Information needed on former Mayor Mark Fagan

first_imgDear Editor.I’m writing an article on former Jersey City Mayor Mark Fagan for the journal The Human Prospect. While I do expect to have an assistant on this project, information on the former mayor was scant ten years ago.He died in 1955, six months before his successor, Frank Hague, left his controversial legacy behind. Mark Fagan’s funeral was held at St. Bridget’s Parish, which closed a few years ago. Since Fagan was a former mayor, which political figures attended his funeral? When he was aging in his downtown home, did any youth meet him? Could such youth still live?Many barely know Mark Fagan’s name. When I wrote about him and Hague a decade ago, many only remembered that he was the last Republican mayor of Jersey City before Bret Schundler. Such is true, but Fagan, by most accounts, was much more than that.Therefore, I want to enlighten people, both in Hudson County and beyond, about this mayor, whose memory has been minimized, mostly because of the city executive who followed him.I ask you to print this letter, and look forward to hearing from people who have information about former Mayor Fagan, or documents relating to his life. He had a sister, who may have had children. My previous inquiries revealed that he had a son, who died young in the 1960s or 1970s. However, indirect descendants of the former mayor may still be alive. If he socialized in his later years, grandchildren of his friends may remember him. Thank you very much!Sincerely,Dr. Michael Walterslast_img

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