“Forget understanding digital, make digital understand you” – Yifei Chai, artificial intelligence expert, comes to the Communication Days

first_imgYifei Chai, an innovation architect, advises Disney, Adidas and 20th Century Fox how to stimulate human emotion in an innovative way in the digital world, and as we know that in truism everything revolves around emotions and experiences, then the tourism sector can certainly learn a lot from the main lecturer at the Communications Days. Yifei Chai Interestingly, he will hold as many as two lectures at this year’s festival in Rovinj and thus become the first person so far at the Days of Communications to succeed. The lecture will answer the question: How to create the best emotional experience with your customers through creative thinking and innovation? For more information on Communication Days, visit the official website of the festival www.danikomunikacija.com. Clients describe his approach as emotional alchemy. Innovation, concept and strategy, art and creative direction, design and craftsmanship – areas where Yifei Chai is an undisputed authority – help advertisers and brands to design unforgettable, touching and surprising experiences to increase a sense of deeper connection with the audience. Communication Days will be held from March 28 to 31, 2019. From year to year, the Days of Communication record an increasing number of visitors. The organizers are announcing interesting and diverse content and invite all advertisers, agencies, public relations experts, media representatives, students and other professionals from the communications industry to the festival, which last year broke all attendance records. center_img Artificial intelligence in tourism is more and more pronounced, because today when we collect and have large databases, we must know how to understand and apply them. Also, artificial intelligence in a large “scheme” of data can show us some patterns that we do not see, and which we can use wisely later in communication and promotion to the target group. In Japan, on the other hand, a couple of hotels have been opened where there are no staff, whose role has been taken over by robots. One such hotel was recently even closed. How all this affects or will affect the current development of the tourism sector, we can find out from experts on this topic. His second lecture “Human Survival Guide in the Age of AI – How to Coexist with the Coolest and Baddest of AI” is ideal for fans of artificial intelligence (AI). Chai envisioned the lecture as comparing fictional AIs (like Terminator or Ex-Machine) with real AIs like IBM Watson or search engines like Google that Hollywood has long portrayed as the ultimate heroes or extreme villains. Chai regularly emphasizes that we already live in the future and unquestioningly follow the instructions of artificial intelligence. Lecturer Yifei Chai, if we could, we would like to announce twice “, says the director of the Communication Day program, Dunja Ivana Ballon. Forget understanding digital, make digital understand you – the starting point of his first lecture is “Digital Empathy” which will address issues such as how we can become more humane when subjected to artificial platforms that do not speak human language and how we can create experiences that will enable us not to forget our human nature in interaction with the machine.last_img

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