Bishop calls for prayer and unity during upcoming general election

first_imgShareTweetSharePinBishop of Roseau, Gabriel MalzaireBishop of Roseau, His Lordship Gabriel Malzaire has encouraged Dominicans to pray ahead the next general election for a peaceful Dominica.On Sunday, he told the Catholic Church Charismatic Conference in Portsmouth, that the Christian values of Dominica will be tested during elections.“I am here referring to the reality of a general election and what it can do to our nation. We know from the evidence of past years that this is the one most divisive event in our society,” Bishop Malzaire stated. “You and I know that after the general elections, many of the nice Catholics and nice Christian people will not be speaking to each other simply because we are not able to allow different opinions and view points to contend.”The Bishop stated that based on experience, it can be predicted that in the coming days, weeks and months, the Christian values of the people will be put to the test.He said the ability to sustain the oneness that should help overcome any form of hatred and anger, “the holiness that requires us to seek the good above all else, the catholicity that requires us to open to all and to accept all, the apostolicity that demands true witness to the living gospel will be tested.”Malzaire said the model of the early Christian community is instructive in the manner in which it dealt with potentially divisive situations.He referred to the apostles who brought every situation to prayer and challenges nation to do the same.“Therefore  pray daily for those you love, but  pray even harder for those you do not love so much,” Bishop Malzaire advised.last_img read more