Army Kills FARC Leader Who Participated in Kidnapping Twelve Legislative Deputies

first_imgBy Dialogo February 18, 2010 Colombian forces in the south of the country have killed four FARC guerillas, including a leader believed responsible for an attack on the Palace of Justice in Cali in 2008 that left four dead and believed to have participated in the kidnapping of twelve regional deputies in 2002. EFE received confirmation of this today from the head of the Pacific Joint Command, Gen. Justo Eliseo Peña, who specified that the operation was carried out Monday in the town of López de Micay, in the department of Cauca (in the southwest), where the leader known as “Narices” [‘Noses’] died. Iván Cárdenas Carrillo or “Narices” was, according to General Peña, the commander of the “Manuel Cepeda Vargas” Front, a faction of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). He added that following the joint operation by the Colombian army, navy, and air force, more than twenty weapons and documents in the power of the rebels were recovered. “Now it will be the responsibility of the Attorney-General’s Office to verify the authenticity of the document that one of those killed was carrying and from which we know that he was the man known as Narices,” Gen. Peña indicated to EFE. With the death of Narices and three other FARC guerrillas, “we’ve taken a weight off of Cali and the south of the country in general, since they were committing crimes in this region,” the officer explained. Among the charges against the guerilla leader were attacks on police stations in Buenaventura and the kidnapping of the twelve regional deputies from El Valle in 2002. In 2007, eleven of the twelve regional legislators died while in the hands of the FARC, in a confused encounter between rebel factions. He was also accused of responsibility for the attack on the Palace of Justice in Cali, which cost four lives and left another twenty-six people wounded, and of numerous kidnappings in the Colombian southwest.last_img

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