The Art of Translating Darwinese

first_imgTranslating Darwinese primarily involves taking out the assumptions and assertions and seeing if anything is left.If, like the late Phillip Johnson argued, Darwinian evolution is naturalistic philosophy masquerading as science, then it follows that Darwinian ‘science’ is fake science. It may include some tangible objects, like fossils or genes, but it will be wrapped in rhetoric intended to promote naturalism. Consequently, a perceptive reader needs to learn how to translate Darwinese. The mystical language of Darwinese makes it seem as if observational data supports evolution, when it’s really the other way around; naturalism colors the data. A successful Darwinese translator is always focusing on the actual evidence. One must filter out the assumptions and assertions to see what the data are actually indicating. Here we teach by example.Before starting, one must vaccinate oneself against bluffing, intimidation and irrelevant details. A Darwinese article, for instance, is often dressed up with attractive photos, clean website designs, pictures of smiling Darwinists, and artwork supporting the evolutionary narrative. All of that must be ignored. It has nothing to do with the science. It is irrelevant. The Darwinese translator must keep a laser-sharp focus on the evidence.Stick to the EvidenceWas early stick insect evolution triggered by birds and mammals? (University of Göttingen). Most of the first paragraph of this press release simply states observable evidence. Then the writer inserts the word “phylogeny” — an evolutionary word to watch out for.Stick and leaf insects are a diverse and strikingly bizarre group of insects with a world-wide distribution, which are more common in tropical and subtropical areas. They are famous for their impressively large body size, compared to other insects, and their remarkable ability to camouflage themselves as twigs, leaves or bark in order to hide from potential predators. A team of international researchers led by the University of Göttingen has now generated the first phylogenomic tree of these insects.For animals below the rank of family, Michael Behe shows in his book Darwin Devolves, one can expect variability in genera and species. Many creationists accept this view as well. The stick insects belong to Phasmatodea, an order, the taxon above the level of family. So if the writer is trying to link all the families within Phasmatodea into a tree of common descent, the translator needs to be on guard. Does the evidence support it? The research team at University of Gottingen examined 2,000 genes for 38 species of globally-distributed stick insects. Watch what happened:The most surprising finding is that the relationships between the early emerging groups of stick and leaf insects largely disprove the earlier assumptions. In fact, the genealogy reflects more the geographic distribution than the anatomical similarity of the animals. The authors revealed a New World lineage of purely North and South American species and a group of Old World origin that comprises species from Africa to New Zealand.In short, there was no clear phylogenetic picture. The genes looked similar, but the animals did not. When new evolutionary stories disprove old evolutionary stories, probably both stories are wrong. Next, the team ramps up the perhapsimaybecouldness index to visualize moyboy ages:The age estimation of the phylogenetic tree suggests that most of the old lineages emerged after the dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago. Thus, the remarkable camouflage of stick and leaf insects most probably evolved afterwards as adaptation against predatory mammals and birds.We have an emergence-y. The team just leaped into fantasyland, saying these remarkable animals “emerged” somehow long, long ago. Do they have fossil evidence for this? No; stick insect fossils are rare. This is pure Darwinian speculation.To translate the article into science, the translator must filter out the Darwinese. The result should include the first paragraph up to the sentence about predators, and stop. It might mention the 2,000 genes of 38 species examined, and tabulate the similarities and differences, but leave it there. Science has no tolerance for “emergence” and speculations about what “might” have happened over millions of Darwin Years.Spitting for DarwinA secret in saliva: Food and germs helped humans evolve into unique member of great apes (University of Buffalo). The proposition needing translation from Darwinese goes like this:Two million years of eating meat and cooked food may have helped humans shift further from other great apes on the evolutionary tree. The evidence is in our saliva, according to new research from the University at Buffalo.After putting this press release through the Darwinese translator, there won’t be much left but a bucket of warm spit. These Darwinians are trying to buffalo readers into thinking you can use divination on saliva from apes and humans and perceive a story of evolution, visualizing humans losing their hair and learning to cook.Human saliva is unique in that it is waterier and contains a different mix of proteins. The findings came as a big surprise to the researchers, since humans are known to be genetically close relatives of the great apes, chimpanzees and gorillas.The evolutionary story is lubricated with perhapses and maybes, ending with futureware: “The study’s findings provide a necessary basis for future studies to assess whether the differences in human salivary proteins were caused by natural selection.” In other words, they don’t even know that natural selection had anything to do with spit. It’s illogical to think it might have anyway; the Stuff Happens Law doesn’t ’cause’ anything.The only evidence that can be salvaged from this article involves design in our salivary glands and the complex proteins that help us digest our food. After translation from Darwinese into science, therefore, the article will be very short.Darwinizing DarwinismAn evolution in the understanding of evolution (University of Virginia Engineering). The heroine of this article thinks that evolution needs evolution itself, in order to be understood. Kristen Naegle spent a lot of time running divination studies on proteins to praise Darwin, but all for naught. After running her work through the Darwinese translator, there would be precious little left. She and her student Roman Sloutsky try to impress readers with their wizardry. Such divination is not for laymen, she says. In order to justify the exercise, she tries to convince the peasants that it could cure cancer.Reconstructing evolutionary branches is tricky, especially when many species share a similar type of protein that might have evolved to perform somewhat different functions. Mathematically, the problem quickly becomes very big, but discovering the implications of this protein evolution could lead to a better understanding of how our bodies deal with cancer and other diseases.First of all, she incorrectly thinks that proteins, those amazingly sophisticated and sequence-specific molecular machines, are products of evolution. That’s a show stopper right there. Second, it’s a pipe dream to think that Darwinism is going to help understand or cure cancer. A Darwinist believes that cancer is one of those things that just happens. Third, the work leaves nothing accomplished for Darwin worship. It’s all futureware.Naegle made one statement that could be a redeeming feature, and worth saving in the translated article. “Most models of protein evolution in use today are probably wrong,” she said.Including hers.With a little practice, you, too, could become a skilled Darwinese translator. (Visited 302 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Brand South Africa congratulates Play Your Part Award winner, Intercessory Army Franchising

first_imgThe 6th annual South African Premier Business Awards hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry, in partnership with Proudly South African and Brand South Africa took place in Sandton on Wednesday 13 March 2019.SAPBA celebrates business excellence and honours organisations that are drivers of innovation, job creation, healthy business ethics and quality.Brand South Africa is excited to have presented The Play Your Part Award that inspires citizens to contribute positive change, by steering and executing social programmes. The award was scooped by Intercessory Franchise Brands founded by Bulelani Balabala. As the CEO of IAF and founder of TEA (Township Entrepreneur Alliance), a branch of IAF, Balabala centres his work around empowering young people.Balabala was honoured by Minister of Trade & Industry, Minister Rob Davies for his commitment and implementation of entrepreneurial and youth development programmes.Through the 4-year old TEA Programme, Balabala and his team have impacted over 9800 townships and rural entrepreneurs, and more 25 000 high school students. The programme is aimed at  knowledge sharing, skills development, enterprise development and giving young entrepreneurs  access to markets.In addition, IAF conducts weekly township school visits through Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation (SLEF), where they inspire students to go the extra mile with their studies and become well-rounded citizens.Brand SA salutes Bulelani Balabala for being an agent of change and for leading a group of people who practice the spirit of Ubuntu. To find out more about what the IAF does, click here.last_img read more

Polystyrene Female Dummy Mannequin Head Long For Hats : Prefer other dummies ordered

first_img At first sight i thought it was small, but it does the job well. Very nice woman 🙂 and useful. My mother wanted this to display knitted hats & scarves so it needed to have a good base. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I bought this polystyrene mannequin head to display a hat i wanted to sell and this head did the job perfectly. I was worried when ordering that the product would arrive broken, as other reviews had stated. I was very pleased when it was delivered in one piece. Item as described, very light weight but perfect for putting hats on, it doesn’t fall over. (i’m using it to photograph hats)good preportions on the face- it doesn’t look strange, however it is slightly smaller than life size (although i think this is the average size for a mannequin head)the neck and shoulders are great as hats flow when sat on the head, rather than bunching up on the surface you’re working on. I used this head and another male one to construct leather masks on top of moulds, very useful for mask masking and designing hats etc. Search for head without a grumpy expression . Though light in weight, it was exactly what i was looking for. Most had an unpleasant face, and no shoulders. This wig/hat stand is just right. It is tall enough for longer length wigs or larger style hats, so that they don’t droop on to the table/stand. Slimline and modern looking. I wanted this item but they sent me one that’s just the head, as i need to use the item i told them i will keep the woung item aslong as the pay me back the difference which they did. Item was as per description. It will be good for its intended use – display of hand crafted hats and scarves. Polystyrene female dummy mannequin head. I liked the head but the reason for the rating was that i felt it would have been more stable with a slightly wider base. Genuinely remember to with ‘hattie’ ~ i’ve picked out to phone her. She has a great face, nothing at all ‘spooky’ about her and she will be heading in the bed room and applied to display the ‘current’ hat i am sporting.This is a great product, excellent size and superior area. I required it as a bed room feature and painted rene magritte design with blue sky and clouds. It has appear out charming and does just what i wished it to do.I produced it larger sized with ducktape for the reason that i am making a fursuit and it has to be able to healthy my head.I chose this head for a close friend to use for his images set-up-he appeared to think it was much better than the true point.Specifically what i wanted, terrific benefit for money, i necessary it for a headwear/hat structure venture. Its is manufactured of polystyrene so wont very last forever but if looked after is fantastic for my function.A person was marginally destroyed when it arrived but was useable. Perfect for basic display and cosplay storage needs. . Packaging came in a huge box which made me smile but otherwise matched the description perfectly and easy to use. A little smaller than my head but then all mannequins tend to be. I needed one to store and work on a wig for a cosplay event and wanted something a little more substantial than a simple wig stand. If you want to display items, work on wigs or do some basic millinery shaping then i say this is the one foe you. Great price and a good shape. Good quality grat for my art wheark. Prefer other dummies ordered. Quality ok and arrived on time but dumbly very small and features odd. The reason for the rating is that everything was fine except for the fact that there was no hole at the base of the stand to enable me to put it on a wig clamp. Perfect for basic display and Cosplay storage needs.just what i was after.Search for head without a grumpy expression !The longer neck is exactly what I was looking for Polystyrene female dummy mannequin headGood for long wigs, styling and keeping the wig in shapePolystyrene Female Dummy Mannequin Head Long For Hats,wigs, DisplayPOLYSTYRENE FEMALE DUMMY MANNEQUIN HEAD LONG FOR HATS,WIGS, DISPLAYlast_img read more

GBA Prime Sneak Peek: Fine Homebuilding Editors Interview Martin Holladay

first_imgMy fellow editors at Fine Homebuilding — Justin Fink, Rob Yagid, and Brian Pontolilo — have been hosting a weekly podcast for several months. They recently invited me to join them in a sound studio at the Fine Homebuilding office to record a conversation on a variety of building science topics.This week, I’m taking a break from my usual blog-writing schedule, substituting a two-part podcast recording. Click on one of the green triangles to start listening. Martin Holladay’s previous blog: “Bill Rose’s Building Science To-Do List.” Here’s Part 2: RELATED PODCASTS Green Architects’ Lounge: An Interview With Martin Holladay, Part 1Green Architects’ Lounge: An Interview With Martin Holladay, Part 2House Planning Help Podcast: Interview with Martin Holladay Articles mentioned in Part 2 of the podcast include:How to Build an Insulated Cathedral CeilingSite-Built Ventilation Baffles for RoofsHow to Insulate a Basement Wall Designing a Good Ventilation SystemMakeup Air for Range Hoodscenter_img Here’s Part 1: Articles mentioned in Part 1 of the podcast include:A SIP Roof Repair in WisconsinFlash-and-Batt Insulation Calculating the Minimum Thickness of Rigid Foam SheathingCombining Exterior Rigid Foam With Fluffy Insulation Click here to follow Martin Holladay on Twitter.last_img read more

OC is prime graft suspect, says Sheila Dikshit

first_imgDelhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Saturday put the needle of suspicion on the Suresh Kalmadi-led Organising Committee (OC) regarding allegations of corruption related to the Commonwealth Games.Welcoming Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to order a probe into the allegations, Dikshit said corruption could have taken place in the activities undertaken by the OC to which the central government had given loans to the tune of Rs 1,600 crore. “We feel relieved and happy (at the successful completion of the Games).But what is disturbing is the corruption charges. They are very disturbing,” Dikshit said. “The fact that the Prime Minister has taken almost an instantaneous decision to order a probe into the whole thing and have the picture ready by January is very heartening,” the chief minister said. “I think only this committee will be able to clear the cobwebs. At the moment, the suspicion is very much on the OC.”The Prime Minister set up a highlevel committee headed by former Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) V.K. Shunglu to probe all matters related to the Games, a day after the mega sporting event came to an end. The committee will submit its report to the Prime Minister within three months. The government has already asked Kalmadi not to relieve any official from the OC till the inquiry is over.Dikshit reiterated that allegations of corruption are not going to be pushed under the carpet. Noting that infrastructure development was the government’s job, the chief minister said the Centre had given a number of loans (to OC) and that is where the real corruption could have been. “There may have also been (corruption) in some government departments. am not ruling that out,” she said.advertisementKalmadi has, meanwhile, assured help to the committee probing the allegations. “The Prime Minister has appointed a committee to probe into all matters relating to the Commonwealth Games. We welcome the initiative and hope that it will be comprehensive, covering all aspects. The Organising Committee will be happy to provide all support to the panel,” Kalmadi said in a statement released to the media.Speaking about his achievement, Kalmadi said, “The Indian Olympic Association was responsible for winning the bid to host the Games in Delhi. And the Organising Committee was given the task of delivering the opening and closing ceremonies and the sporting competitions. We have delivered the task of conducting the Games really well.”He also said the critics had been silenced following a successful conduct of the Games. “During the runup to the Games, many concerns were expressed about India’s ability to conduct the Games and ensure the security and safety of the athletes and guests. All these were cleared and the athletes and officials have left Delhi very satisfied,” Kalmadi said.last_img read more

Two-wheelers segment gets scooter boost

first_imgWhen Bajaj Auto decided to ring down the curtains on its iconic ‘Hamara Bajaj’ scooters and shift focus to motorcycles, everyone thought that the era of scooters had ended.Not so, though. The good old reliable scooters are making a comeback, this time with new looks and sporting the latest engine technologies.India’s scooter sales grew by around 49 per cent year-on-year ( YoY) to 15.17 lakh units during April-December 2010, according to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers ( SIAM).In December, scooter sales grew by 47.65 per cent to 188,391 units, led by Honda Motors and Scooters India Ltd ( HMSI), which sold 76,307 units. Even TVS Motor’s scooter sales were up 92.73 per cent, while Hero Honda’s sales zoomed 2.25 times in December. Companies attribute the emergence of smaller middle class families and the rising number of working women as the chief reasons for the increase in scooter sales. While these small but sturdy machines appeal to college going girls, males who aspire to build up a figure different from the brats look to scooters.”The huge growth in the scooter segment is being fuelled by several socio-economic factors, including the rising number of working women,” Anil Dua, senior VP (marketing), Hero Honda, said.Women, who comprise 10-12 per cent of the two-wheeler user-base, mostly prefer scooters. And the demand is so high that the most popular scooter brands like Honda’s Aviator, Dio, Activa and TVS’s Scooty Pep have waiting periods.”The demand is massive. Even when the company has doubled its production, the gap continues. Things will be much easier with our second plant coming up in Rajasthan next year. But till then we are trying to cope up with this massive demand,” said N.K. Rattan, head of marketing & sales, HMSI.The increasing demand for scooters is seeing companies like Honda and Yamaha betting big on this segment. Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) and Suzuki Motorcycles are also eyeing this segment. And the re-entry of Piaggio into India has reaffirmed that scooters are here to stay.Piaggio, the makers of the iconic Vespa brand of scooters, is re-entering the Indian market with a 125cc gearless scooter, which will be launched by the end of the year or early 2012. The firm has already set up a factory at Baramati, Maharashtra with a production capacity of 150,000 units per annum.Japanese two-wheeler major Yamaha Motor Company also has similar plans of introducing scooters in the Indian market.Incidentally, Yamaha Motor Company, which is the world’s largest gearless scooter maker, has started feasibility studies for introducing its scooters in India. To get a feel of the market response, Yamaha has introduced three scooters – the 50cc Neo, 115cc Fino and 135cc Spark – across select dealers in India.”We are studying the market to enter the scooter segment, but we have not finalised the product line yet. However, one thing is sure that we will launch scooters in India,” India Yamaha Motor national business head Pankaj Dubey said.”We are evaluating whether a model from our existing global scooter portfolio will be launched here or a completely new product will be developed for the Indian market,” he said. Even Suzuki Motorcycles is looking to launch more models in the country to meet the demand.advertisementlast_img read more

Bucks expecting another hard-fought matchup with Celtics

first_imgSEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte “It’s going to be those kind of games where you have to grind it out, earn every possession and you can’t take anything for granted,” he said. “It’s about going out there and outworking the other team.”NOT JUST ABOUT GIANNISAs much confidence as the Bucks have in putting the ball in Antetokounmpo’s hands, Khris Middleton said they know everyone will have to be playing at their best to close out games against the Celtics.In their first-round series the Pistons never got within five points of the Bucks in the final five minutes of any of their four games. The Celtics have had only one double-digit win in the series.“Last year me and Giannis carried a lot of the load. (Eric Bledsoe) too,” Middleton said. This year we’re a complete team from top to bottom. Giannis is going to do his thing, I’m going to do my thing, Bled is going to do his thing. But the supporting cast is much more ready this year to step up and provide big minutes for us.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Giannis Antetokounmpo is having a career season and is one of the leading contenders for league MVP honors.And it is East top-seeded Milwaukee and not Boston that will tipoff Sunday’s Eastern Conference semifinals matchup with home-court advantage and as the favorite to advance to the conference finals.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logistics“A lot of things have changed,” Antetokounmpo said. “They haven’t changed as much. They play great basketball. They defend aggressively. They’re going to play with a lot of pace. Obviously, they have Kyrie this year. We’re just going to go out there, play hard and try to win games.”And Antetokounmpo has bigger goals than just trying to avenge last year’s first-round loss — though the sting of that setback remains with the Bucks. Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Philippine Arena Interchange inaugurated FILE – Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving (11) forces a jump ball against Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo, center, during the first half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Aaron Gash)Much has changed since the Celtics outlasted the Bucks during their seven-game slugfest in the first round of last year’s NBA playoffs.For starters, Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are both healthy after injuries sidelined them for the entire postseason last year.ADVERTISEMENT “At this point, it’s five versus five, and who’s better at the end of the day.”Here are some other things to watch for in the Eastern Conference semifinals matchup between Boston and Milwaukee:INJURY UPDATEBoth teams will be short-handed in Game 1. Boston guard Marcus Smart is still recovering from the partial tear to his left oblique abdominal muscle that he suffered on April 7. And Milwaukee’s Malcolm Brogdon is out for Games 1 and 2 as he continues deal with plantar fascia in his right foot.Smart was originally given a 4- to 6-week recovery window for the injury and sat out the entire first-round series with Indiana. But he was shooting and running sprints after practice on Friday.Coach Mike Budenholzer said they remain hopeful Brogdon can return at some point during the series.“He’s been on track but he’s still got some hurdles to cover,” Budenholzer said. “We’ll assess it when we get through this next little wave.”CLOSE GAMES EXPECTEDThe Bucks won two out of the three meetings with Boston during the regular season, with their wins coming by single digits.Milwaukee’s Brook Lopez believes the familiarity the teams have with each other will play a factor. “It’s a different situation, but there’s always ego and pride,” he said. “You want to win and avenge the loss last year. I don’t think the guys who were here last year forgot what we went through. We lost Game 7. Hopefully we have that in our mind, focus on what we’ve got to do now and try to win this series. And not repeat what we did last year.”Milwaukee has thrived in their first season under coach Mike Budenholzer, posting a league-best 60-22 record during the regular season and sweeping the Detroit Pistons in the first round, winning by an average of 24 points per game.The Celtics had an up and down year but found some missing cohesion during their first-round sweep of Indiana. They’ve been led by big scoring games by Irving, an increased comfort level by Hayward that was missing in the regular season and some late-game poise across the board.While Irving respects how much the Bucks have improved, he doesn’t see Boston as an underdog just because they are the lower seed.“To be honest, I don’t really care about the seeding. As long as we’re in there. It’s an even playing field,” he said. “All the regular season stats and the hype around the regular season? You can have it.ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ LATEST STORIES Rockets eager for another chance at defending champion Warriors DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Panelo: Duterte ‘angry’ with SEA Games hosting hassles Hontiveros presses for security audit of national power grid Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Duterte wants probe of SEA Games mess Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more