I am just thankful, says Clive Atwell

first_img… returns home after successful surgeryGUYANESE boxer Clive Atwell has expressed his appreciation to all those who have supported and helped him on his road to recovery.Speaking at a press conference yesterday at the Georgetown Cricket Club pavilion, the boxer lauded the Guyana American Heritage Foundation, who was instrumental in helping him to get his second surgery.The boxer had his first surgery last October after fainting in the ninth round of his title fight against T&T-based Dexter Gonzales at the Giftland Mall. He was rushed to the hospital and doctors found that he had subdural hematomas haemorrhaging or simply put: bleeding in his head.His first successful surgery was done in Trinidad and Tobago but he was told after he needed a second surgery, which would cost G$5M. This prompted the fundraising process for the 27-year-old.A committee was formed to raise the funds for the boxer, who needed his second surgery within six months. His fundraising had taken him out of Guyana to the United States and with help he was able to raise the funds he needed.It was out of Guyana where he met Lady Ira Lewis from Guyana American Heritage Foundation who spearheaded the fundraising for Atwell while he was in New York. The boxer also expressed his thanks to this committee.According to Atwell, going into the second surgery, which he completed on August 18 at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in New York, the doctor informed him of the risk.“The doctor told me of the complications and risks – that there could be bleeding in the brain, and I would have an increased risk of seizures, since the medical timeline had passed. “I told him ‘doc, you do your part and my God will do the rest’,” he added.Atwell has said he is fully recovered and despite not being able to ever box again, he would be helping others follow their dreams in the sport.The boxer was also a guest speaker at UNESCO’s African Sports Summit where he was able to speak about his journey and everything he endured in an effort to give athletes across the region an inside look at the journey.“I was recently a speaker at UNESCO’s African Sports Summit and I was able to speak to many athletes but as for now I’ll be training persons in boxing, my time has come and gone and this is how I could help. I’ll help anyone, if they would want my help,” he added.The boxer plans to also go back to plumbing, since he was a Guyana Industrial Training Centre best graduating student in plumbing in 2004. Chronicle Sport was able to speak with his wife Altadi, who spoke about the entire progress.“For me, seeing him like this is bittersweet, knowing everything that we went through. Before the surgeries. I was the one who was caring for him round the clock and I gave up my job. I’m now opening my own business in documentation services,” Altadi stated.For the two, life has returned to normalcy and that is a blessing they both believe.last_img

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