OA students embarked on La Posadas pilgrimage

first_imgOldenburg, IN—Students in their Freshman Theology classes had the opportunity to go on “pilgrimage” recently without leaving Oldenburg Academy’s campus. They participated in a simulation based on the Hispanic tradition of La Posadas, a ritual usually enacted in the days leading up to Christmas.  The students silently moved throughout the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Francis, chanting a simple song as they sought welcome and a “room”.  They were symbolically turned away at every door until they reached the last one where they were invited in to place the baby Jesus in his crib and then enjoy some chips and salsa. Throughout their journey, they were invited by their teacher Emma Lindle to carry the loneliness and isolation of so many in our world today and pray for them.  The Sisters who helped is this staging were S. Noella Poinsette, S. Barb Hileman, S. Laurina Schneider, S. Kate Holohan, Sr. Laure Poeling, S. Agnes Wilhelm, Sr. Ruth Eggering, S. Kathleen Branham and Associate Directors Carolyn  Meyer and Jane Schaefer.last_img

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