Community leaders speak out about masks in school

first_imgBatesville, IN— In a time when communities could be coming together to protect one another, a topic as simple as a mask can cause quite the controversy.  Batesville Community School Corporation was one of the first to outline the requirement for masks in the schools for the start of the school year. Paul Ketcham, Superintendent of the Batesville Community School Corporation says, “In drafting the “bulldog blueprint,” our educational leaders have shown that they are fully aware of health risks that face our pupils and teaching staff and have taken appropriate, science-based steps, including mask-wearing of students and staff, to mitigate those risks.  Our students are hungry to learn and yearn for the renewing of their friendships that can best occur in the classroom and athletic venues.  The decision to reopen is indeed courageous.  While moving forward with reopening classrooms certainly is not without some risk, I wholeheartedly believe moving forward with the school year offers greater rewards.”Two local leaders in the front line on the fight against COVID-19 are speaking out in favor of this topic.  Tim Putnam, CEO Margaret Mary Health has issued the statement, “In this unprecedented and dynamic time, it is hard for anyone to know with absolute certainty that plans put in place will not be without their challenges or adjustments as learning evolves.  That said, we are in full support of the Batesville School Corporation’s active efforts to keep students safe and find the best solutions for managing this pandemic while providing an excellent education for the children in our community. At this time, the use of face masks, especially when people are indoors for extended periods of time and cannot guarantee adequate social distancing, has proven the best viable solution to keeping people from spreading and contracting COVID-19. Every week we learn more about this virus, how to treat it, and how to keep people from becoming infected.  We will continue to share what we learn with school corporation leaders in the coming months.”Dr. John Gryspeerdt,  Chief of Medical Staff, Margaret Mary Health stated, “The Batesville School Corporation has long enjoyed a well-deserved reputation of delivering exemplary education to our youth.  Thanks to the strong leadership of local BCSC officials, this tradition will continue as we begin a new academic year this fall.  Especially in light of these turbulent times, the decision to reopen the classrooms next month will provide a welcomed boost in the quality of learning available to our students and to their morale.  Our community is craving a dampening of anxieties that only a thoughtful and deliberate attempt to return to normality offers. “last_img

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