Weather Eye Drier today with possible snow coming Thursday

first_img Our first widespread snowfall of the winter 2016 season has arrived. For some here in the lowlands it stuck for an hour or so and others just saw wet flakes with no trace on the ground. But if you were up and glancing out the window or reading about it on social media, it was there. Hard to not be aware of snow nowadays with the various fast-paced social media platforms.Meanwhile, the mountains had copious amounts of snow Sunday and Monday. Good news! Further good news is that it will continue to pile up over the next week or so. Here in the lowlands we wait as cold air filters over the area via easterly winds today and tomorrow. Another storm system is poised to override the cold air for snow/sleet/freezing rain before it warms up.So stay tuned to the latest forecasts tonight and Wednesday. Looking ahead to next week some computer forecast models hint of possible colder air moving south from Canada and giving us a real arctic outbreak. I only mention this as a possibility. It may fizzle but this is the time of the year us weather watchers are riding the computer models as they roll out. For now, we just deal with the next event.The largest snow depth I could find locally Monday was six inches reported by Phil Delaney above Dole Valley. He said, “I have an honest six inches on the roof of my truck.” Snow measuring four inches or so was reported on Livingston Mountain.So drier and cooler weather today and Wednesday, the type to huddle up in, especially if exposed to cold east winds. If the weather goes as I am thinking as of Monday afternoon, I bet the kids and teachers have a “snow day” on Thursday. Aw, why not? Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at read more