaniard has scored 8 goals in the League and four goals in the Copa del Rey and that he no longer plays as a midfielder. Of the 12 goals, seven have been from the penalty spot. Wylian Cyprien appears as Cazorla’s companion in this medulla. The pivot is a specialist from eleven meters and thus has already added up to 8 goals between the French Cup and Ligue 1.Extremes: Cristiano and MessiThe two most prolific scorers of the last decade who have managed, from the bands, to overshadow any nine. In recent weeks, Cristiano is more successful in the face of door than Messi. The Argentine has not seen the door in the last four games (Valencia, Levante, Betis and in the Cup against Athletic) although he has given five assists. Cristiano has been scoring ten straight games in Serie A. Altogether, 42 goals (19 of Messi by 23 of Cristiano). Two beasts of the goal.Forward: Robert LewandowskiErling Haaland has a total goal more than him but of his 36, 16 have been in the Austrian Bundesliga and Lewandowski wins the position since he still surpasses him in the two competitions they share: Bundesliga and Champions League.The Polish has only stayed at zero in five days of the 21 that leads the German League getting double or hat trick up to five times. In the Champions League he has scored a dozen goals in just five group stage matches and in the Cup, he goes to goal per game (three of three). Total: 35 goals in 30 games. In only thirty meetings this year, it already improves the data of ten of its 16 seasons as a professional. When one thinks of goal, the head always leads to nine, extremes with great scoring capacity such as Messi or Cristiano or mediapuntas. Also some central or mediocentro is dropped by the rival area although less often and with less success. But who are the top scorers in the major European leagues position by position?Goal: Ter StegenIt is not an error. Ter Stegen has not scored a goal so far this season but give two assists if they make him the goalkeeper who has participated in more goals in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and England. The German attended Suarez to make 0-1 against Getafe and Griezmann to get 1-0 against Mallorca. Accumulate the same assists in the League as Parejo, Bale, Muniain, Koke or Joaquin, among others. Determinant in both goals.Defense: Achraf, Hinteregger, Criscito and TheoTwo acquaintances of the Bernabéu band are facing a very productive year facing the door. Achraf is shining in the Champions League as a scorer where he adds four goals in the group stage plus two in the Bundesliga. His former teammate in Madrid, Theo Hernández, has achieved them in his League and of all colors, and remains the top scorer of Milan.Hinteregger, of the Eintracht in Frankfurt, is the most leading scorer in Europe with 7 goals and none with the ball stopped. Not so Criscito, his partner in this defense, who has scored six penalties so far this year with Genoa.Midfielders: Cazorla, Cyprien and Bruno FernandesAmong the three midfielders of this eleven add more than thirty goals in just half a season. Bruno Fernandes is the one that accumulates the most but has not yet managed to do any in the Premier League. 15 goals and 14 assists between Portugal and the Europa League. A total of 29 goals generated for the new signing of Manchester United. In his position and doing all season in Italy Josep Ilicic (14 goals in Atalanta) and Joao Pedro (15 goals in Cagliari) also stand out.last_img read more