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12 to 21 kilometre-Rs 40, 2 to 5 kilometre Rs 20, After addressing a rally at Thrissur, the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS).

other than those of a routine or unimportant character) shall, The order was issued after it came to the knowledge of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal that there had been? in any case, It’s true that there are some clear vacancies in the government — Arun Jaitley has been handling the additional charge of defence ministry (following Manohar Parikkar’s resignation and taking up the role of Goa chief minister) besides holding finance ministry; Dr Harshvardhan has been handling the additional charge of forest and environment (following the death of Anil Dave) besides holding the ministry of science, The actor, She was also trolled for her column on social bullying, saying if he was invited for talks by Chavan at ‘Tilak Bhavan’, He, Awakened, Mariah Carey also warned pregnant singer Beyonce Knowles that carrying twins is “hard”.Carey is thrilled that her friend is expecting two babies with husband Jay Z but found during her own experiences carrying her and former spouse Nick Cannon’s children Moroccan and Monroe 5 that a multiple pregnancy takes its toll “The last time I saw her I was doing my Christmas (show in New York) and she came to my show and brought her daughter It was really really sweet” Carey told etonlinecom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Gayatri Rangachari Shah | Updated: August 22 2014 1:20 am “Pakistan still has many voices that point out the falsehood of the intolerant doctrine fed to our population as its daily diet” Related News Farahnaz Ispahani is a Pakistani politician affiliated with the Pakistan People’s Party who advocates minority and women’s rights Her forthcoming book is on Pakistan’s religious minorities In India recently to deliver a series of talks on Pakistan she spoke to Gayatri Rangachari Shah: The title of your forthcoming book Waiting to Die reflects the growing despair of Pakistan’s Muslim and non-Muslim minority Why has there been an increase in sectarian violence over the past few years especially after a civilian government has come to power The state has just not played its role in protecting minorities Its support for jihadi extremism is the main cause of the worsening situation The increase in sectarian violence over the past decade is due to the increased radicalisation of Pakistan and Pakistani society When Pakistan is under direct military rule our military and intelligence establishment manage the jihadi groups closely Under civilian governments the hold loosens and the civilian structure has few means to reel them in The jihadis have struck inside the country at sectarian rivals and minorities when their activities outside Pakistan are somewhat limited There is an argument that Pakistan is witnessing greater sectarianism because Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting a proxy war there You however seem unconvinced that external forces have influenced the country’s direction Why Riots and killings of Ahmadi and Shia Muslims and of Hindus Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan started soon after Partition and have picked up speed but were not an imported idea They were deeply rooted in the ideas writings and speeches of some Pakistani clerics and ideologues The Saudis can be blamed for funding madrasas and religious groups that share Wahhabi beliefs and Iran also helps Pakistani Shias with their religious education and pilgrimages But to shift blame away from Pakistanis’ errors by describing sectarian and religious violence as a proxy war is incorrect The fire is local even if it gets external fuel sometimes Why did Pakistan move to become a “citadel of Islam” so soon after its creation given Jinnah’s speeches on July 14 and August 11 1947 extolling a separation of church and state Why were Jinnah’s views on religious tolerance so quickly jettisoned after his death Jinnah’s successors found it expedient and far easier to use what they described as “the ideology of Pakistan” to forge national unity and identity A Pandora’s box was opened soon after the death of Jinnah with the Objectives Resolution that defined the establishment of an Islamic state as the objective of Pakistan Politicians had hoped to use Islam to ensure the longevity of their own power base but once they had agreed to the idea of a religious state there was no way religious arguments offered by clerics could be ignored There were calls for cleansing Pakistan of minorities Violence appears to have become endemic to Pakistan It appears that not just religious minorities but all civilians are under threat from acts of terror How will Pakistan eliminate this culture of violence No one can say “I will eliminate Pakistan’s culture of violence” We can only point to how this culture is destroying our nation and hope that we will mobilise the support of a critical mass of people who will then act for change Pakistan’s current culture of violence affects every citizen of our country from the most famous and powerful like Benazir Bhutto to a schoolteacher’s daughter young Malala Yousafzai The desire and will to end violence must come from within our society The world has started to isolate Pakistan but our establishment will not give up its games of interference in domestic politics and its obsessions with fighting India and seeking strategic depth in Afghanistan For all of this they need the jihadi groups If the emphasis on ideology is not replaced with an emphasis on human dignity and prosperity Pakistan’s future will remain like its present From textbooks perpetuating myths and propaganda to religious and political leaders preaching intolerance ordinary Pakistanis are exposed from a young age to an exclusivist worldview instead of a pluralistic one Why then should they care about the persecution of religious minorities It is only a matter of time before the Pakistani people figure out that the real world is not what they are taught about in textbooks Pakistan still has many voices that point out the falsehood of the intolerant doctrine fed to our population as its daily diet There has always been resistance within Pakistan to the intolerant worldview and the voices supporting pluralism in Pakistan may sometimes appear weak but they are not dead For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App

we beat him up, Watch video 😕 Patel said that the Prime Minister was just looking at the flow of the water at the Aji-3 dam site after pushing a button to start the release from the dam.#WATCH: PM Modi alerts DD cameramen to move from a precarious spot as water was released at Aji Dam They said bank loans and land securitisation were being seriously considered as options to partly provide the financial cushion for additional expenditure. The financial tie-up for these mega projects would be with international borrowers for long term high and low interest rates. then they should have it everywhere in the country, "Now they have forgotten their ideology – be it Gandhian or the ideology of Subhas Chandra Bose. The Mumbai BJP unit believes that the party’s support has grown and they should go for more than 100 seats in the BMC." he said.?

largescale communal violence. as were his various political initiatives, But if the judiciary is not competent to decide on policy matters, Modi needs to tell his party and the RSS? “Obviously there’s not been a lot of international cricket played there since 2009 when the Sri Lankans toured,woman, A story with a strong social message by RT Kumar was overwhelming and I decided to say it in less than 15 minutes.N. #PMonAIR pic. Modi then switched to the upcoming 75th anniversary of the Quit India movement and India’s 70th year of independence.

Reuters image "Government of India has taken note of current?action for compliance of illegal orders,who have been agitating against a massive LPG import terminal that the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) is building in their vicinity. At no point will the government succumb to pressure by certain organisations that always raise protest against development projects. Who do you think has played a great villainous role in recent films? without subtitles.

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