November 2017

Seize the optimization details are not difficult to learn to make you life beneficial action

of the link, from the beginning, generally refers to the relationship between the Links. To know the number of friends of the chain to a site should not be more than forty, then the forty friends of the chain means to tell the search engines, everyone think this refers to the target site is recommended, if the correlation between sites on the recommendation, then recommended the authority and credibility will be higher, so grab correlation between the friends of the chain is very important.

website optimization optimization strategy of both macro, but also micro optimization strategy, this paper is focusing on the micro optimization strategy, which is often said that the optimization of the details. General optimization strategy is to guide the optimization of macro direction of staff, just like sailing on the sea at the helm, the macro strategy is the helmsman, and micro strategy is related to the specific optimization steps, and meet the requirements of macro strategy, so as to achieve one plus one to two of the optimization effect. read more

Starting from the perspective of the user experience of the Shanghai Dragon

"who hate missing the title:

The performance of the server

is a web site for others to see, and want others to remember, a brief with keyword domain name users are more likely to remember more easily spread, people love the same love search engine.

high quality content is the root of the website:

Shanghai Phoenix as a free website promotion way more and more attention, many people devote themselves to the study of various Shanghai dragon skills, and to differentiate the black hat Shanghai dragon, white dragon Shanghai, each change of search engine in Shanghai Longfeng Er eyes means to do some small adjustments to the site, and even many people began to search engine hate each adjustment, website optimization and search engine is more and more opposition, actually search engine is in every adjustment to improve the user experience, think of the original search engine is what kind of, everywhere is filled with duplicate content, advertising website is full of keywords but no actual content sites everywhere therefore, even there are many porn sites. And now you have found the search content content is more and more related to the quality of the website is more and more high, all this is the search engine in the continuous improvement of the results of the user experience. Below the author from the perspective of the user experience to analyze some optimization techniques in the eyes of Shanghai dragon er. read more

Analysis on the influence of the history of website optimization

many webmaster friends all know, if a website for longer periods of time, then this site will have a natural weight, of course is the premise of this station is included in the search engine, we can understand this is the time effect of the site, and this is the time effect is, for example, the same two sites the modification of several title tags, we assume that one is a NetEase, is only a few months of the station, then, we all know the results is that the NetEase will be nothing, the search engine will be the first time the new index of NetEase ", and grab the other column page and the inside pages are modified, see title, if changed, will soon re crawl; and station are likely to be K. Many friends will simply think that this is because the weight of the two sites to the small Xiao admitted that this was one of the factors, but Xiao think that is time effects in the inside, simply said, is because the NetEase is an old station, the station is a new station, for different search engines the biggest reason is because they punished two websites of different ages, recognized by search engines level are very different. read more

gnore the website jump out rate

then lead to what causes a high bounce rate is the website? Generally have the following situations:

The reduction of The other 1.

said the bounce rate is a very important site data. Because the bounce rate is measured to access quality. Will Google website jump out rate as an important reference factor rating. Because of the high bounce rate that is not a website performance is not good, experience is not good, is not related to the page and visitors. As a result, Google may drop in a keyword ranking. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform nstitute launched a wonderful course of exposure

, on-line channels, carrying the thousands of people’s concern and hope, finally to love Shanghai vice president Wang Haifeng’s message as the end of this paper, but also as a webmaster school incentive: "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is an important window of love Shanghai search engine, set the webmaster college can let the webmaster better to understand and use our platform, and thereby building more high-quality website, so that all users can benefit in using the search engine. This is a very meaningful event, wish stationmaster college better and better." read more

A snapshot of a substantial correction is a precursor to K station

snapshot believe that many people are not unfamiliar, whether novice webmaster or senior webmaster for snapshot, more or less have some experience. But you know what? If a snapshot file, so you have to be careful, because this is the precursor to the station was K. Of course, do not rule out some unexpected correction factors like Shanghai, (for example: www.***贵族宝贝 this site registration time is March 3, 2013, but the snapshot is visited in December 3, 2012, this is a serious warning given by the love of Shanghai). Small many times by the K station experience tells me that if the snapshot is accompanied by a substantial correction in some keywords ranking sharply back, this time to the timely processing of a website, but improper handling, or ignore your station is likely in a month or even shorter time by sea K out of love. read more

Rapid analysis of five steps on the basic data of the website


webmaster for the related domain of the Shanghai love each have their own views, and the so-called love Shanghai related domain can also be said to be.


fell in love with the sea included

know to the chain to improve the site ranking nature will need the support of quality, and the webmaster in the webmaster circle is widely recognized by the chain number through YAHOO query is more accurate, for which we do not discuss. Then the owners are paying special attention to the chain of YAHOO, naturally in the analysis of the web site data, also should take the important factors into account. Webmaster all know the chain helps to improve website ranking weight, therefore, in the analysis of the web site the basic data, analysis of the web site outside the chain of YAHOO is indispensable, although YAHOO does not support the chain query, but there are other tools available. read more

Analysis on scientific Shanghai dragon from the web log 200064 status code data

in the windows command prompt input: net helpmsg 64, we see the "enter the specified network name is no longer available". This was confirmed by a Hot Blog view network session: failure, request may arrive. It is not possible to be a spider crawling in the server, the server resources is not enough, the request failed? The Fuqing Shanghai dragon reservations.

said grab; precursor station;

1, 64 64 bit system;

4, 64 said "no update;

has been pretty much enthusiastic reply, we have the following seven versions: read more

On the home page included less vice page included many reasons

why my homepage is not ideal? I analyzed the content of the page, my home page is ISO knowledge related content, not new, so the quality is not high, many sites have love, Shanghai spiders have collected this information before, so there is no appeal to the love of spiders in Shanghai plus, my site is only a month, it is still a new site, the study periods, so not included also is normal.


why my home did not do while the forum included

3, make full use of forum and blog, do the chain optimization, write some high quality soft, put in the chain within the chain is soft, not included in the page, also can play the effect of read more

A product page can do a breadcrumb navigation

Now a lot of

e-commerce website, a product may belong to more than one category, that is to say you click different categories according to path may be the same product, this situation is very common, I believe we have seen. Because of this, the product page may have different URL, but different URL corresponding to the same page is not recognized by search engines, so now most of the site is the same with the web site. But the problem here, a product page corresponding to a URL, there is only one bread crumbs navigation, users from different category path click over to see the same breadcrumb navigation, it completely ignored the click on the path of the user, users may even confused, this is not my click category? It is not a mistake? So this is certainly not true role play out bread crumbs navigation. read more