States still show a lack of awareness over torture but it must

“What is always strange to me if I go on a country mission and then speak to high Governmental officials, speak to the heads of prisons, of police stations etc, [is] a lack of awareness that torture is one of the most serious human rights violations,” the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Manfred Nowak, told reporters in New York.“The Convention against torture [adopted more than 20 years ago] is very clear: it says States have an obligation to criminalize torture with adequate sanctions and if we look what the Committee against torture says is adequate, that is a prison sentence where the maximum penalty should be at least 10 years or more.”“Torture is a very, very serious human rights violation and there is a wide practice of impunity; very, very few cases are actually brought to justice and then even when people are finally sentenced then they get these kind of disciplinary sanctions or it’s treated as a misdemeanour.”Mr. Nowak spoke to reporters after briefing the General Assembly’s Third Committee earlier in the day, when he also spoke of his fact-finding visits over the past two years to Georgia, Mongolia, Nepal, the People’s Republic of China and Jordan. He also said that a large part of his work since his appointment in 2004 had been focused on the issue of torture and counter-terrorism.“I spent much of my time in relation to the question of the relationship between torture and counter-terrorism strategies. In particular after 9/11 the absolute prohibition of torture has been put into question, not only by academics but also by Governments, in saying you have to balance the prohibition of torture with national security concerns.”However, quoting from the UN Convention against torture, Mr. Nowak points out that it states that “no information, no confession that is established to have been extracted by torture shall be used as evidence in any proceedings.” read more

UN welcomes Germanys offer to resettle residents of Iraqs Camp Hurriya

“Germany’s offer follows a similar one by the Albanian government to relocate 210 residents in Albania, and I am very grateful to both countries for having offered durable solutions for the residents of Camp Hurriya,” said Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, Martin Kobler. Camp Hurriya serves as a transit facility for more than 3,000 exiles, most of them members of a group known as the People’s Mojahedeen of Iran, where a process to determine their refugee status is being carried out by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR). With the latest offer, 10 per cent of the camp’s residents now have offers to relocate to third countries. Mr. Kobler added that “this announcement also follows the Secretary-General’s repeated public and bilateral appeals to Member States to offer residents resettlement opportunities.”In the same statement, UNHCR Representative in Iraq, Claire Bourgeois, encouraged other countries to follow Albania and Germany’s lead, “This generous offer by Germany is a demonstration of international solidarity and burden-sharing for a vulnerable population.”Last month, following the offer by Albania Government, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he “unequivocally supports” Mr. Kobler’s efforts “to courageously and creatively, in exceptionally difficult circumstances, help resolve this situation.”In addition, in his recent report about the situation in Iraq, Mr. Ban urged those who express support for the residents of Camp Hurriya and the remaining residents of another camp, New Iraq, to stop spreading insults and falsehoods about Mr. Kobler, who heads the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), and instead help to promote a durable solution.Also today, Mr. Kobler expressed his deep concern that Iraq continues to implement the death penalty. The most recent execution of 21 prisoners took place on 16 April, according to UNAMI. “I regret that repeated calls of the United Nations to suspend the implementation of death sentences were not heard,” Mr. Kobler said.“I urge once again the Iraqi government to immediately suspend all pending death sentences and to apply without delay the moratorium on the death penalty, in conformity with General Assembly Resolutions 62/149 (2007), 63/168 (2009), 65/205 (2010) and 67/176 (2012),” he added.Meanwhile, final preparations are underway in parts of Iraq for the 20 April Governorate Council Elections. Mr. Kobler today urged eligible Iraqis to actively participate for the success of the poll, “I am calling on all women and men to cast their ballots for a better future for them and their children.”“My appeal goes particularly to the young Iraqis, because you are the future of this country,” he added.Stressing that it is the duty of all political leaders to safeguard the integrity of the democratic process, Mr. Kobler underlined that “consolidation of democracy will depend on the willingness of Iraq’s political leaders to collectively ensure a transparent and peaceful election, free of intimidation or political interference”.“Of equal importance is my appeal to the Iraqi security forces to remain on heightened alert and to enable voters to reach polling centres and cast their vote in a safe environment, without fear of violence,” he concluded.At least 15.5 million Iraqis are eligible to vote in upcoming polls, according to official estimates, where more than 8,000 candidates are reportedly vying for 378 seats. read more

Water central to global peace development UN deputy chief tells London summit

“Around today’s world, we see how a lack of access to water can fuel conflict and even threaten peace and stability,” Jan Eliasson pointed out as he delivered the keynote address on “Tackling the Global Water Challenges: What’s Next?,” to the Summit, which was organized by The Economist.The Deputy Secretary-General stressed the need for “hydro-diplomacy, or water diplomacy” as degraded access to water stemming from climate change, or population pressure risks creating social tensions, political instability and intensified refugee flows. The Summit features several presentations and panels including on the challenge of urbanization, sustainable approaches to agriculture and sanitation and a senior-level discussion on water security. Participating in the Summit are ministers of water and the environment from Uganda, Singapore, and Mongolia, as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations, the private sector and several publications.During his address, the Deputy Secretary-General recalled seeing water used as a weapon of war during the Darfur conflict in Sudan.“On one trip in 2007, to the North of Darfur as we arrived in a village, we were met by a group of women chanting, ‘Water, water, water.’ The enemy militia had poisoned their well, they said,” Mr. Eliasson told Summit participants. And most recently, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has also exploited access to water to expand its control over territory and to subjugate the population. And from Tajikistan to Ethiopia, upstream/downstream tensions related to large hydroelectric projects remain an issue. But water tensions are not exclusive to conflict ridden and developing countries alone. In recent years, the world has witnessed a surge of water-related crises from the dried up eastern basin of the Aral Sea to the unprecedented three-year drought in California. In addition, rapid urbanization has put huge pressure on water use and infrastructure, making water an increasingly scarce and expensive resource, especially for the poor and marginalised.“Let me share with you some numbers. Demand for water is projected to grow by over 40 per cent by 2050. An estimated 1.8 billion people will soon live in countries or regions with water scarcity,” the Deputy Secretary-General said. There is good news, however. Thanks to global mobilization inspired by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), two billion people have benefited from access to improved water sources, a result of smart investments and policies. “Still, let us remember that 750 million people today do not have access to safe drinking water,” said Mr. Eliasson.Roughly 80 per cent of global water is discharged in untreated ways into oceans, rivers and lakes. Nearly 2 million children under the age of five die every year for want of clean water and decent sanitation. One billion people in 22 countries still defecate in the open, said Mr. Eliasson, adding that the UN on 19 November will celebrate the first ever official World Toilet Day. “We want to break the silence and taboo surrounding toilets and open defecation. These words must be natural elements of the diplomatic discourse on development,” he added. Recalling that sanitation was “nowhere to be found” in the initial MDGs but is now one of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the period 2015-2030 because “experience has shown that sanitation and sound hygiene practices are critical drivers of development,” Mr. Eliasson added. He appealed to the private sector to engage actively with UN Global Compact– the world body’s main corporate sustainability initiative – which has already committed more than 125 companies to advancing corporate water stewardship and better sanitation practices. “Corporate engagement on sanitation ensures healthy work-forces and societies. Sanitation is also a business opportunity, as there are millions and millions of people in need,” he said. Tensions over water will clearly be exacerbated by climate change but “we must not lose site of the opportunities that water offers as a source of cooperation”. Water can and should drive cooperation and conflict resolutions. Over 90 per cent of the world’s population lives in countries that share rives and lake basins with potential for shared management. Almost 450 agreements on international waters were signed between 1820 and 2007. He called for smarter water management approaches, better waste management to protect rivers and more creative use of technology to “explore the frontiers” of desalination. Global partnerships are critical as well. “No single Government can implement the water agenda alone,” the Deputy Secretary-General added. read more

Maingears Solo 21 allinone is fully upgradeable including the motherboard

first_imgCustom PC manufacturer, Maingear, has added a new desktop to its arsenal in the form of an all-in-one media hub; a first for the tower PC and laptop builder.The Solo 21 has a display that offers 21.5-inches of 1080p HD goodness, with the option to turn it into a 10-point touchscreen for the added fee of $129. The chassis is black plastic with an easel stand, which may seem somewhat similar to Lenovo’s ThinkCentre all-in-one series.A base configuration costs $999 and comes with an Intel Core i3-2125 (3.3GHz) processor, integrated Intel HD graphics, 4GB of DDR3-1333 RAM, and an 8x dual-layer DVD player. Some of the more luxurious features come in the form of a 32GB SSD cache drive, which works with the primary 500GB 7,200rpm drive without the hassle of having a dual-drive setup. User’s with this setup will see faster boot and application launch times–making for a more time-efficient system. The Intel Thin Mini-ITX motherboard also makes upgrades easier, if you’re the kind that likes to crack open a PC panel. But for those of you thinking of adding on a GPU, there’s no discrete graphics support, so you’ll be limited to whatever integrated graphics support the CPU offers.Software-wise the Solo 21 comes with your choice of 64-bit Windows 7 operating system, and that’s it–no bloatware, trial-ware, or proprietary software to worry about. It boots up and is ready to go out of the box; as all PCs should.The Solo 21 doesn’t come with any video inputs, which may be disappointing to college students or more thrifty users that want to utilize its 21.5-inch screen as a monitor to plug in their game console — it comes with DVI-I and HDMI video outputs instead. Additional ports include, eSATA, USB 2.0 ports (double as charging dock for any USB device), USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, audio-in and -out, and a 6-in-1 media card reader. WiFi and Bluetooth wireless radios are on board. If you truly want to make this machine the ultimate media hub, Maingear gives you the option to add a TV Tuner for $229 and upgrade to a Blu-ray player for $220.If you’re interest is piqued then check out Maingear’s dedicated Solo 21 page to see more, or perhaps configure your own.last_img read more

Apple to offer Internet radio service in 2013 to combat Pandora

first_imgApple has been the undisputed king of digital music sales for a long time, having successfully kept the likes of Amazon and Google at bay. Now young upstarts like Pandora are starting to steal away some music purchasers with streaming radio and rumors are swirling once again that Apple is going to get into the Internet radio business to stomp out Pandora.Apple is reportedly in talks with the recording industry to set up the streaming service in 2013, which would likely be built into iOS devices and OS X. The company’s long standing relationship with record companies could make an Apple streaming service much more attractive than the competition. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple charging a small fee for its streaming radio service, whereas Pandora is free for limited use. Remember that Apple charges $25 per year for iTunes Match.Pandora relies on a compulsory license that severely limits what users are able to listen to. New releases are usually held back, and you can only skip a limited number of tracks each hour. These are features Apple might be able to improve on by getting even cozier with the recording industry.The huge number of iOS devices on the market gives Apple a big advantage. If Cupertino decides to push an update to all the iDevices out there adding a streaming music app, it could easily surpass Pandora in users.Apple also has the money to push this service for as long as it takes. Pandora, on the other hand, has seen its stock price dip 21% since last Spring.via Bloomberglast_img read more

Shrine in Turkey uncovered as tomb of ancient Greek boxer

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram What was believed to be a saint’s shrine in Turkey, has been uncovered as the final resting place of ancient Greek boxer, Diagoras of Rhodes.The 2,300-year-old tomb was believed to be a burial place of a holy person by locals in Turgut, located near Turkey’s Aegean coastal town of Marmaris. For years it has been a place of pilgrimage, with many young men known to take a handful of dirt from the site as good luck ahead of joining the army to complete their military service.In the 1970s however, the religious roots of the site were called into question, and according to reports by Turkish newspaper Milliyet, was raided.Now over 40 years on, and it would appear the findings were onto something, with experts now confirming that the tomb has ancient Greek roots. They have discovered that it belonged to Diagoras who lived in the fifth century BCE.A descendent of Damagetus, King of Ialysus and Messenian hero, Aristomenes, he was celebrated for many of his own victories, believed to have won at the Olympics twice, four times in the Isthmian, twice in the Nemean, and once at in the Pythian Games, and the subsequent achievements of his sons and grandsons.A statue of the boxer can be found on the Dodecanese island today.Experts also discovered an inscription in the tomb, stating “I will be vigilant at the very top so as to ensure that no coward can come and destroy this grave,” Milliyet reported.A statue in Rhodes of Diagoras (C) being carried into a stadium by his sons Damagetos and Akousilaos. Photo: rhodesprivatetours.comlast_img read more

Les centrales helvètes résisteraient à un séisme

first_imgLes centrales helvètes résisteraient à un séismeLes quatre centrales nucléaires présentent sur le territoire suisse seraient capables de résister à un important séisme selon l’Inspection fédérale de la sécurité nucléaire (IFSN). Elles ne constitueraient pas de danger pour les habitants et l’environnement.Selon un communiqué de l’IFSN, “les centrales nucléaires suisses résistent à un tremblement de terre comme il s’en produit au maximum un tous les 10.000 ans”. Le responsable de la division Centrales nucléaires, Georg Schwarz, a souligné que “la protection de la population et de l’environnement face à une dose de radioactivité trop élevée est garantie”.À lire aussiLe pied d’éléphant, cette effrayante masse radioactive cachée dans les entrailles de TchernobylSelon l’organisation, le refroidissement du cœur de la centrale et le refroidissement des piscines de stockage d’éléments combustibles restent garantis en cas de tremblement de terre. “La limite légale de dose de radioactivité de 100 millisievert est nettement respectée lors de ces incidents”, a par ailleurs indiqué l’IFSN.En ce qui concerne la centrale de Mühleberg (dans l’ouest de la Suisse), l’exploitant a également vérifié la résistance de l’installation face à une défaillance d’un barrage hydraulique situé à proximité, rapporte, l’an passé, suite à la catastrophe de Fukushima (mars 2011), le parlement suisse avait approuvé la sortie progressive du nucléaire. Le pays, qui compte actuellement quatre réacteurs nucléaires, mettra hors service l’ensemble de ses centrales d’ici à 2034.Le 14 juillet 2012 à 21:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Get 50 Percent Off on Premium Pro Training Programs From RedVector

first_img Sonic Soak Is the Tiny Washing Machine That Goes AnywhereThis $500 SEO Tool Is Only $24 Today Feel stuck in a dead end job? Switch things up by training for a lucrative future as a certified cyber security or project management professional with elite technical programs from RedVector. They’re fast, convenient, and have been discounted by 50% to just $99 for a limited time.If you’ve ever changed careers, then you already know how difficult retraining can be. First you have to scrounge up the cash for tuition, fork out even more for books, and then find the time to fit classes into your busy schedule. For some, these barriers are a deal breaker. And that is precisely what makes training with RedVector such a viable alternative.RedVector is an industry leader in technical training. Their programs are delivered exclusively online so there are no schedules and their fees are far less expensive. When you consider how effective their programs are — they boast over one million graduates to date — it’s easy to understand why it’s such a popular option. If you want to train for a professional career but don’t have the patience for on-campus classes, then RedVector may be right up your alley.The RedVector IT Cybersecurity Pro e-training program, discounted by 50% to just $99, offers all the education you’ll require to become a skilled network security pro. You’ll receive access to over 500 courses that’ll explain ethical hacking, security planning, and leadership. And, upon completion, you’ll be able to apply your skills to earn valuable, industry respected credentials that could help you land your dream job in under a year.Also available is RedVector’s Project Management Professional program, marked down by 50% to only $99. This package offers access to over 100 courses that explain project management fundamentals, how to manage risks, costs control methods, and more. In less than a year, students will have the skills necessary to become a Certified Project Management Pro and be able to compete for jobs in this demanding and lucrative field.Why pay thousands of dollars for traditional classroom learning when you can get the exact same education from the comfort of home for far less? Start your career as a cybersecurity or project management professional today by training with RedVector and pay just $99 for a limited time.Want your products featured in the Deals store? Learn more about how to sell your products online! Stay on targetlast_img read more

Mobile Media Solutions

first_imgHearst Corp. recently created a new opportunity for itself by combining popular topics like celebrities and sports with the growing interest in mobile applications via its creation of LMK (“Let Me Know”), a digital company that curates, designs and delivers content on popular topics over Apple’s iPhone.LMK offers nearly 70 topic-specific apps dedicated to subjects like pop music star Lady Gaga, and the New York Yankees baseball team. Each app, which starts at $0.99 and is available for download on the iPhone and the iPod Touch, provides “curated news” and a photo stream that is continuously updated from third party sources. Hearst plans to add specific product enhancements over the coming months that will expand LMK’s delivery experience.“We saw an interesting market opportunity to break through the clutter of Internet search results and build digital products that curate, package and deliver the most authoritative content on subjects that matter to consumers,” says Michael Gutkowski, president of LMK.Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has also been focusing on building up its mobile offerings in 2010. In February, the company released its first app for iPhone and iPod Touch users targeted toward readers of Everyday Food. The app allows users to access recipes and daily dinner ideas, create grocery lists and find store locations. “The Everyday Food app is the best expression of our mobile strategy,” says Janet Balis, executive vice president of sales and marketing at MSLO. “In its first week in the Apple iTunes store, it became the number one most downloaded app in the paid lifestyle category.”But MSLO also realizes that while iPhones and smartphones are growing in popularity, not everyone is ready to make the switch. That is why the company is working on branded communication via Short Messaging service. “We want have the opportunity to interact with consumers through text,” says Balis. “It’s a key vertical for us.”MSLO has also been experimenting with mobile barcode technology through SnapTag. In the November 2009 issue of Everyday Food, readers were prompted to snap and send photos of an icon found in the ad pages of the magazine and then opt-in to receive promotional info as well as additional info from the editors. “We saw phenomenal results, “Balis says. “We received 6,500 responses, which is three times more than the prior best in the industry.” The April issue of Martha Stewart Living will be a “Snapped” issue with advertisers including GMC, Uncle Ben’s, Rembrandt and Neutrogena participating. Condé Nast’s Golf Digest is also experimenting with mobile barcode technology. With its November 2009 issue, it became the first title to utilize Microsoft’s High Capacity Color Barcode technology, which prompts consumers to scan a code found in the print magazine using the internal camera on a smartphone. In Golf Digest, readers are directed to an online video that demonstrates the golf techniques featured in the magazine. “When the concept came out, we automatically knew that it was right for our readers, who are tech savvy and early adapters of smartphones,” says Tom Bair, VP and publishing director of Golf Digest Publications. “About 45 percent of our readers have purchased iPhones in the last 12 months. So it was a great opportunity for us to roll out the technology from an editorial standpoint.”The technology has been used in every issue of Golf Digest for both editorial and advertising purposes and over 250,000 downloads have been recorded, according to the company.  The magazine is also launching two branded iPhone apps—one that mirrors the magazine’s annual “Hot List” feature and highlights the best in golf equipment, and another called “Tips Plus,” which provides golf instruction. “The bulk of our readers are still getting the content from our magazine, but we always want to be able to reach them wherever they are,” says Bair.Meredith has also launched two iPhone apps this year, the Parents-branded “iPlay ‘n Learn” app, which features educational games and activities for preschool and kindergarten children and has been downloaded 20,000 times so far, and the “Mixing Bowl” app, which allows members of the community to extend their social activity to their phones.  “When it comes to mobile, it’s not simply pushing magazine content onto handsets,” says Wendy Riches, chief strategy officer, Meredith National Media Group. “It’s about extending our brand relationship and providing real-time value to consumers through their phones. For some consumers, the mobile experience may be their first contact with our brands and we’ll look for opportunities to deepen the relationship.”The company, however, took an even bigger strategic step as far as its involvement in mobile technology by investing in mobile marketing firm Hyperfactory. Although the company had little to do with Meredith’s current iPhone apps, the firm will assist Meredith in its future mobile efforts. Meanwhile, Meredith is connecting the dots between print and mobile with the April issue of Traditional Home. Five stories plus the Editor’s Letter are “tagged” with a special icon that when scanned using the Microsoft Tag Reader app transfer to a video or Web extension of the article. Article tags are found within the features and readers can also identify selected videos through a special tag marker in the magazine’s  table of contents. One “Tip Clip” features an industry show tour with Traditional Home’s Krissa Rossbund taking readers inside the recent New York International Gift Fair. Beyond the iPhoneWhile the iPhone has rapidly become the dominant platform for mobile apps targeting the consumer market, a new crop of mobile Web developers such as Handmark, Moblico and PageSuite are working with publishers to get their content (and advertising) on other platforms, including the Android and Blackberry. The Reader for Blackberry (developed by Handmark) offers users direct access to all recently published Forbes content and helps readers track investments with a live stocks list. Full stories are downloaded to the device and can be accessed with or without a data connection.Forbes uses standard RSS formats and the XIgnite stocks API to deliver content. “We know that our audience increasingly relies on their mobile devices to stay informed and make business decisions and we developed for the dominant platform for business users,” says Jeff Bauer, product and creative director at Forbes. “We also know that they are constantly engaging, so we offer a great experience even when they might not have a data connection.”  Handmark also works with smaller consumer and b-to-b publishers, including FierceMarkets. “We’ve got the cost model down to where we can do this for local press,” says Handmark CEO Paul Reddick. “From a development perspective there is not a lot the publisher has to do unless they’re not digital, although they should at least have a Web site and RSS or XML feeds we can pull from.”Custom media company Ascend Integrated Media has signed deals with two separate mobile specialists to create a series of mobile products. A partnership with Moblico will offer targeted messages and coupons to clients across different categories such as healthcare, gifts, fashion and home décor.Earlier this year, Ascend partnered with Handmark to create and distribute smartphone applications, which include Web and landing page access, e-newsletters, digital magazines and newspapers, buyer’s guides, interactive maps and exhibit guides and directories.“The business model is evolving,” says David Doherty, director of ad sales and sponsorships at Ascend Integrated Media. “Historically, we were a print publisher and over the last few years we’ve added a significant layer of digital. This year, we’ve added mobile and the last component is integrating all of that with social media.”Much of Ascend Integrated Media’s focus has been on the live event space and it is developing mobile apps to serve event clients. “Those apps contain a lot of the same content that we distribute at our events and in print and online,” says Doherty. “It could be an event guide or a floor map or a daily news publications. Now they’re distributed in another vehicle. The powerful part of mobile is that it’s at a place where you can take action on the content.” With Moblico, Ascend has concentrated on texting. “Texting can do a few things,” says Doherty. “If you’re doing a marketing campaign or have an event, you can do basic communications—reminders, venue changes, notification that new a DVD is coming out.” The next step is mobile couponing—a marketer can text a keyword to a consumer to receive 10 percent off at a restaurant. At an event, sponsors can use texting to offer more exhibitor content and drive traffic to their booth. “It’s no different from the way we used to use direct mail,” says Doherty. Ascend is monetizing apps primarily through banner advertising. “It’s early days but mobile has learned a lot from the interactive world and we can already report on metrics,” says Doherty.  “Mobile requires more education for advertisers but this is a sexy media channel right now and people want to be a part of it.”On the texting side, there are a few more revenue opportunities, according to Doherty.  When a text goes out, it can feature “brought to you by” ads with a URL link or phone number. Sponsors can purchase 25 percent, 50 percent or 100 percent of the ad messages in the communication. At the event level, a sponsor could buy a promotional message that goes out to the attendee list. Big Results For Local MagazineLocal publishers are benefitting from mobile as well. 435 Magazine, a regional publication for Kansas, developed a mobile program with Moblico for Smallcakes, a specialty bakery in Kansas City. The partners created a mobile coupon promotion that was featured in the magazine, offering a free cupcake to customers who redeemed a mobile code. By texting to accept the giveaway, consumers then presented the confirmation in the store and collected their treat.In the first three weeks the offer was live, the store had 123 people redeem the coupon—60 percent of which were new customers. Additionally, every single person who claimed the offer made purchases beyond just collecting the free cupcake.“We were pleased with the return we were getting on our advertising spend with the magazine, but the response we have received through the mobile promotion completely exceeded what we’d seen with the regular ads,” says Smallcakes owner Jeff Martin. “The customers we have been attracting, people in their 20’s and 30’s, are exactly the demographic we’ve been after.”Working With Developers Mobile vendors typically seek an ad revenue split with publishers. “Publishers want the services to come from them to advance their position and differentiate themselves from their competitors and we’re more than happy to support a white label ‘powered by’ type model,” says Moblico CEO Pierre Barbeau. “They tend to start with the simple stuff like text messaging, but it doesn’t take them long to ask for more, and that’s typically driven by the questions customers are asking.” Handmark charges publishers a startup fee and monthly rate unless the publisher generates significant traffic, in which case it may forgo the minimum fees and move directly to a share agreement with the ad revenue. “If we see there’s enough advertising revenue, we’ll blow past that,” say Reddick. “Our model is to make money on revenue sharing as opposed to being an outsource development shop.”The revenue share varies based on whether Handmark sells or fulfills the advertising or the publisher does. While Reddick wouldn’t share specific numbers for the startup fees, he says a small publisher could offer mobile apps for less than five figures per year.Digital magazine vendors have been busy working on solutions across a variety of devices. iPhone apps are most ubiquitous, with offerings from Nxtbook, Texterity, Advanced, Qmags, iMirus and Zinio, among others. Enthusiast publisher Premier Guitar recently teamed with Texterity to introduce a new branded iPhone app that’s available at Apple’s App Store. The app serves as a way to connect Premier Guitar’s multiple approaches, including print, digital edition, Web site, gear and social media presence. Fresh content is fed in every time a reader opens the app (which is free). Readers can search current and past issues and post comments.  “We instantly had thousands of downloads and thousands of sessions,” says Peter Sprague, CEO of Gearhead Communications/Premier Guitar. “I am sure downloads will continue to escalate and we’re receiving rave visitor reviews which you can see in the iStore directly.” Universal Publishing While hype and expectations soar for the app-like interface, some are advising a level head. “Selling dedicated app solutions makes sense. We’re getting calls about it every day,” says Marcus Grimm, marketing director at Nxtbook, which just introduced its Syndicator service which boasts cross-platform content functionality. “But we pay close attention to the metrics. One of our first publishers to go on our mobile platform said 15 percent of his readers accept a digital magazine. And 15 percent of that 15 percent will actually read it on an iPhone. He realized he’s only reaching about 2 percent of his audience.”Instead, Grimm says Nxtbook is focusing on “Web apps”—content delivered to an iPhone via a link to a smart phone-optimized, Web-based digital edition. While Nxtbook can develop an iPhone app, Grimm says the Web offers a cheaper and device-independent alternative. “It’s not an app in the App Store, it’s a Web app,” says Grimm. “You click on the link and it pulls up an optimized Web site.”Similarly, consumer enthusiast publisher Harris Publishing recently started using the new Mygazines Mobile service, which uses the mobile Web browser (rather than creating device-specific apps) to offer digital editions across mobile devices ranging from the iPhone to the Android.“We’re trying to find extra ways for our subscribers to get the content of the magazines,” says Chris Searle, digital manager and graphic designer with Harris. “We’re giving them multiples ways to view it or access it at their convenience. When we were looking at digital magazines, we didn’t want it to be another Web page full of additional information. We wanted to make sure it still had the look and feel of the magazine with its own identity.”SIDEBAR #1Advertising Guidelines for MobileEvery six months, the Mobile Marketing Association provides updated recommendations for the global ad units broadly used in mobile advertising in the following channels: Mobile Web, messaging, applications and mobile video and TV. Below are MMA’s current recommendations for two of the most common formats for publishers doing mobile: mobile banner ads and Short Messaging Service (texting). Mobile Web Banner Ad UnitsAspect ratios: The recommended universal aspect ratios are 6:1 and 4:1. Key considerations for providing universal aspect ratios include:*Keeping the aspect ratio constant simplifies re-sizing of images and reduces effort. *Both aspect ratios provide sufficient creative space to ensure an effective advertising experience, yet small enough not to be intrusive. Having two aspect ratios gives publishers flexibility in terms of layout and positioning in different contexts. Dimensions: The recommended universal Mobile Web banner ad widths are 120, 168, 216 and 300 pixels. Media Formats: The recommended formats for mobile Web banner ads are GIF, PNG, or JPEG as universal formats for still images. GIF for animated images. Text Messaging (Short Messaging Service)Format: SMS is a text-only medium. It does not support rich media. However, some mobile phones with click-to-call or click-to-Web capability will display colored links and underlining of URLs and phone numbers. The font size is entirely controlled by the mobile phone and is not under the control of the advertiser or publisher. Length: Current practice is typically ads under 20-26 characters, although some may go as high as 80 characters. Shorter copy allows for increased publishing inventory availability. Location: Ad copy will be inserted only at the end of the content portion of the SMS. In the cases where the sender uses a personal SMS signature, the ad should be inserted after the signature. SMS Ad Indicators: The publisher or advertising insertion partner is responsible for including an ad indicator in initial (Appened) SMS ads. There should be a clear separation between the text message content and the ad. A carriage return or line break is recommended, however not all carriers support line breaks, so an ad indicator should precede the ad copy. Acceptable ad indicators are:• “*” (single asterisk)• “**” (double asterisk)• “AD:” (or similar local language abbreviation)• * “-“ (dash)SIDEBAR #2 MPA Launches Magazine App DirectoryRecognizing the growing interest and development of magazine-related mobile applications by its members, the Magazine Publishers of America last month launched “mapps,” a directory of mobile apps produced by magazines and media companies. The launch coincided with last month’s Magazines 24/7: The E-Reading Revolution conference.“As technology advances, devices proliferate and consumer adoption increases, we expect healthy growth in magazine app development, and in turn, in our database,” an MPA spokesperson tells FOLIO:.Currently, the database includes 120 apps with links to download them. Several of the apps are free (Epicurious’ “Recipes & Shopping List,” Vogue’s “Stylist,” and several from Hearst’s recently launched LMK) while a number are paid. The most costly is the Women’s Health “Eat This, Not That!” app at $4.99.MPA said the directory is growing and will include apps across not only mobile phones but also e-reader devices like the forthcoming Apple iPad.  SIDEBAR #3 3 Developers and Do-It-Yourself iPhone AppsThese days it’s hard to find a magazine publisher (at least on the consumer side) who isn’t interested in an iPhone app but it’s even harder to find one with in-house apps expertise. However, every day a new online solution seems to emerge that gives the end-user the power. The list of solutions is almost endless but here are three for publishers to consider: Appcelerator ( Requires knowing code but users can build iPhone apps with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, PHP and Ruby. eBook App Maker ( While not free, this service develops iPhone apps from ebooks and can be used with PDF, doc, ZIP, HTML, RTF and other formats. It also supports a wide range of different fonts.  Kanchoo ( A platform designed for news organizations that lets content producers create native iPhone apps. Users must give Kanchoo an iPhone applications icon, a splash screen (in .png format) and a description of their application which will be used in the iTunes App store. Users can then leverage Kanchoo’s online tools to build their own apps by uploading the content which can include text news articles or photos and other images. Mobile marketing has had its share of starts and stops in recent years but the release of smartphones gives publishers and their advertisers unprecedented opportunity to reach their audiences in a new, much more targeted way. But how do print publishers, most of which are still struggling to develop meaningful online strategies, adapt to such a new format? In this article, FOLIO: covers a range of approaches, from cutting-edge mass consumer publishers to dedicated mobile development firms to options for smaller publishers looking to join the game as well (often with help from their digital edition provider). The Market leaders: Build (Or Buy) Your OwnWhile fostering a mobile presence isn’t a new strategy for the “big guys” in consumer publishing, the last year has brought a new set of challenges as the technology continues to evolve and expand. Publishers are now focusing on developing mobile apps for iPhones and smartphones in addition to building out their mobile Web sites—and that’s before even tackling the onslaught of e-readers and the highly anticipated iPad. last_img read more

Army to Eliminate Four National Guard Helicopter Units

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Army National Guard aviation battalions in Arizona, Idaho, Missouri and Pennsylvania are slated for elimination, after the Army decided to adopt a compromise offered by the National Commission on the Future of the Army to its cost-cutting 2014 Aviation Restructuring Initiative. The Army initially proposed eliminating all eight National Guard AH-64 Apache battalions and transferring those helicopters to active-duty units. Apache battalions would remain in North Carolina, South Carolina and Utah, in addition to a battalion which is based in Texas but includes a company from the Mississippi National Guard, reported the Fayetteville Observer. Under the latest plan, all four National Guard Apache battalions will train with 18 helicopters and receive six more to maintain a full complement of 24 when they deploy.“It’s extremely bad news for some states, and great news for the other states,” Utah National Guard Lt. Col. Ricky Smith told the Salt Lake Tribune, comparing the loss to a “massive layoff.”USAF photo by Staff Sgt Caycee Cook 080904last_img read more

Thousands enjoy Bristol Bay salmon in Colorado during Sockeye Restaurant Week

first_img(Credit Via Alexandra Guerson/Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))In Boulder, Colorado, 17 restaurants are participating in Bristol Bay Sockeye Restaurant Week. The non-profit Chef’s Collaborative is hosting this event to celebrate and support American seafood and fishing communities. The program director, Alisha Fowler says that this developed out of a partnership with the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association.“We started partnering with the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association several years ago,” says Fowler, “and this year we partnered to help drive awareness about the year-round availability of salmon. So the Sockeye Restaurant Week was placed in October, which is National Seafood Month. We chose Colorado as an area of interest to the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, a place that is tens of thousands of miles away from Bristol Bay, but where this wild, American seafood is available year-round.Kyle Mendenhall is the chef at Arcana, one restaurants serving up Bristol Bay salmon this week. He says that he is excited to expose patrons of his restaurant to Sockeye caught in Bristol Bay.“You know what I’m partially trying to do in the sort of small blip of work that I do with Bristol Bay and whatnot is to just try to help Americans know that we have this incredible, well-managed resource available to us, and the only way to really take advantage of it is to get out there and eat it,” Mendenhall explains.Fowler estimates that between 50 and 75 thousand people will enjoy some Sockeye in Boulder this week, and she hopes that restaurant-goers will then be on the lookout for wild caught salmon in grocery stores.Restaurant week in Boulder continues through Sunday, October 30th.last_img read more

PNB fraud All staterun banks exposed to Rs 12000 crore scam

first_imgPNB probe now extends to all state-run banksReutersIn the wake of banking frauds in the country, the Reserve Bank of India has commenced a special audit of state-run banks to monitor the trade and issuance of letters of undertakings (LoUs) by them.The central bank has asked all banks for details of LoUs they had written including the amounts outstanding and whether the bank had pre-approved credit limits or kept enough cash on margin while issuing guarantees, the news agency PTI reported.The central bank’s action comes in the wake of the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam in which diamond billionaire Nirav Modi with partner Mehul Choksi and family members allegedly cheated the bank of over Rs 12,000 crores at PNB’s Brady House Branch in Mumbai.”In view of the recent Rs 126.46 billion PNB scam, done through fraudulent issuance of LoUs by the connivance of the bank’s staff, it was pertinent for the regulator RBI to examine the issue of trade finance which also included issuance of letter of credit (LC) and LoUs,” PTI reports sources as saying.In February last week, the Finance Ministry announced public sector banks (PSBs) to examine all non-performing accounts (NPA) of over Rs 50 crore and accordingly report the cases to CBI for avoiding the occurrence of possible financial frauds. It also directed the state-owned banks for rationalizing overseas operations, shutting down loss-making units and seek the passport details of the borrowers while sanctioning loans above Rs 50 crore.Cases including PNB scam, Rotomac case, Dwarka Das Seth International’s Oriental Bank of Commerce fraud case has raised questions about the operations of banks in the country and the involvement of bank officials in the frauds. It is very important to note that the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) in the country had given permission to prosecute 30 officials from 13 banks.last_img read more

Will former defence ministers first budget set right defence outlay anomaly

first_imgGeopolitical observers expect Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the former defence minister, to rectify the anomaly in defence outlay in the Interim Budget while presenting the Union Budget 2019 on Friday.TwitterFinance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s stint heading the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s earlier government is expected to give her a better perspective of the country’s defence needs while finalising the Union Budget 2019. MoD circles hope she will address the grievance that its outlay went down from the previous year in real terms in the interim budget that Piyush Goyal presented while standing in for Arun Jaitley in February.The allocation on paper at Rs 3.05 lakh crore ($43 billion) was disappointing to many geopolitical observers as the rise from Rs 2.85 lakh crore ($40 billion) in the Union Budget 2018 was only marginal. It meant a cut in the defence outlay when factoring in the rupee depreciation and inflation. That is why they think an ex-defence minister will realise the urgency of fast-tracking the modernisation of the country’s defence forces at a time when geopolitical tensions are on the rise. The fall in the outlay in real terms was surprising to many because the Modi government had changed the terms of the $8.8-billion Rafale deal despite its advanced stage of finalization citing geopolitical urgency. Instead of buying 126 aircraft to be assembled in India, the deal was altered to supply 32 frontline, multirole aircraft in a fly-away condition so that they could be inducted into the forces fast. The generation-4.5 fighters are expected to enhance India’s air superiority against both Pakistan and China. Nirmala Sitharaman as defence minister visited Arunachal Pradesh and her address to the service personnel posted in harsh weather conditions was considered a morale booster. Now Sitharaman as finance minister is expected to have a favourable perspective on the defence outlay in the Union Budget 2019.TwitterSome defence circles even suggested after the February 27 skirmish over the Kashmir skies with an intruding formation of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) warplanes that a better equipped Sukhoi-30 MKI fighters or Rafale aircraft would have been a deterrent. The unsuccessful Pakistani raid was in the wake of Indian Air Force’s (IAF) bombing of Jaish-e-Mohammed training camps in Balakot to avenge the Pulwama terror strike a week earlier.The recent withdrawal of income-tax concessions to defence veterans by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) under Sitharaman surprised many as they expected a more lenient view of the issue from a former defence minister. Sitharaman has in her defence posted on Twitter a letter from the MoD about widespread abuse of the concession by some veterans. Some aggrieved veterans, however, likened the withdrawal of a vital welfare measure in one sweep because of some cases of abuse to throwing out the baby with the bathwater.last_img read more

Abducted businessman returns home after 79 days

first_imgBusinessman Aniruddha Kumar Roy. File photo Belarus’ honorary consul to Bangladesh and businessman Aniruddha Kumar Roy returned home on Thursday morning, after 79 days of his alleged abduction.Gulshan police station officer-in-charge (OC) Abu Bakkar Siddique confirmed this to Prothom Alo.However, Aniruddh’s family refused to speak to the police after his return, the OC added.Aniruddha Roy, managing director of RMM Group, was forcefully picked up in a vehicle in broad daylight from the city’s Gulshan area, when he came out of a bank on 27 August.According to the CCTV footage, the vehicle then sped away towards Gulshan-1.last_img read more

Sony Xperia PlayStation Phone Coming to Verizon in Spring

first_imgAs promised, Sony Ericsson shed more light on its upcoming Xperia Play–the Android handset formerly (but actually, not really ever) known as the PlayStation Phone. The handset is getting the decidedly broad release date of spring 2011. Arguably even more interesting than than that vague release date is the fact that this eagerly awaited Gingerbread (Android 2.3) handset will be arriving on Verizon, and it appears to be an exclusive on that carrier in the US–at least at launch.Need more specy goodness? Here you go: Snapdragon 1Ghz processor, graphical enhancements via the Andreno 205 processor, four inch screen, 5.0MP camera, 60fps playback. More info to follow, surely.last_img read more

Firhad Hakim launches revamped Haj app

first_imgKolkata: State Urban Development minister Firhad Hakim inaugurated a revamped Haj Sathi app for the benefit of the pilgrims on Saturday. The app introduced by West Bengal State Haj Committee has every intricate detail about Haj embedded in it.”This app will be of immense help to a Haj pilgrim. It offers information about the steps that need to be taken by a pilgrim, what are the flights available, how the various forms can be accessed etc. It will also ensure that a pilgrim does not get cheated by any tout,” Hakim said. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsElaborating on the benefits provided by the Haj Committee that comes under the state government, the minister said that a state-of-the-art Haj House has come up in Rajarhat on 15 acres land involving an investment of Rs 100 crore. “It can accommodate 3,000 people at a time and all the formalities that a pilgrim has to go through pertaining to Haj will be conducted at this place itself. Only the customs and immigration checking will be done at the airport before a pilgrim takes the flight,” he added. Facilities of a modern auditorium, canteen, prayer hall with beautiful landscape is also available at the Haj House. There have been certain changes in Haj operation this year. “The app will help in direct registering of complaints and officials will directly reply to the pilgrims after checking the status of their complaint. We assure that minimum time will be taken for resolving their issues,” a senior official of the Haj Committee said.last_img read more

This fabulous dancer on stage with Carly Rae Jepsen will give you

first_imgRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Carly Rae Jepsen and Mark Kanemura. | Photo: Mark Kanemura / Instagram She regularly performs at various Prides around the world, famously canceled a boy scouts tour to protest their gay ban, featured a gay storyline in her most recognizable song and, well, have you heard her album Emotions?But she’s elevating her queer icon status even further by having ex-Gaga dancer Mark Kanemura join her on stage while performing her hit-song Cut to the Feeling.It all started when Kanemura started lip syncing to the song over a year ago.He was obsessed.So much so that he made numerous music videos featuring rainbow-filled outfits.But everything changed when he made his most viral video to the song in June this year. In the video – which now has more than 1.3 million views on Instagram – he throws off a series of short wigs to reveal a long, flowing rainbow weave.He also whips out a fan and then has one final gag featuring a Sasha Velour-style confetti reveal under his wig.So when Carly Rae invited him on stage at her San Fransisco concert last night, he recreated the routine, with some added extras.Gay YouTuber Tyler Oakley posted a clip of the video to Twitter and people are going crazy for it all over again.Watch the fabulous video:20gayteen is truly something else There’s no doubt Carly Rae Jepsen is a queer icon.center_img GAYSTARNEWS- — tyler oakley (@tyleroakley) 11 August 2018Mark Kanemura also took to Instagram with a sweet video featuring the Call Me Maybe singer.‘Hey friends,’ he says in the video. ‘So I have a special guest that would like to say Happy Cut to the Feeling Friday.’He swings the camera around and Carly Rae Jepsen beams: ‘Happy Cut to the Feeling Friday!’What a cute little couple!Carly Rae Jepsen is best known for her hit song Call Me Maybe. | Photo: suppliedIn June this year, the straight Call Me Maybe actor who played the gay character said he doesn’t like being known as the gay guy.In an interview, Holden Nowell said: ‘I was always the ‘Call Me Maybe’ guy, everywhere I went. After a while, I got really sick of hearing that.’‘The fact that they had to make me gay at the end of the video,’ he said. ‘It was all very… I didn’t like being known as the gay guy in the Call Me Maybe video.’Originally, the video was going to end with him kissing the other guy. Instead, he gave him his number and that change came from Nowell.‘I was like, “I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’m not going to kiss a guy, especially for $500”.‘I said: “I really don’t think I’m comfortable kissing a guy for a music video.”’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

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first_img News | CT Angiography (CTA) | July 24, 2019 WVU Medicine Installs First Alphenix 4D CT in the U.S. The West Virginia University (WVU) Heart and Vascular Institute is the first hospital in the country to acquire the… read more News | July 24, 2008 The Orthopaedic Institute in Florida Installs Three IDC DR Systems News | CT Angiography (CTA) | July 11, 2019 Mednax National Cardiac Centers of Excellence Program Highlighted at SCCT 2019 Mednax Inc. and Mednax Radiology Solutions announced that Chief Medical Officer Ricardo C. Cury, M.D., FSCCT, will… read more Technology | Radiation Dose Management | May 23, 2019 ControlRad Announces FDA Clearance and Launch of ControlRad Trace ControlRad Inc. announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 510(k) clearance for its ControlRad… read more News | Advanced Visualization | February 25, 2019 Philips and Microsoft Showcase Augmented Reality for Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Therapies Philips will unveil a new mixed reality concept developed together with Microsoft that the company says is designed for… read more Related Content Technology | Mobile C-Arms | February 18, 2019 Philips Launches Zenition Mobile C-arm Platform Philips announced the launch of Philips Zenition, its new mobile C-arm imaging platform. Mobile C-arms are X-ray… read more News | Computed Tomography (CT) | March 04, 2019 Aidoc Announces CE Mark for AI-based Pulmonary Embolism Workflow Tool Artificial intelligence (AI) radiology solution provider Aidoc announced the commercial release of its CE-marked… read more center_img July 25, 2008 – Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd. (IDC) said The Orthopaedic Institute has purchased three IDC 1600 Plus X-Series DR systems for three of its facilities in Ocala, Lake City and Alachua, FL.The Orthopaedic Institute is a private practice group of 22 specialty physicians providing the complete spectrum of musculoskeletal care including orthopedic surgery, primary care orthopedics, spine and neurosurgery, hand and upper extremity surgery as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery. For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Philips and Microsoft have partnered to develop an augmented reality system to help imporve workflow and procedural navigation in the cath lab. Physicians wearing visors can view and interact with true 3-D holograms above the patient on the table and manipulate the image with voice and hand motion commands to avoid breaking the sterile field.  Technology | Angiography | March 01, 2019 iSchemaView Launches RAPID Angio iSchemaView announced the release of RAPID Angio, a complete neuroimaging solution for the angiography suite that… read more Technology | Radiation Dose Management | April 04, 2019 Omega Medical Imaging Launches AI-enabled FluoroShield for Radiation Reduction The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Omega Medical Imaging 510(k) clearance to offer their artificial… read more 360 Photos | Angiography | May 17, 2019 360 View Inside a Cath/EP Lab at Baylor Heart Hospital This is a view inside one of the 11 cath labs at … read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | June 24, 2019 Mentice and Siemens Healthineers Integrate VIST Virtual Patient With Artis Icono Angiography System Siemens Healthineers and Mentice AB announced the collaboration to fully integrate Mentice’s VIST Virtual Patient into… read more last_img read more

Job fairs seeking 1300 employees

first_imgUniversal stores and Hispanoamericana University will host job fairs in coming days with the goal of hiring 1,300 people for permanent and seasonal posts.The fair at the university is scheduled for July 9-10 at its campus in Tibás, northwest of San José. Entrance is free.A total of 30 companies will be offering 1,000 technical and professional jobs. Most of the posts require fluency in a second language, and participating companies are seeking staff who speak English, French, German or Portuguese.Recruiters are seeking sales executives, network executives, web developers, java software developers, software testers (QA), customer service reps, administrative assistants, systems engineers, technical support, bilingual specialists, database administrators, financial analysts, call center agents with advanced English, electronic engineers, project managers, marketing executives and others.Companies will accept résumés in both digital and printed formats, and organizers have set up information kiosks for questions about participating companies.Visitors will be offered free lectures from human resource specialists, have their English proficiency tested and receive free counseling on labor issues.Among participating companies are: Amazon, EPA, Sykes, Pizza Hut, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, ITS, Credomatic, Starbucks, Unilever, Credix, Grupo Multivex, Search, Renaware, Eurociencia and Teleperformance, among others.Universal also will hold an annual job fair from July 28-29, with 300 seasonal posts available at stores. The fair takes place at Centro Colón in downtown San José, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.Posts are available for reception, information, sales, cashiers, maintenance, decoration and others.Those interested should bring a printed résumé, a recent photograph, two recommendation letters and a criminal background check. Facebook Comments Related posts:Hiring expectations low for Costa Rican employers in first months of 2015 Employment outlook slightly better for Ticos in coming months, survey finds Hiring outlook in Costa Rica up 3 percent over last quarter, survey finds Costa Rica employers optimistic about hiring in Q4last_img read more

Vacation spending wending its way up survey

first_imgTheme park vacations are the most popular,according to the study Belying any suggestions that travelers were still tightening their belts when it came to planning for holidays, a new study has found that in fact most vacation budgets will increase in 2012.According to the Wyndham Hotel Group study, 70 per cent of travelers worldwide said they would spend the same amount or more on vacations this year as they did last year, with 35 per cent admitting to likely spending more. With deeper pockets, more than half (52%) of US travelers said they intended on spending any extra money on extending their vacations, while two-thirds (66%) of Chinese travelers confessed to doing likewise. Accommodation costs aside, American (37%), Canadian (36%) and Chinese (42%) travelers will spend the majority of their budgets on entertainment and excursions, while British (37%) and Brazilian (40%) travelers will opt to fork out more on dining and shopping.Common amongst all holidaymakers was the desire to visit a major theme park, with 43 per cent of travelers choosing this type of vacation above all else. Of those who were looking to cut back on spending, only 24 per cent said they would give up vacationing to do so, with US respondents placing the most importance on travel, putting it last on their list of items they would be willing to do without. The Wyndham survey polled over 5,600 adults in key cities throughout the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.Hlast_img read more