Basketball Match BiH – Australia broke the Record of Views of FIBA

first_imgExtremely exciting match between U17 national basketball team of BiH and Australia at the World Cup in Spain broke the record of views on live stream of FIBA.The match was followed by almost 200,000 people through live stream on Facebook and YouTube, which is the highest number ever, of course, when it comes to matches of young players.A total of 111,230 users followed the match on Facebook, together with 85,231 viewers on YouTube.The biggest number of viewers at the same moment was 24,000, which is only 1,000 less than FIBA’s record that was set during stream of the draw for the World Cup for seniors in 2014. Unfortunately, BiH national team was defeated by their peers from Australia.This year’s World Cup for cadets attracted more than 2 million viewers. On average, matches of men’s team were watched by 33,000 people, and 10,000 people followed the women’s matches.FIBA promised to broadcast a total of 480 matches of young players in the duration of 840 hours all across the globe this year through their Facebook and YouTube.(Source: read more