Alleged FARC Guerrilla Turns Himself In to Ecuadorean Military Personnel

first_imgBy Dialogo January 13, 2011 An alleged Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla has deserted and turned himself in to Ecuadorean military personnel, an Ecuadorean Army officer announced in remarks made public by the broadcast network Teleamazonas. “He appeared at the Chical detachment and stated that he was deserting from the FARC,” said Julio César Barragán, commander of the Galo Molina Battalion garrisoned in the Andean city of Tulcán (in northern Ecuador, on the border with Colombia). The alleged subversive was a member of the FARC’s Mariscal Sucre [Marshal Sucre] Front, which operates across from the border town of Chical, in the province of Carchi (of which Tulcán is the capital), and deserted in response to death threats from his own comrades, according to the Teleamazonas report.last_img

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