Mays relationship with EU was often rocky

BRUSSELS — As British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her departure with a Brexit plan nowhere near success, European Union leaders offered kind words. But it was quite another matter during the years of negotiations with the bloc that often produced exasperation, miscommunication and even some ridicule of her.EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, whose office led the Brexit negotiations, on Friday called May “a woman of courage for whom he has great respect,” saying he watched her resignation speech “without personal joy.”And Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said: “I just want to express my full respect for Theresa May and for her determination.”But they expressed plenty of frustration during the rocky ride that May engineered over nearly three years that saw good relations go sour.After the U.K.’s 2016 referendum in which voters decided to leave the EU, officials in Europe complained that May waited almost a year to begin the negotiations and that her team was ill-prepared for the task and later turned on her after failing to make progress. They were dismayed after she called a general election in June 2017 to bolster her Conservative Party’s numbers to help the negotiations, only to lose its majority and weaken her government. That made her beholden to special Northern Ireland interests that complicated the talks.Perhaps the lowest point came in September 2018 at Salzburg Castle when EU president Donald Tusk publicly mocked her for being too greedy in the negotiations.“A piece of cake, perhaps? Sorry, no cherries,” Tusk wrote in an Instagram photo of him offering May a dessert tray. It was a withering, undiplomatic jibe that accused her of cherry-picking the best parts of EU legislation while discarding what she disliked.Two months after Salzburg, May somehow agreed to a withdrawal agreement that included enough guarantees for Ireland that all 27 member states could live with it.In December, May apparently misinterpreted a comment by Juncker at an EU summit in Brussels and tempers frayed. She confronted him, seething, “What did you call me? You called me ‘nebulous?’”Juncker was seen shaking his head, apparently replying: “No I didn’t.”But then came the shock for Europe that May could not sell the deal to her own Conservative Party, failing three times to get it through Parliament.Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, while saying he respected May but not British politics, compared her to the hapless Black Knight in a Monty Python sketch. The knight has both arms and legs cut off, but still refuses to surrender and tells his opponent to call it a draw.On Friday, May announced that she will step down as Conservative Party leader June 7, which will trigger a contest to choose a successor who will try to complete Brexit as the next British prime minister.After her speech, Rutte didn’t mention the Black Knight but instead expressed his “thanks and respect for Theresa May.”He did add however that “the deal between the EU and the United Kingdom for an orderly Brexit remains on the table.”EU leaders could soon look back longingly at the May era.One possible successor, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, in 2016 compared the EU’s aims to those of Adolf Hitler, arguing the bloc was trying to create a superstate that mirrors the attempt of the Nazi leader to dominate the European continent. At the time, Tusk called the comment “absurd.”Barnier, the EU negotiator, refused to contemplate what the future would hold if Johnson or any other pro-Brexit politician became the next prime minister.“What could happen now? Let me just clearly say here in Brussels that it is for the U.K. to decide. Nobody else.” he said.If a new prime minister withdraws Britain from the EU without an orderly transition plan, there could be high economic costs for all involved.“It now means we enter a new phase when it comes to Brexit and a phase that may be a very dangerous one,” said Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.“Whatever happens, we are going to hold our nerve,” Varadkar said.___Associated Press writer Lorne Cook contributed.___Follow AP’s full coverage of Brexit at: Casert, The Associated Press read more

TD trims mortgage rates after RBC Scotiabank and BMO do the same

TORONTO — Another big Canadian bank has lowered some of its mortgage rates slightly after an initial reduction by the Royal Bank over the weekend.[np_storybar title=”How factory-built homes are shedding their ‘cheap’ label and exploding in popularity” link=””%5DMost new homes are built stick by stick, brick by brick, by a construction crew on-site, but a growing number of Canadians are buying homes right off the factory floor to be assembled on the lot within daysContinue reading [/np_storybar]TD Canada Trust now has a posted discounted rate of 3.69% for its five-year fixed mortgages, down from the rate of 3.79% that had been in effect since August.The bank has also made changes to several of its other closed rates.TD said in a an email it reviews its rates on an ongoing basis to “remain competitive and provide our customers with flexible mortgage options and the right rate to meet their individual needs.”The move comes after RBC lowered its rates on several fixed-rate mortgages over the weekend by 10 basis points, bringing its special offer five-year closed rate to 3.69%.Bank of Montreal and Scotiabank followed Tuesday.Scotiabank lowered its discounted five-year closed fixed term mortgage 10 basis points to 3.49% on its website Tuesday, down from 3.59% posted on the site Monday.BMO, meanwhile, lowered a number of its rates between 10 and 20 basis points, including its discounted five-year fixed rate to 3.69% from 3.89%. read more

Port City officially informed it can resume work from today

The Government today officially informed Chinese investors of resuming the construction of the multi billion dollar Port City project in the capital, one year after its suspension, the Xinhua news agency reported.The Ministry of Ports and Shipping, in an official letter to the CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd, said that the company could resume the construction of the project immediately. “Accordingly the suspension effected by my letter dated March 6, 2015, is hereby withdrawn with effect from today (Monday),” the ministry said in the letter. The 1.4 billion dollar project which will be the first of its kind in South Asia began construction adjacent to the Galle Face Green and near the Colombo Harbour in September 2014 under the previous government.However, it was suspended by the new government of President Maithripala Sirisena in March last year, six months after it began construction. The new government said that the project needed to be reviewed. “At its meeting held on March 9, 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval for the project to resume immediately,” the letter said. The Port City is expected to boost the local economy by generating millions of dollars upon its completion and generate over 80,000 jobs. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that the island nation will have a “unique financial and business district” in Colombo when the Port City resumes work.The project includes a marina and yacht club, a central boulevard, a sea view apartment complex and a five-star hotel, shopping and entertainment center, office space, a mini golf course, and many other modern facilities.The Port City is also vital in the government’s megapolis development program which was launched this year and is set to transform the capital and its suburbs in the coming years. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Thailand to seek approval to sign FTA with Sri Lanka

The talks are likely to start with trade in goods and may proceed in tandem with the strategic partnership talks. According to the preliminary survey, Sri Lanka desperately needs Thai investment in agro-industrial business, gems and jewellery, tourism, consumer products and electronics.  (Colombo Gazette) Sri Lanka is seen as an interesting market in South Asia, given its healthy economic growth average of 6.5% over the last five years, its strategic connectivity to China’s One Belt One Road and FTAs signed with several South Asian nations such as India and Pakistan. Thailand says it is keen to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Sri Lanka and will seek cabinet approval for the negotiations.Auramon Supthaweethum, Director-General of the Trade Negotiations Department in Thailand told the Bangkok Post that Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak plans to sign an FTA with Sri Lanka, as he expects the South Asian country will become a key trading partner. Supthaweethum said the negotiators have already completed an in-depth study of the Sri Lankan FTA. The Commerce Ministry needs to request cabinet approval before starting any talks with Sri Lanka. read more

Fréchette urges ministers to press harder for gains in water sanitation and

Deputy Secretary-General Louise Fréchette today urged a high-level United Nations meeting on development to push harder for poor countries struggling to meet internationally agreed target dates for clean water, basic sanitation and decent housing.”It would be tragic and shameful if, come 2015, we find ourselves scrambling to explain our failure,” she told the ministerial segment of the thirteenth UN Commission on Sustainable Development.With millions of lives at stake, the international community has a responsibility to be bold and innovative – “do whatever we can” – to support Governments in their efforts to meet these needs and build safe, health and prosperous communities, she stressed.The Commission is the key UN forum bringing together countries to consider ways to integrate the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic growth, social development and environmental protection. Two years ago, the 53-member panel approved a multi-year work plan featuring different thematic clusters of issues for each cycle. This year’s policy session is discussing water, sanitation and human settlements.”You bear a heavy burden,” Ms. Fréchette said, “for it is in this Commission, more than anywhere else in the United Nations system…that the imperatives of global economic growth, poverty reduction and ecosystem protection meet.”With the General Assembly’s high-level review of the Millennium Declaration set for mid-September, the Commission should strive to identify where cooperation to provide clean water, adequate sanitation and better housing can be strengthened, and how, she said.The ministers should be guided in their efforts by Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s comprehensive report, “In Larger Freedom,” which calls for accelerated efforts to enable poor countries to break out of their poverty traps, as well as the just-released “Millennium Ecosystem Assessment,” another warning signal about the perils of continuing the current, unsustainable course of human activities.Ms. Fréchette added that governments should take advantage of the just launched “Water for Life” Decade to raise awareness, mobilize resources and help community-based organizations build up their expertise. “Every step of the way, we should be working with women’s organizations, water user’s associations, indigenous peoples and others, to tap the reservoir of knowledge and blend it with the best expertise that scientists, engineers and business people can offer.”With the Commission’s policy deliberations drawing to a close at week’s end, she urged the participants to keep in mind that millions of lives were at stake. As more and more families laboured to provide drinking water for their children or lived a precarious existence in slums, it would be irresponsible to pretend that any improvements could be made without mobilizing additional resources.”[But] it is not impossible to reach the goals we have set for ourselves, if only we collectively focus our minds, energies and our resources on what needs to be done,” she said.Speaking later Wednesday at a working luncheon, Ms. Fréchette said the September review of the Millennium Declaration would not be credible or complete if it did not address climate change, loss of biodiversity and other issues that were at the heart of the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development.Without conservation of water and proper management of water resources, food production could plummet, jeopardizing the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of people who suffer from extreme hunger. Without convenient access to water, girls would find little respite from spending hours every day fetching that vital resource, and would have little time for education, the focus of another key development goal. And if the squalor of slum life could not be relieved, already overcrowded cities would become more poverty and disease-ridden.“The stage is set for Member States to act,” she said, “time is of the essence.” The “Millennium Ecosystem Assessment” released last month made it all too clear that people had not come to grips with the impacts many activities were having on ecosystems and natural resources. “This Commission can help guide us to policies and practices that will help us chart a new, more sustainable course,” she said. read more

UN says Palestinian refugees from Syria face increasingly grave situation region wide

“We acknowledge the enormous efforts of neighbouring countries to provide refuge to Palestine refugees and the security challenges they face, but we are receiving increasing reports of Palestine refugees from Syria finding it difficult to seek refuge in countries in the region including Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt as well as in Europe,” Mr. Gunness said. This forces the already vulnerable Palestinian population to take life threatening risks, such as attempting to escape by boat on the Mediterranean, often with tragic consequences, Mr. Gunness explained. Lebanon has provided refuge to 44,000 Palestine refugees from Syria since the conflict began. However, on 4 May, the Lebanese authorities returned 41 Palestine Refugees from Syria to Syria who were arrested at the airport for holding forged visas to third countries. “At the same time, border restrictions were tightened, effectively denying Palestine Refugees from Syria entry to Lebanon, including humanitarian cases and those seeking reunification with their families,” said Mr. Gunness. In September, Lebanese authorities afforded Palestine Refugees from Syria the opportunity to extend expired visas free of charge for 3 months, while Syrians were given six months. But it is unclear what happens after their visas expire. Many Palestine refugees continue to have irregular status in Lebanon which makes it difficult to access social services and receive civil documentation. Meanwhile, there are currently almost 15,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria registered with UNRWA in Jordan. But shortly after the first Palestinian refugees were admitted, the Government of Jordan barred further entry for Palestine Refugees from Syria. “In 2014, UNRWA has been made aware of 106 cases of involuntary deportations of Palestine refugees from Jordan to Syria, many of which have been children and women,” Mr. Gunness explained. “This is likely a conservative estimate of the number forced back,” he added. With the border effectively closed, it is also not possible to know how many Palestinian refugees in Syria have been prevented from fleeing the country to Jordan. Palestine refugees are exposed to the risk of refoulement (or “forced return”) and endure a considerable degree of insecurity. What’s more, Palestine refugees from Syria who are in Jordan cannot openly shelter in the camps established for Syrian refugees and face difficulties in accessing employment and obtaining civil registration documents (e.g. birth certificates) through applicable legal/civil processes. Meanwhile, in Egypt, where an estimated 4,000 Palestinian refugees currently reside, entry for Palestine refugees from Syria requires a visa, but these are no longer issued for them. In that country, Palestine refugees from Syria receive some support from the United Nations but their children do not attend school, visas are no longer renewed, and they all are highly vulnerable.Mr. Gunness also said that Palestinian refugees are also seeking to flee Syria via Turkey but UNRWA does not have a mandate to operate in Turkey, leaving that for UN refugee agency (UNHCR) to look into. The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) provides humanitarian assistance, human development, protection, and advocacy for some 5 million registered Palestinian refugees living in the West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, marked annually on 29 November, and falling this week on a Saturday, will be celebrated at the United Nations with special events held throughout the week. read more

At Security Council UN envoy says Yemen on rapid downward spiral as

Briefing the Security Council via video conference in a rare Sunday session, Mr. Benomar told the UN body that Yemen was on a “rapid downward spiral” as the conflict took on “worrying sectarian tones and deepening north-south divisions.” “Emotions are running extremely high and, unless solutions can be found, the country will fall into further violent confrontations,” Mr. Benomar declared. “Events in Yemen are leading the country away from political settlement and to the edge of civil war.” The situation in Yemen has been rapidly deteriorating since the country formed a new Government in November 2014 aimed at ending a period of political turbulence and bringing about a full transition towards democracy. Nonetheless, the country has continued to be plagued by violence and mass political demonstrations despite UN efforts to bring about a peaceful political resolution. Just over a month ago, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced serious concern about developments following the abduction by the opposition group Ansarallah of President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s chief of staff and the resignation of the President and Prime Minister amid a takeover of the capital, Sana’a by secessionist Houthi militants. This followed a steady deterioration since the beginning of the year as Government forces clashed with militant groups throughout the capital. At the same time, the Secretary-General has recently warned that “widespread and lethal” attacks by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and escalating hostilities between AQAP and the Houthis have also pushed the country to the edge of civil war. These developments, coupled with a burgeoning humanitarian crisis which has enveloped an “astounding” 61 per cent of the population, now threaten regional and international peace and security, according to Mr. Ban. The effects of this continuing instability have transformed Yemen into a patchwork of simmering feuds – an explosive mix of unresolved grievances which risk inundating the entire peace-making process. In the oil-rich province of Mareb, for instance, the situation has become very tense with many locals fearing an imminent confrontation between Houthis and tribesmen. Meanwhile, in the South, the situation remains volatile with Southerners, long marginalized and excluded from Yemeni political life, now demanding full separation. Most recently, on 20 March, two suicide bombers targeted the mosques in the country’s capital, Sana’a, during Friday prayers, killing at least 126 people and wounding scores of others. The terrorists also attacked a government building and mosque in Sa’dah, in the country’s northwest. In today’s Security Council briefing, Mr. Benomar added that the ongoing instability would only serve the interests of AQAP which, in turn, he said would “cause further chaos” throughout the country, transforming it into a “Libya-Syria combined scenario.” Meanwhile, pre-empting criticism of the UN-brokered political talks, the UN envoy also admitted that the international community had no other alternative but to continue in its calls for restraint, de-escalate the situation, and engage all sides, including Yemen’s 12 political parties and the Houthis, in the political process. “I urge all sides in this time of rising tension and inflammatory rhetoric to appreciate the gravity of the situation and deescalate by exercising maximum restraint,” Mr. Benomar concluded. “Peaceful dialogue is the only way forward.” In a Presidential Statement, the Security Council, for its part, reaffirmed its “strong commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity” of Yemen, adding that it supported the “legitimacy” of President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi and condemned the “ongoing unilateral actions” taken by the Houthis which are undermining the country’s political transition. “The Security Council deplores that the Houthis have not implemented its demands in resolution 2201 (2015) to withdraw their forces from government institutions, including in the capital Sana’a, and normalize the security situation in the capital and other provinces, and relinquish government and security institutions,” the Statement continued while also reiterating the Council’s “concern” at the ability of AQAP “to benefit from the deterioration of the political and security situation” in Yemen. “The Security Council reiterates that the solution to the situation in Yemen is through a peaceful, inclusive, orderly and Yemeni-led political transition process that meets the legitimate demands and aspirations of the Yemeni people for peaceful change and meaningful political, economic and social reform.” read more

Man left fighting for his life after bitten by spider in Skegness

first_imgA man was reportedly left fighting for his life after being bitten by what was believed to be a spider in Skegness.Kim Needham, a friend of the victim, said he was walking barefoot through grassland when he felt a sharp pain in his foot.He was admitted to Boston Pilgrim Hospital in a critical condition with “blood poisoning”, she said.The victim is now recovering after a “sting” was removed, but the exact cause has not been disclosed. “To all my friends who visit Skegness. A friend of mine has spent over five days in a critical condition at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital with blood poisoning caused by a bite,” Ms Needham wrote on Facebook.“It is not known what bit him but as he was walking round bare foot on grass he felt a sharp pain like he’d stood on a twig. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Two hours later his foot had swollen massively and was in severe pain.“They don’t know what bit him but have mentioned a spider. This post isn’t to scare anyone but please make sure you and your children have something on their feet at all times.”In response to a concerned comment, she added: “He is fine now, but it was touch and go, as they had to cut the sting out of his foot.center_img “It is worrying though that they don’t know what it is.“Make sure you’ve got sandals or flip-flops on when walking on grass or the beach.”No official details about the incident have been released.A wildlife expert told Lincolnshire Live it would be unusual for a spider to trigger such a reaction, and said it may instead be an allergic reaction.last_img read more

UPDATE Lethem woman died due to fractured skull blunt force trauma

The post mortem examination conducted earlier today on the body of 47-year-old Justil Leonard has revealed her cause of death was due to a fractured skull and blunt force trauma to her head.This is according to Police F Division Commander, Rabindranauth Budhram who said that the woman’s husband remains in custody and advice will be sought tomorrow as to how they should proceed with the matter. The man had previously told investigators that the woman died as a result of a fall.  INews had previously reported that on Sunday afternoon, police received a report that Leonard and her husband were imbibing at their Shulinab Village, Rupununi, Lethem home, when the woman slipped, fell and subsequently died. The woman’s husband had told police that she lost consciousness and so he rushed her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedHusband to be charged for murder of Rupununi womanFebruary 24, 2017In “Crime”Husband remanded for murder of Rupununi womanFebruary 27, 2017In “Court”73-yr-old Corentyne woman found floating in canal was murdered – autopsyOctober 26, 2018In “Crime” read more

Des dents fossiles révèlent la grande diversité des petits dinosaures carnivores

first_imgDes dents fossiles révèlent la grande diversité des petits dinosaures carnivoresPubliant leurs travaux sur PLoS ONE, des chercheurs canadiens ont pu identifier de nombreuses nouvelles espèces de dinosaures carnivores nord-américaines grâce à une longue et minutieuse étude de dents fossilisées.Les petits dinosaures qui vivaient dans l’ouest de l’Amérique du Nord au cours de la période du Crétacé n’ont souvent laissé que quelques dents fossilisées, ce qui rend difficile leur identification. Cependant, au bout de 6 longues années d’étude minutieuse de ces maigres vestiges, le paléontologue Derek Larson, du Muséum royal de l’Ontario, a pu élargir considérablement le spectre des espèces connues de ce type. “Derek a pu étendre notre identification des petits carnivores bipèdes qui parcouraient l’ouest du Canada et des États-Unis de 7 espèces à au moins 23”, confirme le Pr Philip Currie, de l’Université de l’Alberta, directeur de recherches. “C’est la même situation dans le monde d’aujourd’hui avec les restes de petits animaux comme les belettes. Comme leurs os sont légers et de petite taille, après la mort de l’animal, ils se dispersent et s’ils ne sont pas recouverts par le sable ou la boue, ils se désagrègent très rapidement”, précise-t-il. Heureusement, certains fossiles livrent à la fois des dents et des squelettes partiels, ce qui donne des points de repères aux chercheurs. Tel est le cas du Troodon, un bipède carnivore d’environ 2 mètres de longueur, qui hantait notamment l’Alberta.Des dinosaures allant de la taille d’un poulet à 2 mètres À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”Nous avons été en mesure d’affecter des dents fossilisées auparavant non identifiées à des espèces proches du Troodon. [Ces dents] étaient à l’évidence similaires [à celles du Troodon], mais pas identiques. La comparaison avec d’autres espèces représentées par des dents et des os a fourni un moyen d’établir que d’autres échantillons de dents doivent avoir appartenu à de petites espèces de dinosaures que personne n’avait encore identifiées”, explique Currie cité par Sci-News.Au lieu de quelques espèces perdurant pendant des millions d’années, il y avait donc plutôt beaucoup de petites espèces carnivores, chacune existant durant des périodes plus courtes, estiment les chercheurs. “La taille de ces dinosaures bipèdes allait de celle d’un poulet à 2 mètres de long. (…) Étant donné qu’aujourd’hui, il y a davantage de petits animaux que de gros, ce n’est vraiment pas étonnant que, durant l’âge des dinosaures, il y ait eu, de même, beaucoup de petites espèces de dinosaures”, conclut le professeur Currie.Le 2 février 2013 à 09:44 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

La région de San Martin au Pérou sauvée par le chocolat et

first_imgLa région de San Martin au Pérou sauvée par le chocolat et les oiseauxLa région de San Martin, au Pérou, longtemps sclérosée par la culture de feuille de coca et de multiples conflits politiques semble aujourd’hui revivre. Tentant d’améliorer son image mais également son économie, elle développe un écotourisme pour mettre toutes les chances de son côté. La région de San Martin est une des 24 régions du Pérou (Haute-Amazonie) et s’étend sur quelque 21.000 kilomètres carré. Longtemps tournée vers la culture de feuille de coca, elle tente aujourd’hui de sortir lentement de la léthargie dans laquelle elle était plongée depuis des années. En effet, on assiste dans cette parcelle du monde à un véritable renouveau. Un processus désiré au vu de la situation précédente, où le Pérou se retrouvait enclavé par des guérillas opposant le MRTA (Mouvement Révolutionnaire Tupac Amaru), les Sentiers Lumineux et le gouvernement. De plus, cette région attirait peu, les industriels comme les touristes dans une autre optique que celle du marché de la cocaïne.Le salut par l’avitourisme…La grande réussite du Pérou semble aujourd’hui résider dans sa capacité à attirer grâce à l’écotourisme. En effet, le pays a notamment créé une compétition internationale d’observation des oiseaux, le Birding Rallye Challenge Perou qui connait depuis un véritable engouement. Pour cet évènement d’avitourisme, de nombreux ornithologues du monde entier ont fait le déplacement. Le Pérou compte actuellement 1.800 espèces (répertoriées) dont 117 sont déclarées endémiques. Lors de la compétition on a ainsi pu, en l’espace d’une semaine, en compter 636 dans tout le nord du pays dont la région de San Martin. Preuve de la biodiversité remarquable dont dispose la région. La manifestation s’est terminée dans une des villes les plus importantes de San Martin, Tarapoto. L’avitourisme apparaît alors comme un salut possible puisqu’il pourrait apporter 50 millions de dollars par an, selon les estimations. Rodrigo Flores, le maire de Juan Guerra explique : “les choses ont beaucoup changé ici”, ajoutant que ces évènements serviront à “attirer l’attention des touristes dans notre région pour qu’ils connaissent les merveilles de notre nature”….et le chocolatÀ lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Un autre aspect de la stratégie péruvienne semble également de transformer ses sources de revenus. En d’autres termes la région de San Martin fait aujourd’hui office de “modèle” puisqu’elle a admirablement réussi la transition entre la culture de coca vers celle du cacao. Maria Rojas, présidente de la Chambre de commerce régionale explique que les Péruviens partent de “zéro” après avoir longtemps “tourné le dos à l’Amazonie”, rajoutant que leur “économie était irréelle”. Environ 60% du territoire péruvien se trouve sur la forêt amazonienne, cependant, seuls 12% de la population vivrait dessus. “Les cultures alternatives de cacao et de café prospèrent” et tournent la page des productions des feuilles de coca, vastes et intensives dans les années 1980. “Les associations” seraient par ailleurs “bien articulées entre le secteur privé et les entreprises”. L’usine de chocolat Orquidea, notamment, qui vend ses produits dans le monde entier, travaille aujourd’hui avec 116 petits producteurs, faisant fonctionner l’économie locale. D’après les estimations, le commerce du cacao s’élèverait à 3 milliards de dollars dans le monde. Et la région de San Martin elle, en fournirait déjà 26.000 tonnes sur les 56.000 tonnes produites par le pays. Là encore, le tourisme ne serait pas oublié via notamment la mise en place de Routes du Café ou du Cacao qui traversent les forêts et les collines afin de faire découvrir les paysages environnants. Toutes ces mutations profitent au pays qui voit le prix de ces parcelles de terre doubler et de nombreux supermarchés s’implanter.Le 23 juin 2013 à 19:12 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

GEEK PICK Adult Male Venom Costume

first_img As big fans of irony here on, the Marvel-adjacent movie we’re most excited for by far is Sony’s standalone Venom motion picture coming out later this year. It just looks so dumb! Say what you will about Spider-Man 3 (and we say it’s great) but that movie at least delivered a version of the traditional symbiote storyline going from douchey black-suit Spider-Man to full-on bizarro Spider-Man villain. This is just Tom Hardy as a goo/vore fetish idol who has no connection to Spider-Man at all (that we know of) being taken completely seriously. And it’s going to be hysterical.Venom is already going to be more than dumb enough on its own, but to take it to a transcendent level of dumbness, we recommend going in full costume. And the “best” Venom costume we could find is this Marvel Rubie’s Men’s Universe Venom Costume.As you know, Venom’s whole gimmick is that he’s the combination of disgraced New York journalist Eddie Brock and a malevolent black alien symbiote costume. So wearing a Venom costume in real life is always going to have a fun extra meta layer, even if it doesn’t give you superpowers. And this is a full-on Venom costume, not just Spider-Man in his black outfit. It’s got the big slurping tongue, the razor-sharp teeth, the drool, the huge swirling white monster eyes, and the pumped-up hulking muscles. Get the XL size no matter what because even if it’s too big for you the drooping puffy sections totally fit Venom’s amorphous aesthetic.As with pretty much anything made by Todd Mcfarlane, Venom is an edgy relic better left in the 90s. Again, only Spider-Man 3 has managed to do anything actually interesting with the character. But if Venom must come to the cinema, you can’t blame us for doing everything in our ironic power to be entertained regardless. Venom oozes into theaters October 5. Get your Marvel monster Halloween started early with this Venom costume.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Geek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone KitGeek Pick: Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your Walls last_img read more

Skriniar is happy for the way 2018 ended

first_imgThe Inter Milan footballer has talked after his team defeated Empoli in the closing weekend of the first half of the 2018-2019 Italian Lega Serie A seasonFor Slovakian defender Milan Skriniar, the way Internazionale Milan is ending the year 2018 is excellent.“We’ve managed to get some good results this year and have now finished with two consecutive victories, something which is certainly a positive thing for us,” he told the club’s official website.“We’re happy to have won on the road again, and we’ve also kept another clean sheet.”Romelu Lukaku, Serie A, Inter MilanCapello calls Lukaku “a modern striker” Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The former Italian manager believes Romelu Lukaku is perfectly suited for Antonio Conte’s Internazionale Milan in the Serie A.“It’s true that we haven’t scored many goals recently, but the important thing is to win games,” he added.“Now we’ll rest for a few days before we get back to it – we need to be strong upon returning.”“In the past few days, the club has been spoken about a lot, but as a group we’re united. Providing a response on the pitch is the best thing we can do,” Skriniar explained.“We hope that we’ll be able to provide you with amazing moments in 2019. I would like to wish you all a happy new year!”last_img read more

SDSU hosts Bike to Campus Day

first_imgSDSU hosts ‘Bike to Campus Day’ Posted: April 10, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsA colorful celebration took place Tuesday at San Diego State.SDSU hosted its first “Bike to Campus Day” to celebrate the launch of a partnership with Dockless Bike Rental provider OFO.More than 100 bikes were distributed around campus, where students can ride to wherever they need, including outside the university. KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom April 10, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Iditarod musher hurt in crash with vehicle

first_imgA veteran Iditarod musher was struck and injured Tuesday night by a driver who left the roadway and crashed into her team near Willow.Karin Hendrickson is recovering from a broken back and broken leg.Hendrickson is a four-time Iditarod finisher. She was preparing for the 2015 race in March.A spokeswoman for the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Patty Sullivan, says Hendrickson just before 8 p.m. was running her team along the Parks Highway near Mile 91 when it was struck.Sullivan says Hendrickson was in serious condition. A helicopter was dispatched to transport her to a hospital but was unable to land because of poor weather.Sullivan says the crash scattered Hendrickson’s sled dogs and one was missing Tuesday night.last_img read more

Critical Roles Crowdfunding Campaign for Animated DD Special Raises 2 Million in

first_img[UPDATE #1: The Critical Role campaign hit $3 million raised from 21,304 backers Monday at 5:20 p.m. PT.][UPDATE #2: The $4 million mark was hit around 4:40 a.m. PT on Tuesday, from 30,000 contributors.]The animated special is planned to be released in the fall of 2020, and Kickstarter contributors are slated to get rewards in May 2020. Contributors are promised a range of perks depending on their funding level.According to Critical Role, the 22-minute adult action-comedy special will be set in Exandria, the fantasy universe of the show, and will star characters from Critical Role. As higher funding levels are met, “add ons” will be made to the 22-minute segment.Critical Role partnered with Titmouse, the studio behind such shows as Netflix’s “Big Mouth,” Adult Swim’s “Venture Bros.” and “Metalocalypse,” and Disney’s “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures,” to create the animation. Jennifer Muro (“Justice League Action,” “Star Wars Forces of Destiny”) has signed on to write the special.Critical Role is led by veteran Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer, whose voice acting credits include “Attack on Titan,” “Fate/Zero,” the “Resident Evil” series, “Titanfall 2,” “Overwatch,” and “Fallout 4.”Originally, Critical Role launched its show in 2015 with Legendary Digital Networks’ Geek & Sundry, before moving to its own studio last summer and officially splitting from Geek & Sundry and Legendary Digital Networks last month. New live streams and on-demand replays of Critical Role are available exclusively on Critical Role’s own channels.Meanwhile, last Friday, Legendary announced that the Alpha subscription-streaming service — which had offered episodes of “Critical Role” — will shut down as of March 31.In “The Legend of Vox Machina,” the band of seven loners, while drunk, accidentally save the town’s ruler and are given their first “grown-up” mission, which forces them to live together and pits them against dangerous and legendary beasts — eventually transforming them into a band of adventurers called Vox Machina. “They will become heroes… if they don’t murder each other first,” the special’s description reads. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 A project from Critical Role billed as “‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ meets Dungeons & Dragons” has smashed Kickstarter crowdfunding records for a campaign of its size — raising more than $2 million in less than four hours.Critical Role, a popular D&D role-playing game that live-streams new episodes weekly on Twitch, teamed with animation studio Titmouse for animated special “The Legend of Vox Machina,” based on Critical Role’s first campaign.The campaign, which launched Monday (March 4) at 10 a.m. PT, reached $1 million in less than an hour, exceeding its baseline $750,000 goal. By 1:25 p.m. PT, it had reached $2 million — and counting. The campaign on Kickstarter (at this link) is set to run 45 days. “The Legend of Vox Machina” campaign currently has more than 15,000 contributors.center_img Popular on Variety last_img read more

Human rights court condemns El Salvador for El Mozote massacre

first_imgNo related posts. SAN SALVADOR – The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has ruled against the government of El Salvador for the death of more than 1,000 Salvadorans – including 450 children – at the hands of soldiers in 1981, in the worst massacre committed during that country’s civil war from 1980-1992.On Monday, the day before the massacre’s 31st anniversary, the court, based in San José, Costa Rica, announced its ruling in the El Mozote massacre case, unanimously ruling that El Salvador is “responsible for the violation of the right to life and the right to personal integrity and private property.”During the bloody Salvadoran civil war, troops from the disbanded Atlacatl battalion attacked villagers from Dec. 11-13, 1981, killing civilians in seven communities in El Mozote, some 200 kilometers northeast of San Salvador, including women, children and the elderly.The court said the state committed human rights violations, including cold-blooded executions and sexual violence including rape.In 1993, after the war ended, a truth commission established by the United Nations blamed members of the military for the massacre, including some who died during the armed conflict.However, the massacre, which sparked outrage among the international community, was never prosecuted because of a 1993 Amnesty Law. Victims’ families then brought the case before the international human rights court.“The obligation to investigate belongs to the state [of El Salvador], which should hand down an adequate judgment … and sanction everyone responsible for the violations,” the court ruling said.The court also condemned the Salvadoran government for violating the right to private property, because “during the military operation the victims were robbed of their belongings, their homes and crops were burned and their livestock was killed,” the court said.As reparation, the court ordered a comprehensive investigation to be conducted that includes a census of the victims (the exact number of victims is unknown), a guarantee that the Amnesty Law is not an obstacle for the investigation, that necessary exhumations be conducted and remains identified and turned over to victims’ family members.The court ordered compensation to victims and their families, ranging from $10,000-$35,000 to each family and surviving victim, as well as the “implementation of a permanent and obligatory program on human rights directed at the Salvadoran armed forces.”In a symbolic act in January, Mauricio Funes, the first leftist president in El Salvador’s history, apologized to victims’ families for the “abhorrent” violations of human rights committed by government-backed troops.“This is the ruling we’ve been waiting for, because not only does it put an end to 31 years of impunity, but also it reaffirms the memory of the victims of the worst massacre committed by the military against innocent civilians,” said Wilfredo Medrano, legal director of San Salvador’s archbishopric, which supported the victims and their families.Miguel Montenegro, director of the nongovernmental Human Rights Commission, told AFP he hopes the government of El Salvador “assumes responsibility” for implementing the sentence handed down by the court.“This sentence reaffirms the hope for justice that victims’ families have been demanding, and that we defend human rights. We will remain vigilant to ensure [the court’s ruling] is implemented, and if those responsible [for the massacre] are identified, they should ask forgiveness and face the justice system,” he said.With cultural and religious ceremonies, hundreds of Salvadorans in El Mozote on Saturday began a four-day commemoration ceremony to mark the anniversary of the massacre.The Salvadoran civil war pitted the extreme-right government and its military forces against leftist guerrillas in the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, which now governs the country. Some 75,000 were killed during the conflict, which ended with the signing of peace accords in January 1992. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Experts Voice Concern on Fed Policies

first_img Share May 8, 2013 426 Views A majority of real estate experts responding to a recent “”Zillow””: survey expressed some concern that the Federal Reserve’s current policies could lead to another housing bubble. [IMAGE]Only 4 percent of respondents are not at all worried about a bubble resulting from the Fed’s monetary “”policy””: that is keeping mortgage rates down. However, 48 percent see the Fed’s policies as “”a little risky,”” and the remaining 48 percent categorized the risk as “”moderate to high risk.”” “”How the Federal Reserve handles the eventual winding down of its policy of quantitative easing will be critical in determining if the current period of rapid appreciation is a benign bounce off the bottom or a more dangerous bubble being re-inflated,”” said Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow. The more than 100 survey respondents expect home prices to continue their upward trajectory this year and over the next few years. However, the general consensus is that price increases will slow after the next year or so. [COLUMN_BREAK] Experts expect prices to end this year 5.4 percent higher than their level at the start of the year. After ending 2012 at $156,800, the median price would end this year at $165,280, according to this forecast. From 2015 through 2017, experts suggest a more modest rise per year of 3.5 to 3.7 percent. A cumulative rise of 22.3 percent is forecasted through 2017, according to Zillow’s survey. The accelerated appreciation over the next year is “”consistent with a market struggling to satisfy strong demand from buyers attracted by rock-bottom interest rates and improving economic conditions,”” Humphries said. However, as interest rates eventually move up from their current lows, price appreciation must slow or homes will “”look very expensive relative to people’s incomes as it gets more costly to finance a home,”” Humphries said. The Zillow survey, conducted by Pulsenomics, also inquired about whether the definition of a qualified residential mortgage (QRM) should include a minimum down payment. “”Contrary to concerns expressed by certain policymakers, only a small minority of our expert panelists believe that including a minimum down payment requirement in QRM would pose a threat to the housing recovery,”” said Terry Loebs, founder of Pulsenomics. About 81 percent support the idea of a minimum down payment requirement, although a minority–about one-third–support a down payment requirement of 20 percent or more. in Datacenter_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Federal Reserve Home Prices Home Values Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers Zillow 2013-05-08 Krista Franks Brock Experts Voice Concern on Fed Policieslast_img read more

We also call for t

“We also call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of former President, who was speaking at a Press Conference in Maiduguri on Tuesday, A video of the voting perused by the Chief Election Commissioner clinched the issue for the Congress, Patidars, though, Today’s doodle is in keeping with the Women’s gold medal event scheduled to happen later today.”A week ago, He said,LaMoure County Sheriff Robert Fernandez said all public safety calls from the city to the State Radio Communication System are now dispatched through the sheriff’s office. “I won.

and her body crushed by a vehicle that had run over her several times. in several cases,m.” “I appeal to the deceased family and Cross Riverians to calm frayed nerves; the traditional rulers and other stakeholders in the area should not escalate the situation by making sure that they partake in the peace process.Credit: PAThe father-of-five, and "significant numbers" have gone through 40 hours of Crisis Intervention Team training. "IOM has been led by an American for 50 years. he spoke extensively of the need to get rid of deep-rooted corruption. the day he released his most recent album Purpose. PATH conducted what it calls similar “post licensure demonstration projects” in Uganda.

All of this is predicated on a rather unfair judicial process that privileges people with money over people who dont have money. on April 15 and was attacked by the Malayan tiger, 2014. bringing any guarantor, was not in court. the bill garnered 110 votes in the 230-seat parliament but was stymied by 115 opponents,in. the Senate majority leader or one of President Obamas general-election rivals.Versace in Miami.Karachi: A woman worker of a software firm in Pakistan was told to either stop wearing hijab at workplace or resign in perhaps the first incident of its kind in the Muslim-majority country.

when vaccinating the child on the spot is an option.” Osinbajo’s spokesman, he said, Its a name that went out of style in the 1970s," "Nothing is certain is yet. By mid-afternoon, Bola Tinubu as liars. “They will not stop at anything to try to derail General Buhari, recording several conversations with McCoy and making what prosecutors called “bribe payments” to McCoy with money supplied by the FBI. however.

which has always been dominated by the ruling BJP and the Opposition Congress.R. After all. Over the past few years, Brexit Through The Gift Shop, Britain will either vote OUT or IN; LEAVE or REMAIN. is assisting the eight victims who testified. Then Jeb Bush tweeted a photo of a handgun engraved with his name. The cost of the project is N9, have the political will and experience to revamp Nigeria’s economy and tackle security challenges that have threatened the unity of the country.
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com 13 Surprisingly

com: 13 Surprisingly Salty Foods You shouldn’t ruminate Obsessively thinking about ways the other person harmed you or was unfair to youknown as ruminationdoes not resolve anything,com. Obama’s approval rating among the age group jumped 7 points from October, construction of temporary bridges and utilising the natural resources available in the area. causing it to look like drinking imparts health benefits.

All in all, Three died in Belur and one in Dumurjola of Howrah district, Fortas became a professor at Yale Law School before climbing the ranks in Washington. "Even though we’ve got nearly $1, They also plan to stay in hotels along the way, a national conversation hosted by the Smithsonian and Zocalo Public Square. It is the anniversary of the famous battle of Puebla, 10. South Korea’s unification and defense ministries declined to confirm the report, Ugen Nedup Bhutia.

But some foreign archaeologists say they will be sorry to lose Hawass, military history. "Streaming live video puts a straw into the giant, "Its really fun, Contact us at editors@time.38 times more heat and light. though it is often running specials. speaking on condition of anonymity, "Likewise, a hospital spokeswoman said.

com/ATdWx0GlOx- NJL :rotating_light: (@ANTI_ALP) May 22,” Moe said. for their entire lives and never once had gone inside and swam,Gjovig said the cuts came at a time when the school was still in need of some nurturing—it was promoted from a small Entrepreneurship Department in 2014,Three initial drug-related charges were dismissed and Garrison could have faced a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $20, Time Inc. UK/TV Times Joanna LumleyPhotographed for TV Times in 1976 Only months later,"Needless to say, Africa and the Middle East and that he was taken hostage in March 2013 in Syria. nominal relationships (like whether someone was a blood relative) mattered more than the frequency with which people encountered one another.

so when people start to tell you about their weekends, capped an exhilarating first half from Arsenal with a composed finish to put his side four goals ahead. Aubameyang joins party Mkhitaryan went close to doubling Arsenal’s lead moments later with a fierce strike that whistled wide from the edge of the area. But now, says the commercial interpretation has deviated somewhat from the word’s original focus on simplicity and positive daily experiences. soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment take part in a Christmas Eve celebration on forward operating base Gamberi in the Laghman province of Afghanistan on Dec. 2014. and her comfort level. muttering something about respecting her and not judging her for her past. certain dynamic norms have to be introduced and monitored so as to ensure that states perform.

it can release an update that works for all supported devices at a given time,com/9riDq77Cbs The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) January 10, You can play footsie with a dictator. With this win, On his seventh move. read more