These Smaller Titles From E3 2019 Deserve Your Attention

first_img Like past Electronic Entertainment Expos, E3 2019 is all about megaton game reveals and announcements. Titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, Marvel’s Avengers, and Watch Dogs Legion, dominated headlines. While these games certainly deserve their time in the sun, they aren’t the only ones worth talking about.In addition to the mammoth games, E3 saw its share of under-the-radar titles from developers both big and small. Here are some of the smaller games we’re looking forward to — plus some we all should keep an eye on.BattletoadsIt feels like forever ago since Microsoft first announced a new Battletoads. As a fan of the original, I’m stoked to play this new iteration. I’ve heard some complaints about the art style. While I understand it doesn’t look like the old Battletoads, I don’t have an issue with the new look. The character models pop off the screen and the animations are buttery smooth. The fact you can play this with friends either online or via couch co-op is another selling point. Hopefully, I can finish the speeder bike level this time around.Panzer DragoonIf you follow me on Twitter, then you no doubt saw me go nuts when Panzer Dragoon HD showed up during the Nintendo Direct. I’ve been a fan of the franchise since it launched on Sega Saturn and I’ve been clamoring for a remake or reboot for ages. I knew the game would look better than it did on Saturn but holy crap does this look amazing! Hopefully, Panzer Dragoon HD will sell well enough to make Sega release the equally awesome sequel: Panzer Dragoon Zwei. If Sega ever remakes Panzer Dragoon Saga, you will not hear from me for a month. Make it happen, Sega!Destroy All HumansOne fun pre-E3 surprise was the reveal of Destroy All Humans HD. For those who don’t remember, this was a quirky PS2-era title where you play as a deranged space alien who causes havoc in a quaint 1950’s small town. The big draw of Destroy All Humans is the ability to levitate objects with your mind. While laser weapons are formidable, it’s more satisfying to hurl enemies and objects with psychic powers. Based on the trailer, it’s clear THQ Nordic did a magnificent job of bringing the graphics up to modern-day standards. I hope we get a full-on Destroy All Humans revival if this game does well.Contra: Rogue CorpsI had trouble deciding whether Contra: Rogue Corps deserved a spot on this list. On one hand, it’s fantastic to have a new Contra game after all this time. It’s also nice to see Konami resurrecting one of its most beloved franchises. However, I’m not entirely sure how the mix of 2.5D and 3D levels will work. Contra: Rogue Corps doesn’t look terrible, but it isn’t blowing me away either. I’m an old-school Contra head so I have to give play it out of obligation. Hopefully, it’ll be a decent romp.Devolver BootlegLeave it to Devolver Digital to release a collection of bootleg versions of their best-known franchises. These “original knock-offs” include Enter the Gun Dungeon, Hotline Milwaukee, Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship, Luftrousers, and other similar knock-offs. I’m not sure if Devolver Bootleg will appeal to those who aren’t already fans of the developer’s games. As someone who is familiar with the original titles, I’m looking forward to seeing how they play out in this collection.12 MinutesI’ve always enjoyed stories about time loops so Annapurna Interactive’s 12 Minutes is right up my alley. While having dinner in their apartment, the protagonist and his wife receive an unexpected visit from a cop who claims the wife murdered her father years ago. The goal is to figure out what happened (and hopefully keep everyone alive) in 12 minute segments of repeating time. Though each segment only runs for 12 minutes, you gain experience for subsequent playthroughs. Players receive next to no in-game help and must figure things out on their own. They do this by examining items in the apartment and combining them. 12 Minutes looks like it’ll be a sleeper hit.Daemon X MachinaThis one is for all the mecha lovers out there. In Daemon X Machina, you pilot a giant mech and must take out other mechs in order to defend the world. You can use pieces of destroyed mechs and add them to your own. This allows players to create machines which cater to their specific playstyles. The mechanic reminds me of Monster Hunter, which is something I’m totally down for. I haven’t played a decent mech game in ages and Daemon X Machina looks like it will let me live out my Macross and Gundam fantasies.Ori and the Will of the WispsOri and the Blind Forest is one of this generation’s best games. Unfortunately, not many people played it. It’s a good thing the franchise has a second chance at stardom with the upcoming Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I got to play a demo of it at last year’s E3 and thought it was fantastic. The short video shown during this year’s E3 focused on the large assortment of bosses players will face. Boss battles were a highlight of the first game and it looks like the sequel is taking things to the proverbial next level. I’m already on board, so give me this game!ManeaterPossibly capitalizing on the popularity of Sharknado, Maneater is easily one of the strangest games announced during E3. The premise is simple: You play as a shark who eats humans and animals. It’s basically reverse Jaws. Maneater debuted at last year’s E3 but has undergone several changes. This “SharkPG” promises players the ability to level up the shark and make it more powerful. The game’s trailer doesn’t give us much to chew on (pun most definitely intended) but it does make me want to try the game out.Evil Genius 2: World DominationThe original Evil Genius is a cult-classic which is still enjoyed even 15 years after its debut. I’m not sure why it took so long for an official sequel to materialize, but I bet fans of the franchise are happy it’s coming. Like the original, you play as a villain who wants to (surprise, surprise) take over the world. You get all the villain-y accoutrements, including a secret base located under a volcano and hordes of henchmen. While I’m not exactly a fan of RTS or SIM titles, the prospect of playing a villain sounds bad ass so I’ll give this a shot.More E3 2019 coverage on 2019 Has a Shocking Amount of New Arcade MachinesE3 2019’s Best Moment Had Little Do With GamingCute New Pokemon in ‘Sword and Shield’ Melt Hearts at E3 2019 Play These E3 2019 Video Games Right NowThe 10 Biggest Games of E3 2019 Stay on targetlast_img read more