I like to be entertained, says Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

first_img With that in mind this weekend’s encounter could well be described as Metallica versus muzak and while Klopp would not criticise Van Gaal’s approach, which has angered United fans, he insists it is not a way he can operate. “I am not too close with the news about Manchester United in the last week. The stories (going) around I am not interested in,” he said. “Louis van Gaal is one of the most successful managers in the world; he has a special idea of football and as an opponent you have to respect this. “I am a football fan and if I watch football I like to be entertained, it is one of the most important things in football. “You can celebrate big victories together, you have to go through big defeats together – that is what football is. “Between these two things you have to play football people want to talk about. “I didn’t like 3-3 too much against Arsenal (on Wednesday) but a lot of people liked it as there was a lot of action and goals and that is what football should be. “It would not be the same game if people went into the stadium and thought only about tactics and thought ‘This player has to move three yards left or four yards right’. The north-west rivals do battle at Anfield on Sunday and to many it is a clash of cultures; the Dutchman’s dour and dull tactics against the German’s all-out, high-energy game. One of Klopp’s most quoted comments likens his footballing style to heavy metal. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp needs to be entertained by football but accepts Manchester United counterpart Louis van Gaal has a different idea. Press Association “Football is not the most complicated game in the world. I like football because of the moments you can enjoy. “It is a different idea of football but I wouldn’t say we had the better idea.” Klopp has had his fair share of derbies in Germany but despite his suggestion this weekend’s will be a little bit like Dortmund versus Schalke he knows the reality is likely to be much different. Of the 47 Premier League clashes between the teams there has only ever been one goalless draw – in September 2005 – and there have been 16 red cards over that period of matches. The Reds boss knows there is a balance to be struck between passion and control and that all-out, attacking, 100mph football does not always prevail. “Obviously it is important for the table; we are close together and both teams need the points to stay close with the top teams,” he said. “But it is Manchester United. If we were 20 points in the lead of the whole table it would (still) be important. “That’s how I understand derbies. I love derbies. It’s the salt in the soup. They are the best matches to perform in. “You can be over-motivated, that’s possible, but the balance is always the most important thing. “In football everything is about timing and the right thing in the right moment. “If you don’t do the right thing in the right moment then you have to run more. You cannot solve it in a different way, you can only solve mistakes with your legs. “But you will not win against Manchester United because you run 145 miles. You have to make the right way and you have to defend well because they have brilliant players in the team.” last_img

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