Locomotory activity and behaviour of the Antarctic teleostNotothenia coriiceps

first_imgThe activity and behaviour of a free-living Antarctic fish,Notothenia coriiceps Richardson (formerlyN. neglecta), was investigated using a high-sensitivity, underwater TV camera at Signy Island, South Orkney Islands. Detailed observations of the 33 cm TL (total length) fish were made over a period of 6 d in austral summer (February 1992), for a total 69.5 h. Natural light at 2.5 m depth allowed viewing from 1 h before sunrise to 1 h after sunset. The fish stayed in a territory within 3 m of a small cave for >98% of the time, and made between 1 to 148 swims d-1, of which 92.5% were brief (<15 s) feeding attempts. On average, 1.7% of each day was engaged in locomotion, including 1.2% swimming and 0.5% manoeuvring. Swimming was generally slow, at 16 knots prevailed indicating that large waves reduced activity. A suspected diurnal activity rhythm was not statistically significant. The fish is an ambush-predator, and it took most of its prey from the water column but some off macroalgae or the seabed. Ventilation rate was slightly higher after activity, and peaked after an encounter with anotherN. coriiceps.last_img read more

Mite dispersal among the Southern Ocean Islands and Antarctica before the last glacial maximum

first_imgIt has long been maintained that the majority of terrestrial Antarctic species are relatively recent, post last glacial maximum, arrivals with perhaps a few microbial or protozoan taxa being substantially older. Recent studies have questioned this ‘recolonization hypothesis’, though the range of taxa examined has been limited. Here, we present the first large-scale study for mites, one of two dominant terrestrial arthropod groups in the region. Specifically, we provide a broad-scale molecular phylogeny of a biologically significant group of ameronothroid mites from across the maritime and sub-Antarctic regions. Applying different dating approaches, we show that divergences among the ameronothroid mite genera Podacarus, Alaskozetes and Halozetes significantly predate the Pleistocene and provide evidence of independent dispersals across the Antarctic Polar Front. Our data add to a growing body of evidence demonstrating that many taxa have survived glaciation of the Antarctic continent and the sub-Antarctic islands. Moreover, they also provide evidence of a relatively uncommon trend of dispersals from islands to continental mainlands. Within the ameronothroid mites, two distinct clades with specific habitat preferences ( marine intertidal versus terrestrial/supralittoral) exist, supporting a model of within-habitat speciation rather than colonization from marine refugia to terrestrial habitats. The present results provide additional impetus for a search for terrestrial refugia in an area previously thought to have lacked ice-free ground during glacial maxima.last_img read more

Mosman Oil and Gas to establish joint venture with Amadeus

first_img Image: Mosman Oil and Gas to establish joint venture with Amadeus. Photo: Courtesy of skeeze from Pixabay. Mosman Oil and Gas Limited (AIM: MSMN) the oil exploration, development and production company, has executed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and a Heads of Agreement (HOA) in respect to a potential Joint Venture for its Amadeus Project located in Central Australia.Mosman recently attended and participated in presentations in China on the invitation from the Northern Territory Government. The objective of the presentations was to seek joint venture funding on EP-145 in order to enable seismic work to be completed during the 2020 year and subsequently drill a well.The outcome is that Mosman has now executed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and a Heads of Agreement (HOA) with parties and the formal data review and detailed discussions will shortly be underway. The timetable for these discussions, which will include a site visit, will be firmed up in due course and following this and a data review in Sydney, we will then be able to determine the outcome.Mosman is awaiting confirmation of the extension of the permit and followed up with the relevant authorities, however Mosman has not been advised of a timeframe of when it will be granted.John W Barr, Chairman, said: “This is the first step in a potential Joint Venture for Mosman’s Amadeus Project. Site visits and detailed data reviews will now be arranged to progress the matter.“Mosman appreciates the assistance of the Northern Territory Government Departments who arranged the presentations and assisted in subsequent discussions and expresses its thanks for all concerned.” Source: Company Press Release Mosman recently attended and participated in presentations in China on the invitation from the Northern Territory Governmentlast_img read more

OUSU VP (Women) position survives referendum threat

first_imgA motion to hold a referendum onwhether the OUSU position of Vice-President (Women) should be kept has beenrejected by members of OUSU council. The referendum would have been held in 6thweek for female members of the University with the question “The positionVice-President (Women) should continue, yes or no?” The motion, which was put forwardby Helen Bagshaw from Balliol and Lorna Stevenson from Hertford was defeated byan overwhelming majority of council. Both declined to comment on the motion toCherwell.James Lamming, Merton JCRPresident, who was present at the meeting said the reasons for putting forwardthe motion appeared to be “to encourage consultation and discussion on whetherthe VP (Women) should still exist, rather than to call for its removal.”OUSU President Emma Norris said, “Themajor issue for rejection seemed to be the lack of consultation with those whomatter such as women’s officers and common rooms.” She said the reasons forcreating the post of VP (Women); “to fight discrimination and make provisionfor women in a male-dominated university” had not yet been dealt with andadded, “A simple yes or no doesn’t address all the responsibilities of the VP(Women) and opportunities for changing the post rather than getting rid of it.”Bex Wilkinson, a former VP(Women) said that she was “very glad that the motion was defeated,” and feltthe issue was raised because “people always want to change things about OUSUand, because OUSU is limited by money, there are always positions that peoplethink can be moved or got rid of.”Lamming said that he supporteddiscussion of OUSU’s various roles but said that “a referendum in the middle ofan election campaign would have simplified and trivialized the issue too much.” He continued, “More generally Isupport the role because a VP (Women) is much better qualified for a variety offemale welfare issues such as pregnancy, which I do not believe a male welfaresab [sabbatical officer] would be as approachable for.” He added that he was “pleasedthe motion did not pass”.Ellie Cumbo, the current VP(Women) believes that the motion was rejected because “there is still a strongrecognition in common rooms that the post is still necessary as long as womenremain in the minority at every level of Oxfordlife.” With regards to Bagshaw and Stevenson, Cumbo said, “I know that theirmotions were pure if a little naïve.” She said that she wants to “show studentshow valuable the position is” and move closer to a time when “the need forsomeone to campaign full-time on these issues will disappear.”ARCHIVE: 2nd week MT 2005last_img read more

Reminder – Get Out And Vote! Polls Are Open Until 8 p.m. Today…

first_imgElection Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6. Polls in Ocean City will be open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 6, 2017 for the Primary Election.The election includes races for governor, state Senate and General Assembly, county sheriff, surrogate and Board of Chosen Freeholders, as well as state committee members. See sample ballots for all Cape May County towns.See polling places for all wards and districts in Ocean City.last_img

Extraordinary rendition

first_imgThanks to our readers once more for their response to our caption competition last week. Kudos to Luke Bray of Finsbury Park in London for unmasking the systematic outrage perpetrated on gingerbread folk, with this entry: “The US administration admitted that the CIA’s coffee breaks had gone a little too far.”Seldom do humble gingerbread rights activists, such as ourselves, get the opportunity to right such a wrong. That is, until the gods toss us a bone, as they did this week when an invitation dropped on Stop the Week’s desk to attend the IDDBA bakery exhibition in Houston, Texas, in June. Organisers have lined up no less than George Dubya Bush as a keynote speaker the former president who, you could not fail to recall, was accused of approving some prisoner hospitality that could, at best, be described as ’unwelcoming’. Justifably tagged the ’Show of shows’ or should that be ’show trial of show trials’? – Stop the Week is drawing up its placards and booking the flights. The Justice for Gingerbread campaign starts here.last_img read more

Chicken sandwich venture to open first permanent site

first_imgFried chicken sandwich street-food outlet Butchies is to launch its first permanent site in London’s Camden Market later this month.Butchies’ Hatch will open on Wednesday, 21 September, serving fried buttermilk chicken sandwiches and a selection of specials and sides.Owned by Dublin-born Garrett FitzGerald and his wife Emer, Butchies has gained a significant following on social media and currently trades at Broadway Market in the capital every Saturday, where it was established two years ago.It was voted one of London’s top three street food outfits by Time Out readers in 2015, and has catered for large private events for brands such as Nike, Heineken and Southern Comfort, as well as for the cast and crew of last year’s blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.The menu at Butchies’ Hatch will offer four free-range chicken sandwiches, all served in soft butter-toasted buns:The signature Dale Cooper (named after Twin Peaks’ cult hero detective), which features pickles and Butchies’ homemade garlic & fresh herb aioli (£7); Calvin Wagstaff, which comes with pickles, Red Leicester cheese dripping & American sriracha (£8); Clarice Starling, served with buffalo sauce, blue cheese slaw & pickles (£8); and Clancy Wiggum, smoked streaky bacon, guacamole & smoked chilli mayo (£9). For vegetarians, Butchies will serve the Margot Tenenbaum, which comes with fried halloumi, guacamole & smoked chilli mayo (£7).FitzGerald is working with restaurant consultant Adam Hyman, whose company CODE Hospitality has invested in Butchies and will advise on its future fundraising and brand development.last_img read more

Soundboard Recording Of 1984 Jerry Garcia Band New Hampshire Show Surfaces Online

first_imgYesterday, a remastered recording of Jerry Garcia Band‘s classic August 13, 1984 performance at the Club Casino Ballroom surfaced online. In addition to Garcia on guitar and vocals, the recording features bassist John Kahn, keyboardist Melvin Seals, drummer David Kemper, and vocalists Gloria Jones and Jaclyn LaBranch. Frequently referred to as one of the strongest Jerry Garcia Band shows ever, the performance features fantastic performances of Bob Dylan‘s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,” Lee Dorsey‘s “Get Out Of My Life Woman,” and one of the most powerful renditions of “Sugaree” every performed (by The Grateful Dead, JGB, or otherwise).You can listen to the newly uploaded recording below thanks to John Rivers (taping) and Scott Medeiros (mastering), via Chris from Jam Buzz on YouTube:Setlist: Jerry Garcia Band | Club Casino Ballroom | Hampton Beach, NH | 8/13/84SET 1: Cats Under The Stars, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, I Second That Emotion, Mississippi Moon, Tangled Up In BlueSET 2: Sugaree, Run For The Roses, Get Out Of My Life Woman, Midnight MoonlightENCORE: Rhapsody In Red[h/t – JamBuzz]last_img read more

Russia, US exchange documents to extend nuclear pact

first_imgMOSCOW (AP) — The Kremlin says Russia and the United States have exchanged documents to extend their last remaining nuclear arms control pact days before it is set to expire. A Kremlin readout of a phone call between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said the two leaders voiced satisfaction with the move to extend the New START treaty. The extension doesn’t require congressional approval in the U.S., but Russian lawmakers must ratify it. Members of the Kremlin-controlled parliament said they would fast-track the issue and complete the necessary steps this week. New START expires on Feb. 5. After taking office last week, Biden proposed extending the treaty for five years.last_img read more

Drug Legalization Debate Heats Up in Mexico

first_imgBy Dialogo December 14, 2012 Even when a feared drug lord lied dead in a funeral home, Mexican authorities could not prevent the cartel kingpin from slipping away. Mexican marines scored big against the powerful Zetas criminal gang when they killed their boss Heriberto Lazcano in a gunfight in northern Mexico on October 7. But instead of basking in a key victory in the drug war, authorities faced a new embarrassment when gunmen stormed the funeral home hours later and spirited away the body. The death-and-disappearing act summed up a year of successes overshadowed by failures in Latin America’s drug war, which took more capos off the streets but was unable to stop trafficking to the United States. Lazcano was among 25 of the 37 most wanted drug capos who were either killed or captured during Calderon’s administration. The government also dealt a huge blow against the once powerful Gulf Cartel when it caught its leader, Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez, alias “El Coss,” in September. But Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the country’s most wanted man and chief of the most powerful gang, the Sinaloa cartel, remained on the run a decade after he escaped from prison in a laundry basket. The death toll surpassed 60,000 in Mexico over the past six years, experts say, with cartels dismembering enemies or hanging them from bridges. At the same time, a debate heated up across the region on whether governments need to change the US-backed strategy, or even legalize drugs. “I think we are headed toward full-scale legalization, at least of marijuana, in the long-term, but it will be a slow march,” David Shirk, director of the Trans-Border Institute at California’s University of San Diego, said. The US states of Washington and Colorado voted in November to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who opposes legalization, told Time magazine that the votes open a debate “about the course the drug war should be taking.” The US military stepped up its involvement in the anti-drug battle, deploying vessels and aircraft to stop trafficking along Central America as part of the multi-national Operation Martillo (Hammer). Around 200 Marines were sent to Guatemala to provide communications support and aircraft. While cocaine, crystal meth, heroin and marijuana continued to flow into the United States, the cartels maintained their campaign of terror, cutting their enemies to pieces and hanging men and women from highway bridges. In another example of the brutality in May, authorities discovered 49 dismembered bodies in black plastic bags on a roadside near the northern industrial city of Monterrey. A note signed by the Zetas was found at the scene. But the Trans-Border Institute said violence fell in key parts of the country, notably in Ciudad Juárez, once known as the world’s murder capital, which could translate into a drop in the overall number of drug-related murders this year.last_img read more