Another look at that statement flushing out all “PPP moles”

first_imgDear Editor,I read with great disquiet, the asinine statement made by David Hinds about flushing out all PPP moles from the public service. He made those remarks after Minister Sarabo-Halley fired members of her workforce at the Public Service Ministry. According to her – and Hinds is in full agreement – once you are a whistleblower you should be given the boot even if you are right.Their asinine assumption is that once you whistle blow on any wrongdoing done in the public domain using taxpayers’ money, you should be fired immediately, fired even without a hearing. This is the servile mentality David Hinds is exhibiting in this 21st Century and wants everyone to buy into it.Hinds’ servitude is not only apparent, but his statement is also empty and base because he is also assuming that once you oppose corruption, you are immediately classified as a PPP mole. This is very serious business because I am tempted to ask the question of what makes Hinds believe that the information of the corrupt transactions by a Minister came from this Ministry, and who gave him the impression that these folks are PPP members?For a man who claims to have the interest of The Race at heart, this is the foolishness he is pushing down our throats. Now I see why the PNC treated this man and his party the way they did because they knew what mettle these jellyfishes are made of.So, if Hinds is a modern-day slave of intellect, I can tell him we are not, our thoughts are not conditioned by anyone, far less by another man.These fired individuals are all upright good citizens of Guyana who were duty bound to do their civic duty in exposing corruption wherever and whenever it occurs. They are honest well-meaning citizens, irrespective of their race. According to these idiots, being Black means that you should uphold corruption just as Cathy Hughes asserted in that public press interview she had. She too is of that non-emancipated mentality like Hinds.So, if it is not bad enough that these people can make these vile remarks, even more distressing is the fact that they are trying to “herd” us into that school of thought!So, my message to Hinds and company, is that all Blacks are not like Pavlov’s Dog, we will not, and I repeat, we will not be conditioned into that retrograde thinking. And for Hinds’ information and most indelible records, we are emancipated Blacks of the highest order.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more