Joe Baby on Ebola: “A Big Kill To Our Industry”

first_imgMovie star/director/producer Joseph C. Weah Jr., commonly known as ‘Joe Baby’, feels this whole deadly Ebola outbreak is as bad as it seems.”This whole thing on Ebola is actually confusing. Ebola is real and you can’t doubt the fact. What I think is happening in our society is the goverment is trying to play some game here too,” he stated.Joe Baby is known for roles in hit motion pictures including “A man’s heart”, “Cimplications”, “Prejudice”,  “Desperate hours”, “Lines of Deception” and a recent movie called “Justice Denied”.  He has also been utterly silent about his take on Ebola and how it has affected entertainment as a whole.“Its bad for us the entertainers because this Ebola outbreak has taken us back almost five to 10 years. Everything we’ve built up in the industry has gone back five years because now if any investor comes, they have to sit and observe the country to make sure it is totally eradicated. Ebola will send our job, country and whole economy backwards,” he says.LIB Life caught up with Joe Baby during a recent visit to 146 Block, a popular hangout spot for entertainers, a place where you can catch up and see all of your favorite stars. The Liberian movie heartthrob gave us his two cents about this whole Ebola outbreak.LIB LIFE: Joe Baby, Ebola is real. What have you been doing to keep safe?JOE BABY: Just taking precautions like how we have been. We the actors have paused every production, and we’re observing this whole Ebola stuff until we can get assurance that Ebola has left Liberia.LIB LIFE: You seem very unhappy, which is okay, because we all are.JOE BABY: To be honest, Ebola is a big kill to our industry; it has done a lot of damage. We tried to work a lot of deals with investors to come over, and because of Ebola being in the country, they say they can’t come. It’s too frustrating.LIB LIFE: Do you think there’s anything else we can make do other than keeping clean and away from people who have it?JOE BABY: We don’t have any power; we’re not the government and can’t make the last decision or the first. All you need to do is take the necessary measures in keeping it out.What we the entertainers are doing to affect the community positively is what we’ve been doing through entertainment all along. We’re trying to give people a future to become whatever they want to be in this industry, despite the Ebola outbreak. We did an all-star Ebola song involving almost all artists, producers and engineers to send our own message in our own way.LIB LIFE: Before I let you go, can you tell me your personal take on this deadly Ebola virus that has forced its way into our lives?JOE BABY: I personally observed that there’s some trick going on. I think this thing is far beyond Ebola.LIB LIFE: Does it have anything to do with the shooting death of the late Shaki Kamara?JOE BABY: I’m terribly hurt deeply by the killing of Shaki Kamara! I listen to disturbing the Peace on Hott FM and was deeply hurt when I heard a minister trying to defend his death. I can say that the whole world saw what happened and because of it, everyone’s eyes are now open at what happened. It’s a sensitive thing.LIB LIFE: You’re right. Why do you think this whole thing runs further then Ebola?JOE BABY: Ebola shouldn’t have anything to do with gun business, or security being on the Atlantic Ocean with arms. I mean, people being shot and the killing of a child was totally wrong. We all know what Ebola is about, we’ve all been aware. But I think this thing is far beyond Ebola.Ebola is Ebola, what we need to do is get the rightful people who are going to get the rightful stuff that will stop Ebola. Not to have gunmen depriving people of not coming this far and so on. You can quarantine a polluted area where the virus is, there’s a way to do it, but not the way people here with arms are going about it.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more