Premature end to US state lockdowns could cause needless death, Fauci tells senators

first_imgHe mentioned a slowing in the growth of cases in hotspots such as New York, even as other areas of the country were seeing spikes.New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at his daily briefing that his state alone needed $61 billion in federal stimulus to help reopen its economy. He called on Congress and Trump to support legislation that would address funding gaps, a problem he stressed was dogging Republican and Democratic governors.”This economy has been damaged through no fault of anyone,” said Cuomo, a Democrat. “But to get this economy back up again and running, we are going to need an intelligent stimulus bill from Washington.”Some states already have begun reopening their economies and others have announced plans to phase that in beginning in mid-May, even as opinion polls show most Americans are concerned about resuming such operations too soon.New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said on Tuesday that he intended to announce some tentative moves toward reopening even thought his state, by some measures, is currently the most serious coronavirus danger zone in the United States.Restrictions currently in place allow only essential services to operate. Murphy said any changes would be incremental and determined by progress in curbing the spread of the virus.Cordial Tuesday’s Senate hearing was more cordial than many of Congress’s undertakings in recent years, with members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee addressing the non-partisan health experts politely.Democrats on the committee largely concentrated on the risks of opening the US economy now, while Republicans downplayed that notion, saying a prolonged shutdown could have serious negative impacts on human health and the health of the economy.Asked whether college students can feel safe if classes resume on campuses in August or September, Fauci said that expecting a treatment or vaccine to be in place by then would be “a bridge too far.”Instead, schools and students would have to depend upon expanded testing for coronavirus, tracing of those who have been in contact with infected people and safe hygiene practices, witnesses said.The COVID-19 respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus has infected more than 1.3 million Americans and killed more than 80,600.Fauci, 79, testified remotely in a room lined with books as he self-quarantines after he may have come into contact with either of two members of the White House staff who were diagnosed with COVID-19.Medical researchers have been scrambling to find not only an effective vaccine for coronavirus but also drugs to treat it until a vaccine comes to market.Fauci noted only “modest” results in tests of Gilead Sciences Inc’s remdesivir drug on hospitalized patients.”All roads back to work and back to school run through testing and that what our country has done so far on testing is impressive, but not nearly enough,” Lamar Alexander, the Republican chairman of the Senate committee, told the hearing.Alexander, who is self-quarantining in his home state of Tennessee for 14 days after a member of his staff tested positive, chaired the hearing virtually.Trump, who previously made the strength of the economy central to his pitch for his November re-election, has encouraged states to reopen businesses that had been deemed non-essential amid the pandemic.Senator Patty Murray, the senior committee Democrat, criticizing aspects of the administration’s response to the pandemic, said Americans “need leadership, they need a plan, they need honesty and they need it now, before we reopen.”Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who has clashed with Trump in the past, did so again on Tuesday, when he said during the hearing, “I find our testing record nothing to celebrate whatsoever.” He urged states to follow health experts’ recommendations to wait for signs, including a declining number of new infections, before reopening.President Donald Trump has been encouraging states to end a weeks-long shuttering of major components of their economies. But senators heard a sobering assessment from Fauci, when asked by Democrats about a premature opening of the economy.”There is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak that you may not be able to control and, in fact paradoxically, will set you back, not only leading to some suffering and death that could be avoided, but could even set you back on the road to try to get economic recovery,” Fauci said of premature steps.The veteran doctor, who has worked under Republican and Democratic administrations and is a coronavirus adviser to the current White House, noted progress some in the fight against a virus that the medical world is still trying to understand. Topics :center_img Leading US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci on Tuesday warned Congress that a premature lifting of lockdowns could lead to additional outbreaks of the deadly coronavirus, which has killed 80,000 Americans and brought the economy to its knees.Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told a US Senate panel that the virus epidemic is not yet under control in areas of the nation.”I think we’re going in the right direction, but the right direction does not mean we have by any means total control of this outbreak,” Fauci said during the 3-1/2-hour hearing.last_img read more

SoftBank-backed Lemonade raises $319 million in IPO

first_imgThe IPO values Lemonade at $1.6 billion. That is less than the $2.1 billion it was valued at last year, after it raised $300 million in a funding round led by Japan’s SoftBank and which included insurer Allianz SE and Alphabet Inc’s venture capital arm GV. Lemonade has pursued breakneck revenue growth at the expense of widening losses.SoftBank owns a 27.3 percent stake in Lemonade.Lemonade, started in late 2016, says it has digitized the entire insurance process, replacing brokers and paperwork with algorithms. It says it provides insurance policies to homeowners and renters in as little as 90 seconds and claim payments in three minutes.The company will list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “LMND” on Thursday.Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Allen & Co and Barclays are the managing bookrunners for the offering.Topics : Insurance startup Lemonade Inc, which is backed by SoftBank Group Corp said it raised US$319 million in its US initial public offering.Lemonade is the latest company to capitalize on the sharp recovery in US investor appetite for new stocks following the coronavirus outbreak. On Tuesday, US business analytics firm Dun & Bradstreet Holdings Inc raised $1.7 billion in its IPO after it sold more stock than expected and at a price above its indicated range.Lemonade priced 11 million shares at $29 per share, the company said in a statement. The indicated price range earlier on Wednesday was raised to between $26 and $28 per share. Lemonade had previously guided for the offering to be priced between $23 and $26 per share.last_img read more

Neighbour gifts house in will

first_imgEnlisting Megan’s brother John Daniel to renovate the home, the couple have put in a brand new kitchen and bathroom. The new kitchen. There is only one bathroom but it is a stunner.They have polished the original timber floorboards, repainted inside, put on a deck to capitalise on city views and enclosed the downstairs laundry. The deck with city views.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus10 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market10 hours agoMr McIlwain said he believed Ms Ross would be proud of the result.“My favourite part of the house is the charm of it, and the features that were put in the house in the 1920s: the picture walls and panel ceilings and panel walls and of course the city views that are breathtaking.” The lounge room with chandelier and original features.And while it is hoped a young family will claim the property, Mr McIlwain will forever be grateful to the elderly neighbour who was adopted by his family.“I think that’s one of the beautiful things about it, we got to teach our kids respect for elders, and a sense of community and social obligation of looking after the needs of others,” he said.The house is being sold through David Moore of RE/MAX First Residential, Coorparoo. This three-bedroom house at 31 Sylvia St, Camp Hill is for sale now.WHEN Shirley Ross passed away at the age of 89, she gave her home to the only family she had, her neighbours. The house as it looked in 1999. Picture: CoreLogic.Now after an extensive renovation, the house at 31 Sylvia St, Camp Hill, is on the market for the first time.“Shirley was born in the front room of that house in 1929 and it’s stood proudly ever since,” said Tim McIlwain who lives next door with his wife Megan and six children. MORE REAL ESTATE STORIESlast_img read more

Pill testing ‘green lights’ deadly ecstasy says Aussie campaigner as Kiwi defends tests

first_imgTVNZ One News 7 October 2019Family First Comment: “Only 11 deaths within Australia have been from other deadly drugs that have been mixed with ecstasy. And yet pill testing green lights ecstasy which has been responsible for, we estimate, about 300 deaths within Australia. So when they’re green lighting the very substance which is killing everybody here within Australia [testing] doesn’t make any sense at all.”Exactly!A New Zealand music festival drug tester says testing could have prevented three concert-goers being taken to hospital critically ill in Auckland on Friday night. “Only 11 deaths within Australia have been from other deadly drugs that have been mixed with ecstasy. And yet pill testing green lights ecstasy which has been responsible for, we estimate, about 300 deaths within Australia. He said after doing pill testing “quietly” for five years, “we’ve got great evidence to show that we are changing how people behave with respect to drugs, that we are giving them good advice on how to stay safe and they are following that advice and being more respectful around drugs”. “And if you generalise that over 25 years – allowing for a bit of a decline before 2010 then accelerating after that – it’s around the 300 mark that we estimate have died form ecstasy, not from other drugs. There are 11 deaths form other drugs like N-BOMe or PMA, and most of them from ecstasy.” But Gary Christian of Drug Free Australia said he opposes drug testing at festivals, “simply because drug testing is always looking for drugs that mostly don’t exist”. “So when they’re green lighting the very substance which is killing everybody here within Australia [testing] doesn’t make any sense at all.” Mr Christian said Australia does everything “to facilitate drug use in this country”. Jez Watson of Know Your Stuff NZ told tonight’s programme drug testing would give preventing hospitalisations “a damn good go” and that’s why his group goes to festivals. But Drug Free Australia says pill testing gives the green light to ecstasy which has been responsible for an estimated 300 deaths across the Tasman. NZ First Law and Order spokesperson Darroch Ball says his party won’t support the law change needed because testing would only “legitimise and encourage drug use”. Mr Christian said the estimated 300 deaths is “a bit of an eyebrow raiser” but a 2010 study based on a five-year period showed 82 MDMA, or ecstasy, deaths, 16 per year on average in Australia. TVNZ1’s Q+A reports New Zealand First has upset the plan of its coalition partner Labour to allow drug testing at music festivals this summer. “We provide needle exchange programmes. We have methadone with people on that for up to 40 years, we have injecting rooms. This is facilitating drug use, this is not prohibition in any real shape or form. It’s not serious.” Asked what alternative way should drug use be treated in Australia and New Zealand, he said, “I think we’ve got to get serious about prevention. Harm reduction has not been working well for us in either country.” Mr Christian called for education on the effects ecstasy has on health.READ MORE: read more

Marijuana Edibles: A Recipe for Trouble?

first_imgParent Map 1 March 2017Family First Comment: Be warned, New Zealand“While today’s teens are less likely to use tobacco or drink, youth marijuana use is creeping up. Washington’s most recent Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) showed decreasing alcohol and tobacco use with teens two times more likely to use marijuana than smoke cigarettes. One in five high school sophomores and one in four high school seniors reported marijuana use in the past month. Marijuana edibles look like supermarket products, and there’s no smoke, so kids can use them without adults catching on. Even though pot edibles, like all marijuana products in Washington state, are legally off-limits to the under-21 crowd, acquiring the treats is no problem for kids… Because the THC in an edible marijuana product can take an hour or two after ingestion to take effect, overdosing is all too easy, says Liebelt. Kids may eat a piece of candy and feel no effect, so they’ll eat another piece 20 minutes later. Within a couple of hours, they could be feeling sicker than they’ve ever felt, or worse — they could lose consciousness.”Teens looking to catch a buzz after an Eastside high school’s recent winter tolo dance were met with a little less smoke and a lot more sugar. Instead of joints and cigarettes, marijuana edibles — mostly candies and cookies — were pocketed and slipped into the dance and after-parties, often without raising suspicion among supervising adults, says 17-year-old Hannah, a junior at the school. “That was the main way I heard about parties going down,” she says. “It’s a very recent trend. [Pot] has always been around, but this seems much more prevalent.”It’s easy to understand why: Marijuana edibles look like supermarket products, and there’s no smoke, so kids can use them without adults catching on. Even though pot edibles, like all marijuana products in Washington state, are legally off-limits to the under-21 crowd, acquiring the treats is no problem for kids, says Hannah.In her experience, many kids get edibles from older siblings or college-age friends, most of whom purchase them at one of Seattle’s many retail pot establishments. Since the state’s first recreational marijuana shops opened in 2014, the state has granted nearly 1,000 producer licenses and almost 500 retail licenses, making pot truly mainstream.The new drug of choiceWhile today’s teens are less likely to use tobacco or drink, youth marijuana use is creeping up. Washington’s most recent Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) showed decreasing alcohol and tobacco use with teens two times more likely to use marijuana than smoke cigarettes. One in five high school sophomores and one in four high school seniors reported marijuana use in the past month.It’s important to note that the HYS indicates fewer teens believe marijuana to be harmful, says Liz Wilhelm, M.S., of the Adolescent Medicine division at Seattle Children’s Hospital’s and the drug-free communities coordinator with the Prevention Works in Seattle (WINS) Coalition. “As beliefs about perceived harm go down, use goes up,” says Wilhelm.If teens don’t believe marijuana is harmful, it’s likely because adults don’t, either. A majority of Seattleites voted to legalize recreational pot in 2012, making it clear that we don’t object to pot-related relaxation for adults. But kids’ bodies and brains differ from those of adults, and tolerance for marijuana products varies widely among youths, says Dr. Erica Liebelt, medical director for the Washington Poison Center (WAPC).READ MORE: read more

Indiana Chamber calls for state superintendent changes

first_imgState Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz.INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Chamber of Commerce is seeking some major changes to how the state schools superintendent is selected.State chamber leaders issued its priorities for the upcoming legislative session asking to have the superintendent position become Governor-appointed beginning in 2016.It is currently an elected post held by Glenda Ritz, a Democrat. Indiana voters chose Ritz in 2012 over education incumbent Tony Bennett.Indiana Governor Mike Pence, a Republican, and Ritz have had well-noted differences in the past year.last_img read more

Summer Gold Outings

first_imgMost high schools in our area will be holding one or two golf outings this summer to help support their high school athletes.  Most of these events are held so that the money they raise can be used to purchase things such as uniforms and equipment that schools cannot use taxpayer money to buy.If your school holds one of these this summer and you are able to compete in them, please do so.  If you are not a golfer, there are other ways to help support these events, such as a hole sponsorship.  Get involved if at all possible.last_img read more

IMCA Modifieds delivering something different for River Cities Speedway fans

first_imgGRAND FORKS, N.D. – Promoters at River Cities Speedway were looking for a new class of race car to bring to Grand Forks this summerTheir interest sparked by officials from neighboring tracks, they decided on the IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds.The sanctioned division headlines Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27 shows during the Grand Forks County Fair. IMCA Modifieds return for Friday shows on the 1/3-mile clay oval Aug. 14 and Sept. 18. “We like to do some different things here every year,” explained Darren Evavold, long-time co-promoter at Grand Forks with Linus Mack, Don Mack, Wayne Anderson and Rick Rea. “We have talked with our neighboring tracks about the IMCA Modifieds and I think they’ll satisfy our fans looking for something different.” Kevin Nathe at Buffalo River Race Park and Jake Bitker at Norman County Raceway both gave enthusiastic thumbs up to the idea. The three tracks are working together to avoid scheduling conflicts. IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National and Belleville Motorsports North Central Region points will be awarded for all events at River Cities Speedway.“We’re pleased to be part of these programs at River Cities Speedway,” IMCA Director of Track Relations Jim Stannard said. “These events are great opportunities for our drivers to race at an outstanding track.”last_img read more

MMH makes request for face masks

first_imgBatesville, IN—With the daily increased need for personal protective equipment in the health care system during the pandemic, like face masks, Margaret Mary Health is seeking out anyone with a sewing machine and the ability to sew to help make cloth face masks for its patients and their families. If you’re able to help, start by watching a brief instructional video by clicking here or view printable instructions by clicking here.  In Batesville, completed masks can be dropped off at Miss Shannon’s Music Studio between noon to 5 PM. In Versailles, donations can be dropped off at The Quilter’s Nook, 82 Hill Street. Due to the Governor’s ordinance, the shop will be closed but masks can be placed in a dropbox. Masks can also be dropped off at one of three MMH locations accepting donations at MMH Main Campus, Health Center of Brookville and Health Center of Osgood. MMH asks that you please place the masks in the appropriately-marked bin.For volunteers who have already made face masks that don’t follow the specifications outlined in the instructions, donations are still appreciated.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Mary Dickey at read more

GOtv Boxing Night 20: Organisers promise to provide adequate security, ease traffic control

first_imgRelatedPosts Edo governorship election begins amid massive security, movement restriction Katsina spent over N4.27b on security in six years – SSG At AQABA Process meeting, Buhari highlights nexus between COVID-19 and security Organisers of GOtv Boxing Night 20 have assured fans going to the event on Saturday at the Tafawa Balewa Square of adequate security and effective traffic control. The event, which has its theme: “Boxing Jams Music”, will have nine fights, the biggest bout being the World Boxing Federation (WBF) Intercontinental Heavyweight title fight between Onoriode “Godzilla” Ehwariemi of Nigeria and Ariel “Chiquito” Baracamonte of Argentina. It will also feature live musical performances from “Bolanle” crooner, Zlatan; “Up to something” singer, Mayorkun, “Mercy of the Lord” performer, Oritsefemi, TClassic  and fuji rave, Sule Alao Malaika Speaking on the arrangement, Jenkins Alumona, Managing Director, Flykite Promotions, organisers of the event, explained that security is considered as a priority for the success of the event. He added that necessary arrangements have been put in place to ensure the safety of the boxers, performing artistes, fans and officials at the event venue. “The December edition of GOtv Boxing Night is always a special one as we have a tradition of fusing boxing and music together. All previous editions of this special show have been successful and we are working hard to ensure that this year’s own is no different. “To that effect, adequate security and traffic management arangements in and around the event venue,” Alumona said. GOtv Boxing Night 20 will also feature three other title fights. They are the West African Boxing Union lightweight title bout between defending champion, Rilwan “Real One” Oladosu of Nigeria, and Ezekiel Anan of Ghana; the WABU welterweight title bout between the reigning champion, Nigeria’s Rilwan “Baby Face” Babatunde and Ghana’s Sanitor Agbenyo; and a national bantamweight title bout between Sadiq Adeleke and Opeyemi “Sense” Adeyemi. Taiwo “Esepo” Agbaje will take on Olusegun Moses in a national featherweight challenge, Ridwan “Scorpion” Oyekola will square up against Sikiru “Omo Iya Eleja” Shogbesan in a national super featherweight contest, reigning national champion, Adewale “Masevex” Masebinu, will face Olanrewaju Segun in a national light heavyweight fight, while Alaba “Eylbow” Omotola and Bolaji “fight to Finish” Abdullahi will go head-to-head in a national lightweight challenge. There is also an all-female clash as Cynthia “Omo Bobby” Ogunsemilore will take on Aminat Yekini in a national super featherweight challenge. The best boxer at the show will win a cash prize of N1million alongside the Mojisola Ogunsanya Memorial Trophy. GOtv Boxing Night 20 will be shown live on Africa’s premium sports broadcaster, SuperSport, to viewers in 49 countries.Tags: GOtv Boxing NightsecurityZlatanlast_img read more