Facilities–Budgets–Student Health

first_imgWouldn’t it be nice if every high school in Indiana could afford to put their athletes on the best possible surfaces available for their athletic facilities?  Recently the Batesville track team ran at Lawrence Central in Indianapolis.  The track was so well cushioned that the runners barely new their feet were hitting the surface. How our track staff wishes we could afford a similar facility.  Batesville had to give up the Conference track meet this year because their surface is worn out.The football field inside this track at Lawrence Central was also an artificial surface and softer than natural ground.  I can’t even guess what this facility must have cost.Every high school softball team and baseball team would like to have either full-grass infields or artificial in-fields with tarps to cover the facility when it is raining.  For most this is a pipe dream, also.  Many schools now are able to put a non-wood surface in their auxiliary gyms.  This cuts down on injuries to young legs and also reduces cost and maintenance.With the emphasis on the health of student athletes, every AD would love to put these facilities in their budget.  However, as I have mentioned many times, the cost has to be justified in a school budget.  After all, the main focus of school is the education of the children first.last_img

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