Feds could fine NJ Transit for failing to meet safety deadlines

first_img× HOBOKEN– According to reports NJ Transit could pay a penalty up to $25,000 for falling behind on its progress on a mandatory safety system known as positive train control.Positive train control was required by Congress in 2008 and is supposed to be completed by Dec. 2018.The system automatically stops or slows trains to prevent them from exceeding speed limits in a specific location.This system could have prevented incidents like the train crash in Hoboken last year which injured over 100 people and killed local mom Fabiola Bittar de Kroon.According to other news sources NJ Transit failed to meet their mile stones in installing the system in a June Federal Railroad Administration inspection report.Todd Barretta, NJ Transit’s former chief compliance officer, testified at a legislative hearing in Trenton last month stating the company was behind in the installation of the safety measures.NJ Transit’s quarterly report for ending in June shows that the railroad has only installed the necessary equipment on 13 out of 440 locomotives, trained only 69 out of 1,100 employees, installed only 11 out of the 124 radio towers fully installed and equipped to operate the system, and out of its 11 lines that need positive train control, the agency had only started on the Morristown Line.None of the 326 miles of track NJ Transit operates currently has the system fully functioning.Executive Director of NJ Transit Steve Santoro, told legislatures in Trenton last month that the contractor Parsons Transportation was to blame for the delays.The National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the Hoboken train crash, has not yet released its final report.last_img

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