India Today Conclave East: Live updates from Day 1

first_imgHighlight270: We will be back tomorrow morning with Day 2 of the maiden Conclave East.#Highlight269: And with that captivating act, we reach the end of Day 1 of India Today Conclave East 2017.#Highlight268: And now, the choir’s ode to the great Indian train journey.# Highlight267: Next up: An east-meets-west composition called Something New.#Highlight266: Now, the choir adds a jazz touch to the peppy Hindi classic: Baar Baar Dekho from Shammi Kapoor’s China Town.#Highlight265: Now, the choir performs a song that was one of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourites, and written by Rabindranath Tagore – Ekla Cholo Re.#Highlight265: Next up: Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge, a song the choir performed for ex-US President Barack Obama.#Highlight264: The choir performs ‘We come together to celebrate’, a Khasi song.#Highlight263: Will they perform Mozart? We’re not sure yet!# Highlight262: And the Shillong Chamber Choir is here to enthrall you and the audience#Highlight261: We played Mozart to the crowd, largely filled with rickshawallahs, and they were simply stunned: Neil# Highlight260: One of our most memorable performances was in Patna: Neil#Highlight259: For my choir, the main priority was character, and most importantly, humility: Neil#Highlight258: When I came back home from Europe, it looked like career-suicide for a while: Neil#Highlight257: Apparently, no PM or President has ever had the reception we got when we went back to Meghalaya after winning the reality show (laughs): Neil#Highlight256: I come from a region that doesn’t watch Bollywood movies; I grew up knowing only three Hindi film songs: Neil#advertisementHighlight255: Neil Nongkynrih is a Padma Shri winner who founded the reality show-winning Shillong Chamber Choir.#Highlight254: To bring an eventful Day 1 to an end, Siddharth Basu will moderate a session with Neil Nongkynrih, the founder and director of Shillong Chamber Choir.#Highlight253: The next session is – The Power of Music: Language Beyond Boundaries.#Highlight252: I can guarantee that Narendra Modi will become PM for the second time: Sushil Modi.# Highlight251: Even if petroleum products come under GST, their prices will not be affected: Sushil Modi.#Highlight250: The revenue generation after implementation of GST is on the rise, says Sushil Modi.#Highlight249: GST is gradually balancing and the problems related to it are being solved: Sushil Modi.#  Highlight248: Why did some of the Congress ministers support GST if it was Gabbar Singh Tax: Sushil Modi.#Highlight247: Eastern states should come together for their betterment: Sushil Modi.#Highlight246: There are very few politicians who have not worked with the BJP: Sushil Modi.#Highlight245: No thinking man can work with Lalu Prasad as he is unorganised and chaotic: Sushil Modi.#Highlight244: After liquor prohibition law, incidents of domestic violence and eve-teasing have decreased: Sushil Modi.#Highlight243: We are focused more on small agro-based industries: Sushil Modi.#Highlight242: Our strength is not industries so we have to depend on small scale establishments: Sushil Modi.#Highlight241: Land in Bihar is the biggest problem: Sushil Modi on lack on investments in the state.#Highlight240: Lalu Yadav and Congress have ruined Bihar. The NDA has to start from scratch: Sushil Modi.#Highlight239: We have to face natural calamities every year. This year we spent Rs 4,000 crore on flood relief: Sushil Modi.#Highlight238: When we were in power, Bihar was the fastest progressing state: Sushil Modi.#Highlight237: The real change happened in Bihar in 2005 after the NDA came to power: Sushil Modi#Highlight236: The next session is Bihar: A New Growth Story with Sushil Kumar Modi#Highlight235: India will be recognised for its science and research soon: DP Duari.#Highlight234: We are not being able to fix end users, this dialogue has to start soon: Sukalyan Chattopadhyay on research.# Highlight233: We have to normalise pay across the country for teachers. They are very important as they shape future generation: Anuradha Lohia.# Highlight232: Scientific temperament should begin from grassroots level: DP Duari#Highlight231: Building up a scientific temper is as important as nurturing innovative ideas: DP Duari#Highlight230: Birth of Indian science was associated with Bengal renaissance: Sukalyan Chattopadhyay.# Highlight229: I am proud that scientific research in India has been left to scientific bureaucrats: Anuradha Lohia.#Highlight228: The term scientific temper was coined by Jawaharlal Nehru: Anuradha Lohia .#Highlight227: The next session is – Scientific Spirit: Lessons from the East.#Highlight226: The security situation in the northeast is the best in recent years: Naveen Verma# Highlight225: The strategic importance of the northeastern region being understood more now: Subimal Bhattacharjee# Highlight224: To understand northeastern states, you have to understand two factors: Psychological disconnect and physical alienation, says Jarpum Gamlin.#advertisementHighlight223: The session features Shyamkanu Mahanta, an entrepreneur; Naveen Verma, the secretary of DoNER; Jarpum Gamlin; general secretary of Arunachal Pradesh BJP; and Subimal Bhattacharjee, a defence and cyber security analyst.#Highlight222: New session: Connecting Northeast: From nowhere land to centre of south east#Highlight221: Don’t confuse illegal migrants with refugees: Sambit Patra#Highlight120: The government which doesn’t think about the security of its own citizen is the most inhumane government: Sambit Patra# Highlight119: Supreme Court will strike Citizenship Bill down if it does become an Act: Sushmita Dev#Highlight118: On Roghingya, Sambit Patra says there are four important aspects: Legal, security, strategic and humanitarian.#Highlight117: New session: Sushmita Dev and Sambit Patra talk about refugees and India’s responsibility to be a good neighbour.#Highlight116: Pay structure in Kolkata for actors is not conducive, I hope things change in future: Paoli Dam#Highlight115: Choice of content is very important for films to attract people: Paoli Dam#Highlight114: Language is no longer a barrier for cinema: Paoli Dam#Highlight113: I was treated like a princess in Mumbai, have made many friends: Paoli Dam on her transition from Kolkata#Highlight112: Questions on intimate scenes are the worst thing for an actor: Paoli Dam#Highlight111: I feel blessed to be a part of cinema: Paoli Dam#Highlight110: The next session – Working in Two Worlds:  Local Stories, Global Screens with Paoli Dam begins#Highlight109: There is nothing like the northeast in India, was mesmerized by Arunachal Pradesh: Adil Hussain#Highlight108: India is the greatest example of diversity. But among Indians we are not crossing our own boundaries: Adil Hussain#Highlight107: Interestingly the ‘out’ is no longer Delhi, youths now want to establish themselves abroad: Mitra Phukan#Highlight106: During agitation days, young people moved out for better opportunities: Mitra Phukan#Highlight105: Cuisine from different north-eastern states is gradually breaking the barrier: Mitra Phukan on racism#Highlight104: Visibility on television and films give confidence to people from community: Chang on role models from northeast# Highlight103: We need to find way to evolve from this narrative of reverse racism: Adil Hussain#Highlight102: A dark actor will always get to play negative characters: Adil Hussain#Highlight101: Many parts of northeast have been isolated from each other for years: Mitra Phukan on ghettoisation#Highlight100: Other communities in India are exposed to different circumstances and have much more acceptance: Chang#Highlight99: We need good infrastructure and governance in northeast: Mitra Phukan#Highlight98: India needs to open up to the northeast through various channels: Adil Hussain.# Highlight97: Indian audience have accepted diversity: Adil Hussain on stereotyping.#Highlight96: There is a lot of angst in northeast due to the alienation from other states: Mitra Phukan.#Highlight95: People from different cities speak to me in their own language because of my pan-Indian face: Adil Hussain.#Highlight94: The best way to deal with racism is to respond with a smile: Chang.#Highlight93: Next session: What Me, Chinki? Battling Racism with a Smile – actor Adil Hussain, writer Mitra Phukan and singer Meiyang Chang will share their thoughts.#advertisementHighlight92: West Bengal’s quest for investments is beginning to yeild results: Sanjiv Goenka.#Highlight91: Make in India is an imperative for India: Sanjiv Puri.#Highlight90: The current environment is enabling and supportive: Sanjiv Puri.#Highlight89: Now on stage are Sanjiv Goenka and Sanjiv Puri to talk about business and making in India.#Highlight88: Conclave East will now break for lunch. Live coverage of the event will be back soon# Highlight87: Read the headlines… you will know then whether the Indian citizen feels safe right now or not: Tarun Gogoi#Highlight86: We are committed to our democratic, constitutional values and to inclusive growth: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi#Highlight85: Even the world recognises that reforms such as demonetisation and GST will help the Indian economy: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi#Highlight84: We will always work in the interest of the nation: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi#Highlight83: More focus needed on development of SCs/STs: Raghav Chandra#Highlight82: More than appeasement, we should talk about empowerment: Gaurav Gogoi#Highlight81: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Raghav Chandra and Gaurav Gogoi speak on The Minorities Report session#   Highlight80: The next session – The Minorities Report:  No Longer Marginal? – to begin shortly.#   Highlight79: Bengali women have a beautiful soul and that makes them beautiful: Rani on Bengali beauty.#  Highlight78: Rosogulla is the best thing about Kolkata: Rani.# Highlight77: I will be Rani Mukerji for the rest of my life: Rani on her name after marriage.# Highlight76: I want to work as long as I can: Rani on her Bollywood career.# Highlight75: We don’t talk about work at home, conversations are only about love and our daughter: Rani.# Highlight74: Actors are like beggars, we have to pick and choose from whatever is offered to us: Rani.# Highlight73: When I approach a role, it is not simply playing it but to make it believable: Rani.# Highlight72: Enjoyed working with Big B more in Bunty aur Babli: Rani.# Highlight71: As a society, we need to move towards love and disassociate with hate: Rani on Padmavati# Highlight70: The deaf, blind people on the sets of Black taught me a lot: Rani# Highlight69: Black is the film that changed me as a person and a performer: Rani#Highlight68: You can be a son or a daughter of anyone, what is important is the verdict of the audience: Rani#Highlight67: In our industry, we have to work under all conditions and wait for acceptance: Rani#Highlight66: Only merit and talent take you places: Rani on nepotism.#Highlight65: I had no interest in films and even told my family that I would make a fool out of myself if I took the plunge: Rani.#Highlight64: Being an actor does not require one to come from anywhere specific: Rani on influence of regional cinema in her career.#Highlight63: My name shows how much I love being a Bengali and the state: Rani.#Highlight62: The love I get from Kolkata is because of my mother: Rani.#Highlight61: The next session is – From Babli to Hichki : A Career in Cinema – with actor Rani Mukerji.#Highlight60: West Bengal will lead India, says Mamata as the session draws to an end.#Highlight59: Let me continue as commoner, I do not want to be VIP… I want to be LIP (Less Important Person): Mamata on PM aspirations.#Highlight58: United India is always strong: Mamata.#Highlight57: Will welcome Sanjay Leela Bhansali: Mamata Banerjee.#Highlight56: I love and respect Gujarat: Mamata.#Highlight55: West Bengal will never accept divide and rule politics: Mamata.#Highlight54: Without regional politics you cannot strengthen national politics: Mamata.#Highlight53: Do not need a secularism certificate from anybody: Mamata.#Highlight52: Have no personal agenda against PM Narendra Modi: Mamata Banerjee.#Highlight51: There is a super emergency on in the country right now: Mamata.#Highlight50: West Bengal is the cultural capital… of the world: Mamata.#Highlight49: The government of India has always given more importance to western states, not the eastern ones: Mamata.#Highlight48: The idea that Gujarat is progressing a lot and other states aren’t is wrong: Mamata.#Highlight47: West Bengal has progressed a lot in the last 5-6 years: Mamata Banerjee.#Highlight46: The session with Mamata Banerjee will be moderated by consulting editor Rajdeep Sardesai.#Highlight45: Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie welcomes Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.#Highlight44: The next session is –  Rising from the East:  An Alliance for India –  with CM Mamata Banerjee.#Highlight43: Actors should not be dragged into such controversies, I am really hurt: Prosenjit  on Padmavati.# Highlight42: I feel I should reach to a new audience everyday: Prosenjit # Highlight41: In India, we have a huge number of talented people but they are mostly overshadowed: Prosenjit # Highlight40: Music is very important for mainstream films and we have numerous musicians here: Prosenjit # Highlight39: Actor Prosenjit grooves to a popular song from his film at the India Today Conclave East 2017# Highlight38: Although content has changed, going to cinemas remains unaffected and it will continue to thrive: Prosenjit.# Highlight37: Professional theater has faded and cinema was a challenge for me: Prosenjit.#Highlight36: I write my characters in Bangla, but we use English mostly: Prosenjit.# Highlight35: I am trying to learn, understand and manage it in my own way: Prosenjit on social media.# Highlight34: When we do a character, we try to create magic: Prosenjit.# Highlight33: For us actors it is important to upgrade ourselves, says Prosenjit on social media.# Highlight32: The next session is with acclaimed actor Prosenjit Chatterjee – Actor at Work: New Medium, New Expressions.# Highlight31: I believe that one should do what they can do regardless of the outcome: Sourav Ganguly on politics.#Highlight30: Not right to compare, says Sourav on the Virat Kohli vs Sachin Tendulkar debate.# Highlight29: My first Ranji Trophy game got me Rs 400 in earnings: Sourav.#Highlight28: Would never do it again: Sourav on his famous shirt-less Lord’s pose.#Highlight27: In sports, it is never over until it is over: Sourav.#Highlight26: Dance for me is a hobby: Sourav’s wife Dona.#Highlight25: Not many captains in the world would go from not being captain to not even being in the side, says Sourav, recalling the Greg Chappell phase.# Highlight24: The Greg Chappell phase was a difficult one, but we knew he would make a comeback, says Sourav’s wife Dona.#Highlight23: What you see on the field, and what you see off the field are two different personas: Sourav#Highlight22: I am a laid-back person, but when I became captain of the Indian cricket team, I realised this team has to do different.# Highlight21: Sourav “controls” the home, but in a very nice way: Dona.# Highlight20: Sourav recalls the first time he saw Dona.# Highlight19: The next session is on ‘All in the family: Keeping it together’ with former cricketer Sourav Ganguly and wife Dona Ganguly.#Highlight18: Session – Music Divine: Dancing to a New Tune – ends with a spellbinding performance by all three guest speakers.#Highlight17: Sunita Bhuyan, Sanchita Bhattacharya and Bickram Ghosh captivate audience with their performance and insight on music and dance.#Highlight16: At India Today Conclave East 2017, violinist Sunita Bhuyan collaborates with musician Bickram Ghosh for the first time.#Highlight15: Communication for an artist or performer is vital for demystifying the myths surrounding music: Sunita Bhuyan.#Highlight14: There is a language to rhythm in our culture; it is onomatopoeic with a sound for every word: Bickram Ghosh.# Highlight13: Rhythm in everyday life is accent and modulation: Bickram Ghosh.# Highlight12: Value of classical dance is when people relate to it as something universal: Sanchita Bhattacharya.# Highlight11: Indian or western music, rock or jazz all start with seven notes: Sunita Bhuyan.# Highlight10: Dancing is communion with the higher soul: Sanchita Bhattacharya.#Highlight9: Musician Bickram Ghosh enthralls all with body drumming.# Highlight8: The first session – Music Divine: Dancing to a New Tune – with Bickram Ghosh, Sunita Bhuyan and Sanchita Bhattacharya begins.# Highlight7: We seek illumination, inspiration and intellectual stimulation in the two-day conclave here: Aroon Purie.# Highlight6: West Bengal’s relation with Bangladesh is setting new benchmark for bilateral ties: Aroon Purie.# Highlight5: Editor-in-chief Aroon Purie welcomes all to the first edition of India Today Conclave East.# Highlight4: India Today Conclave East will begin shortly.#Highlight3: The power-packed event will see chief ministers and top ministers, legends of cinema and icons from sports, all on one platform.#Highlight2: The event will be attended by leaders and stalwarts, including Mamata Banerjee, Sarbananda Sonowal, Sourav Ganguly, Rani Mukerji, Prosenjit Chatterjee and many more.#Highlight1: Welcome to India Today Conclave East. Live coverage of the event that will feature some of the biggest names in sports, cinema and politics on one stage will begin soon.#last_img read more