Cell Quality Control Runs a Tight Ship

first_imgWithout the surveillance and rapid response of quality control, cells would collapse and die.  Here are some recently-published examples of nanoheroes in action.Plant checkpoints:  Picture a child watching the wonder of a seedling breaking through the soil into the light for the first time.  Within hours, the ghostly-white stem turns green, and a day later, leaves begin to appear.  Does he or she have any idea what is going on at a scale too small to see?  Not until that kid grows into a modern lab scientist with sophisticated equipment.  The transformation requires the coordinated transportation of key elements through specialized checkpoints, an international team reported in PNAS.1    Without boring the reader with technical terms, what basically happens is this.  The underground seedling contains pre-chloroplast parts in readiness for the arrival into sunlight, but saves its energy by not allowing the light-gathering factories to assemble until it’s time.  “Chloroplasts need to import a large number of proteins from the cytosol because most are encoded in the nucleus,” they reported.  Once there, they have a double membrane to get through.  Specialized gates permit entry of the authenticated parts.  One particular light-sensitive part has its own unique gate.  The team decided to see what happened when they mutated one gene in the process.  The results were not pretty: the light-sensitive molecules accumulated outside the plastid because they couldn’t get into the factory.  “After a dark-to-light shift, this pigment operated as photosensitizer and caused rapid bleaching and cell death,” they found.  “Our results underscore the essential role of the substrate-dependent import pathway” that this protein depends on.  Maybe this error resembles a chemical spill outside a pharmaceutical plant, or pistons firing before they get into the engine.Now hear this:  In a surprise finding that might provide hope for the deaf, scientists publishing in PNAS reported that “Restoration of connexin26 protein level in the cochlea completely rescues hearing in a mouse model of human connexin30-linked deafness.”2  Two protein partners are needed for healthy hair-cell formation in the cochlea of the inner ear.  Mutations in one of them, connexin26, account for about half of all cases of inherited human deafness.  Usually, connexin26 and connexin30 join together to form gap junctions, but if one is mutated, deafness results.  The gap junctions are essential for cell-to-cell communication.  Surprisingly, connexin26 (Cx26) appears able to bridge the gap when connexin30 (Cx30) is missing; therefore, “up-regulation of Cx26 or slowing down its protein degradation might be a therapeutic strategy to prevent and treat deafness caused by Cx30 mutations.”    The scientists suspected that these two isoforms of connexins regulate each other.  They also noted that this partnering occurs in the lens of the eye.  Losing one by mutation, therefore, affects the regulation of the partner.  On a hunch that one of the isoforms could compensate for the loss of the other if allowed to assemble, and could build functional gap junctions on its own, they tried up-regulating the remaining connexin.  To their surprise, hearing was completely restored in mice. Bad translator triggers SOS:  We’ve talked about the DNA translation team a number of times (e.g., 12/28/2006, 07/26/2005, 06/09/2003, 04/29/2003).  The team of 20 aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases, as they are called, have rigid requirements.  “Mistranslation in bacterial and mammalian cells leads to production of statistical proteins that are, in turn, associated with specific cell or animal pathologies, including death of bacterial cells, apoptosis of mammalian cells in culture, and neurodegeneration in the mouse,” said Bacher and Schimmel in PNAS.3  “A major source of mistranslation comes from heritable defects in the editing activities of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases.”  This is because the protein machines, which snap the right amino acid onto the appropriate transfer-RNA (tRNA), cannot perform their vital role in protein synthesis if broken.    These researchers suspected that broken synthetases could also cause mutations.  They decided to test what happens when they caused an “editing defect” in one of them.  (These enzymes are usually able to proofread their own errors with a high degree of accuracy.)  The result, again, was not pretty: “A striking, statistically significant, enhancement of the mutation rate in aging bacteria was found.”  The bug was like flipping a fire alarm: “This enhancement comes from an increase in error-prone DNA repair through induction of the bacterial SOS response,” they explained.  “Thus, mistranslation, as caused by an editing-defective tRNA synthetase, can lead to heritable genetic changes that could, in principle, be linked to disease.”    Another press release from Ohio State also discussed the neurological disease that can result from mistranslated proteins caused by mutated aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. 1Pollman et al, “A plant porphyria related to defects in plastid import of protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase A,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 10.1073/pnas.0610934104, published online before print January 29, 2007.2Ahmad et al, “Restoration of connexin26 protein level in the cochlea completely rescues hearing in a mouse model of human connexin30-linked deafness,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 10.1073/pnas.0606855104, published online before print January 16, 2007.3Jamie M. Bacher and Paul Schimmel, “An editing-defective aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase is mutagenic in aging bacteria via the SOS response,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 10.1073/pnas.0610835104, published online before print January 30, 2007.Dear Darwinist, does this increase your faith that random accidents in working systems are going to make things better?  Is this a better way to build a plant, an ear, or a translation system?  If you think terrorism is the best way to build a civilization, reread the 12/14/2006 entry. (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Foxnovo 12pcs Hair Bows Alligator Clip Ribbon Hair Clips, Pretty clips to match a multitude of outfits

first_imgI have a 7 yr outdated daughter that thinks if i send her to college devoid of some thing like a bow in her hair then i am currently being a cruel mother and committing youngster abuse. I had not long ago purchased her a further pack of bows that are more substantial than these but she however wanted additional. I observed these and thought that as there was so quite a few it make her satisfied and match any outfit she has. The hair clips arrived quite quickly and had been nicely packaged as is constantly the circumstance when you have amazon primary. They come in a tiny plastic bag and there are 12 clips in overall. The hair clips are smaller but it does say that they are for toddlers as perfectly. The colours are actually awesome and vivid. My daughter has good hair and the clips stayed in all working day and did not pull when i took them out. I believe that they are properly manufactured and of a superior high quality.Completely appreciate the size and layout of these clips – the. Unquestionably like the dimension and design and style of these clips – the total matter is lined in material so it doesn’t pinch hair and is gentle for the toddler. They keep in put well and are not in excess of the major. I would have offered five stars but for the disappointing selection of colors despatched. The bows search so pretty in the picture on amazon, but i gained two dark brown clips, two swamp inexperienced ones, two dim purple types and no white / pale pink / blue – what i would contemplate common toddler colours.Or if our small lady would not like them. They arrived in great time (thank you. When my other half showed me these, i was not also confident if they would be cheaply made and the bows would commence to crack up as quickly as anything rough touched them, or the grips would be problematic and induce a soreness attempting to consider them out, or if our tiny woman would not like them. They arrived in good time (thank you amazon), and when my wife opened them she was so stunned and she wished to put them on our very little girl straight absent (but she was asleep so it had to hold out). When she did exhibit them to our minimal girl, she cherished them and commenced finding them up and making an attempt to place them in her hair picking which one particular she would use, at the same time my wife was undertaking the same. When we put them in her hair, there was no challenges with the grips, and they open and close with out any difficulties. As to the top quality of the content, i can say that so much we have not experienced an situation with them. These are definitely superior solution, they address so numerous outfit possibilities, and the colour alternative is good as effectively as they are multiple colors and not just twelve diverse shades of pink. I gained this solution at a discounted value or for totally free in return for an trustworthy assessment. Having stated that i will give my truthful evaluate of the merchandise, good or terrible.Key specs for Foxnovo 12pcs Hair Bows Alligator Clip Ribbon Hair Clips for kids(Random Color):Great for babies, toddlers and young girls to wear.The hair bow can be clipped in your hair with the featured alligator clip on the back.Most alligator clip ends will be lined with ribbon to blend with the design of the hair accessory.Great for any DIY project as the bows are easily maneuverable to your preference.The hair bows can be used to decorate headbands, hats, bags and shoes, and also be used as a hair clip for girls of all ages!Comments from buyers“Absolutely love the size and design of these clips – the , Beautiful clips!, or if our little girl wouldn’t like them. They arrived in good time (thank you , VERY APPEALING PACK OF CHILDRENS HAIR BOWS – WITH ALLIGATOR CLIPS, Bright and beautiful, Fun and colourful accessories for little girls”Listen to is my evaluate for my:-‘foxnovo 12pcs hair bows alligator clip ribbon hair clips for kids(random color) ‘my daughter has extremely good hair and i was in want of some new clips for her hair so when i came throughout the i assumed i would give them back so i went ahead and placed my buy and the clips arrived with in a handful of days. They come in a good variety of colours and my daughter loves them they are easy to use and they do keep in her great hair they are effectively designed and built to very last, these will be excellent when she commences university in a couple weeks time. I was presented this merchandise at a decreased value and i am additional than delighted i was, i would have paid out entire price for this item and would say go for it if you are imagining about it. I am tricky doing work and have my personal business enterprise and know how important great and negative testimonials are for me so i find it vital to constantly tell the truth about any goods i use and i hope it has been of some enable to the viewers?. Remember to feel no cost to talk to me any questions and i will be a lot more than pleased to consider and answer them for you right before you make your remaining invest in, as we all know every penny counts. I hope you have found my review handy and thank you for having the time to go through it.Quite clips to match a multitude of outfits. I ordered these hair bows for my daughter and she is delighted with them. They arrived in a very little bag and there are twelve clips of varying colours. Not all are in pairs – there are 3 pairs and 6 solitary colors in the pack. The clips not only have a ribbon bow on the prime of them but also have a ribbon on the inside of of the clip which stops the metallic section becoming snagged on hair and need to help you save some tearsthe colors are really and there is quite significantly everything in there to match my daughter’s common outfits – pinks, greens, blues, purples and so forth. Just about every clip is roughly five cm prolonged and all-around . They are not too huge as to dominate my daughter’s head and not way too little as to be insignificant when worn in her hair. They are nicely produced and the bows do not glimpse as nevertheless they are going to occur off or undone, so they should really previous a even though. All in all these clips are nicely designed and i am really happy with them.I adore the simple fact the alligator clips are lined with ribbon. The ribbon clips arrived in random dazzling colours. I found twelve items in the established. The duration of every clip is 2 inches and they are produced from satin and steel. I love the point the alligator clips are lined with ribbon, which make them gentle and do not irritate head ( however it is a little little bit complicated to place in an out of the hair). I am amazed how the clips maintain hair, since my daughter is energetic, also has dance courses and they remain in place all day. All round, the bows are lovable, attractive, vibrant and my daughter enjoys them. Be sure to observe that i received this item at a diminished value in return for my demo and critique of the item. I am required to review it within a several days of receipt. As this is a magnificence solution, this suggests i are not able to deliver details of the long time period advantages or effects of a solution.So we are generally functioning out of hair clips which is strange for the reason that i am without end obtaining new types, it is just a single of the mysteries of daily life. So when i noticed the foxnovo hair bows with alligator clips i thought they would be a actually fantastic addition to our dwindling assortment. Now my daughter likes to either be properly coordinated or absolutely clashing (like a walking picasso) so getting a assortment of colours is helpful as it permits her to come to a decision who and how she is going to be. The only downside i can see of these hair bows is that the color variety is random and that could be difficult. We obtained one crimson, 2 navy blue, three orange, 1 yellow, one lilac, one white, two brown and 1 pink which is just not terrible. I assume i would have preferred not to have a few of the orange as we are inclined to use both just a single or pairs of clips, but perhaps it will commence a new development. It also suggests of system you are not able to assure that you can switch like for like if any get shed. The hair bows are fastened with an alligator clip which is amazing for the reason that they are so substantially easier to position and re-posture throughout the working day when hair will become loose or the wearer just requirements issues relocated. They are truly neat and i am definitely delighted to have discovered them.These ribbon/bow clips are fantastic for infants/toddlers. And of training course, older little ones toomy daughter is 1. five several years old, and lastly has hair prolonged ample for pig tails and pony tails. She does have to have a whole lot of clips though, to hold my fringe out of her eyes. My husband keeps hinting that we have to have to ship her for a hair slash, but i just are not able to carry myself to chop her locks just nevertheless. Particularly now that they’re last but not least at a for a longer period length. So i have opted for clips, clips and extra clips to keep her hair out of her confront and also out of the way when it comes to meal situations/messy playother clips i have purchased in the previous have been fairly garbage. I just did not feel that have been suited for a baby’s fantastic, silky, and delicate hair. Acquiring as soon as been a younger woman myself, i know how painful clips can be if they really don’t do the job appropriately.Entertaining and colourful extras for minor women. The foxnovo 12 parts hair bows alligator clip ribbon hair clips for little ones (random color) arrived immediately and was effectively packaged. I acquired this set of hair clips for my niece who is 5 decades old and enjoys carrying a range of accessories to complement her outfit of option each day. I actually do really like the reality that there is this kind of a range of rainbow of colors in this established (like unique shades of yellows, greens, blues and pinks), so there is constantly a hair clip which co-ordinates with the outfit that my niece has picked out to wear. The fact that they have the alligator clip design of attachment helps make them easy to use and reposition all through the day (substantially less complicated than the fashion which has the clip fastenings to them) and steps about two inches in size. Each individual hair clip has a ribbon bow on it and the bow is created from a silky ribbon which has a pretty sheen to it. In general, i assume that these hair clips are properly manufactured and will undoubtedly past for a even though even with the repositioning which my niece finds exciting to do as the hair clips are so effortless to use. They also glance actually lovable when worn and add a splash of colour to the hair. You should note that i obtained this solution either free of charge of charge or at a lower price cost in trade for my truthful and unbiased critique. I really do hope you have identified this critique helpful in some way.Incredibly interesting pack of childrens hair bows – with alligator clips. Bow shaped hair clips, i obtained a fantastic range of colours in a pack of 12, i received thirteen, i been given limited colours (4 blue, 7 inexperienced), that why only awarded 4 stars they are a nice sizing for a child’s hair measuring all over 2 inches very long, they make a actually wonderful accent for my partner’s granddaughters hair. The alligator clips make them uncomplicated to use, simple to apply and uncomplicated to consider out, they are extremely long lasting. These are perfect if you need to clip the hair away from the child’s facial area/eyes or for ornamental reasons, specially if the youngster has fantastic hair. They are created from grosgrain ribbon which is robust doesn’t fray and has a good sheen. I hope these will final a extended time and the granddaughter is so pleased with them. The only difficulty i have with this obtain is i would like to be in a position to select what colours i purchase, whether or not it be pastels, vibrant colours or dim colors. It seriously is pot luck in what you obtain and portions of each individual colour, sometimes not a pair. I acquired this product at a discounted and have presented an neutral critique. Acquiring this item at a price cut has in no way affected what i consider of this merchandise.last_img read more

More Green From Beans – 5

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Emily UnglesbeeDTN Staff ReporterWhen John Werries and his son Dean started using cover crops, their primary goal was to prevent soil erosion on their Illinois farm. Seven years later, they’ve discovered their cover crop of choice, cereal rye, which hates weeds as much as they do.Illinois is home to some challenging herbicide-resistant weeds, including waterhemp populations that can survive six different herbicide modes of action. But, on the Werries’ farm, near Chapin, the chemicals get an assist. The Werries plant soybeans directly into thick stands of cereal rye and then terminate the growing cover crop.“As all of the cover melts down — and it takes a long time — there is a mat that makes it tough for weeds to grow,” Werries explained. The suppression allowed them to cut back on their herbicide use in soybeans this year, and their fields stayed clean through the end of the season.Weed-control solutions like these couldn’t come at a better time for the farming community, as it faces the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds, the costliest threat to soybean production today.Weeds gobble up light, water and nutrients available to soybean plants, and have the capacity to rob more yield than insects and disease combined. One recent study by the Weed Science Society of America estimated that if left uncontrolled, weed pressure in soybean fields could drop yields by more than 50% and cost the industry $16 billion a year.Soybean growers are fighting to keep that yield in their fields, but it comes at an increasingly steep price, as more weeds outsmart chemical modes of action each year. With new herbicide-tolerant soybean technologies barely keeping ahead of the development of resistance, growers are facing some stark truths about the future of weed control, University of Tennessee weed scientist Larry Steckel explained. Alternative weed-control methods, such as cover crops or hand-weeding, are going to be part of the future, he said.“We built these big farms on the assumption that you could go across a thousand acres with a boom and kill every weed, and that’s just not working anymore,” he said.Soybean farmers are finding ways to boost revenues despite market and trade challenges. This story is the fifth in a six-part series, More Green From Beans. The series looks at ways soybean farmers are finding ways to answer trade challenges by boosting revenues through switching up agronomics and finding new markets.WEED COSTS ON THE RISELong gone are the days of making one or two passes with Roundup and parking the sprayer, Mississippi State University weed scientist Jason Bond noted.“Weed-control costs are at their highest since the pre-Roundup Ready era,” he said. He estimates that between burndowns, preemergence residuals and early- and late-postemergence applications, Mississippi soybean growers spent an average of $119 an acre to control weeds in 2018 compared to just $36 an acre in 2008.New herbicide-tolerant technologies, such as 2,4-D-tolerant Enlist and dicamba-tolerant Xtend soybeans, have offered some relief, but the steady march of chemical resistance lies ahead.Where John Lindamood farms in northwestern Tennessee, the first signs of possible dicamba resistance are already sprouting in Xtend soybean fields that were clean the two previous years. Steckel estimated soybean growers there are spending at least $50 an acre to control weeds, and dicamba resistance could drive that upward quickly.“We’re spending every bit as much as what we spent when Roundup failed,” Lindamood noted. “Now, we’re just using different products and struggling to figure out how to keep pigweed from becoming resistant to them, too.”RESISTANCE FROM AGGRESSIVE AND ADAPTABLE WEEDThe first glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth pigweed was confirmed in Georgia in 2005. This aggressive and adaptable weed has confirmed resistance to five other herbicide modes of action, as well: PPO inhibitors, ALS inhibitors, HPPD inhibitors, microtubule inhibitors (dinitroanilines) and triazines (atrazine).Likewise, individual waterhemp populations with resistance to six herbicide modes of action have been documented, and herbicide-resistant marestail, giant ragweed and kochia are close on its heels. Most recently, herbicide-resistant grasses such as Italian ryegrass or barnyardgrass are becoming a serious problem in some Southern states, Steckel and Bond agree.The most sinister development of all is the rise of metabolic resistance. In most mechanisms of herbicide resistance, a plant alters the target site of a herbicide, allowing the plant to dodge that specific chemical’s mode of action. With metabolic resistance, weeds are evolving instead to metabolize a herbicide rapidly — not unlike how a crop such as corn quickly metabolizes a herbicide like dicamba, escaping damage, University of Illinois weed scientist Aaron Hager explained.This newly discovered type of resistance could allow a weed to outwit not just one type of herbicide but many, including herbicides they have not yet encountered, Hager said. Essentially, it has the potential to jeopardize predictable chemical control of weeds in the future.LOOKING BEYOND CHEMICALSThe good news is that even the newest and scariest herbicide-resistant weeds can’t withstand one of the oldest weed-control tactics in human history: hand-weeding.Armed with hoes, workers move through infested fields one row at a time chopping or pulling each resistant weed escape as they go. Up-front costs are high — the final price can run well over $100 an acre — but it worked to clear up fields infested with glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth a decade ago, and it appears to be happening again, Steckel said.“I’m seeing hand-weeding crews out again for the first time since Roundup first failed,” he said.The use of cover crops to control weeds is also growing. Like hand-weeding, it has up-front costs, usually between $10 to $20 an acre for seed alone, but the benefits are proving far more valuable for some.“We have been sowing cover crops on every acre since 2012,” Werries said of the Illinois operation. They have found success with “planting green” — the practice of planting soybeans into a live, growing cover crop. “We sow the cover into 10-inch rows and plant beans in 20-inch rows,” Werries continued. “With active guidance, we are able to plant the beans in between the cover-crop rows.”Anywhere from one day to a week later, they burn the cover crop down with glyphosate and let the dying biomass do its work.It can be a risky endeavor, especially in wet springs like 2019, when fieldwork windows are few and far between. But the Werries actually found that the growing rye sucked a lot of moisture out of the ground, and the cover helped support heavy machinery.And the end result? Well, it spoke for itself.“It saved one trip across the field and some herbicide dollars,” Werries said. “And, there was not a weed anywhere.”Emily Unglesbee can be reached at [email protected] her on Twitter @Emily_Unglesbee(ES/SK )© Copyright 2019 DTN/The Progressive Farmer. All rights reserved.last_img read more

How The Windows 10 Creators Update Helps Indie Filmmakers

first_imgLast week Microsoft released The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and there is a new feature that can be very useful for DIY and low-budget productions.Cover image via Windows.com.Curious about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Let’s get started with this video.Mixed Reality ViewerPerhaps one of the better features in this update is the Mixed Reality Viewer, which is Microsoft’s new augmented reality app. The MRV allows you to implement 3D creations into the real world via your onboard camera (or webcam).Image via Windows YouTube.While the application of the software may initially be for fun and games, akin to SnapChat filters, you can’t deny its potential for pre-vis and VFX planning — especially for low-budget productions that don’t have the pre-production tech for such things. While the MRV users will generally use 3D models from either the Remix3D.com community or from Microsoft’s Paint 3D application, you can import an abundance of 3D file formats, allowing for quick pre-vis use of a possible computer-generated image coming later to your scene.For example, here, I’ve quickly imported a 3D Model from VideoCopilot’s Element 3D into the MRV, it’s just as fast as opening a photograph in the Windows Photo Viewer, and it works the same way as any 3D software viewer — save the customizability.With a Surface Pro, you could very easily bring your Sci-Fi props to the location for blocking and composition work. In the update, we also see the great addition of Microsoft Paint 3D, the latest iteration of Microsoft Paint. In Microsoft Paint 3D, you can import your 3D objects from the MRV and customize or edit the object — not in the same manner as Cinema 4D or Element 3D, but you can modify the color and add shapes, models, and text. You can even adjust the lighting effects.While this is a basic app, there certainly is a lot of creative potential for new filmmakers to use this in the field to bring their visions to life. If you haven’t already, you can download the update here.last_img read more

SEA Games: Team PH to field bets in all events

first_imgBREAKING: Cop killed, 11 hurt in Misamis Oriental grenade blast BSP survey: PH banks see bright horizon amid dark global recession clouds Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games05:25PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH03:04Filipino athletes share their expectations for 2019 SEA Games00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics02:25PH women’s volleyball team motivated to deliver in front of hometown crowd01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games00:36Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony A sheathed pen, a muted voice for the NBA Finals Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next LATEST STORIES Chef de mission Cynthia Carrion said 100 more key personnel, including the secretariat and medical staff, would join the projected 742-strong contingent during the Aug. 19-30 biennial Games in Kuala Lumpur.“We will finalize the size of our delegation on June 8,” said Carrion, also president of Gymnastics Association of the Philippines. “By that time, we can already pinpoint the athletes who could give us medals.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutFilipino athletes are hell-bent on improving on their sixth-place finish in the 11-nation meet.POC president Peping Cojuangco also defended the proposed allocation for a big medical team, saying that they would service the needs of Filipino athletes round-the-clock throughout the billeting and competition areas across Kuala Lumpur. Carrion added that developmental athletes were also included in the roster, which the joint task force of the Philippine Sports Commission and the POC would work on prior to the final submission of names on June 8.Offering 46 gold medals, centerpiece athletics will have 30 Filipino athletes while a total of 20 swimmers will compete in aquatics, which has 60 events.The men’s and women’s teams in football have a total of 40 players while basketball, rugby, volleyball and indoor hockey have 12 players for each gender.Other sports with a big number of athletes are ice hockey (20), lawn bowls (20), cycling (18), gymnastics (18), sepak takraw (17), archery (16) and pencak silat (15).ADVERTISEMENT Every 18 seconds someone is diagnosed with HIV Philippine women’s volleyball team at the SEA Games in Singapore. Photo by Raffy LermaThe Philippines is planning to send a full army of athletes from all 38 sports in the 29th Southeast Asian Games.Based on the initial list of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), a total of 493 athletes and 149 coaches will comprise the national delegation, with medal-rich athletics, swimming and team sports such as basketball and volleyball, bringing the most number of participants.ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ View comments Cayetano dares Lacson, Drilon to take lie-detector test: Wala akong kinita sa SEA Games BREAKING: Cop killed, 11 hurt in Misamis Oriental grenade blast Palace: Duterte to hear out security execs on alleged China control of NGCP MOST READ Pagasa: Storm intensifies as it nears PARlast_img read more