FARC Leader Accused of Nine Murders Is Arrested

first_img Following several months of police intelligence activities, Colombian Army, police, and Air Force units arrested Gustavo Gómez Urrea, alias Víctor, the second-ranking leader and finance chief of Front 15, part of the South Bloc of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The arrest was the result of “Operation Shadow,” which made it possible to engage in infiltration activity in the areas where Front 15’s leaders were located and to conduct an air assault on the location. In addition to being the brother of the chief leader, José Ventura Gómez Urrea, alias Víctor handled the terrorist structure’s criminal business activities, on the basis of close relationships with arms traffickers and the ongoing administration of the trade in coca base. Among the acts attributed to this terrorist is the action carried out at the inspection of Puerto Tejada de Solano (Caqueta), where he directed an ambush that caused the deaths of nine Marines, while two were seriously wounded and one was kidnapped. By Dialogo September 13, 2011last_img

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