SEGAL Launches Agro – Cooperative in Yekapa

first_imgThe Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia/SEGAL has launched an agriculture cooperative at the concession area of Arcelor Mittal in Yekapa in order to sustain its officers who were downsized owing to the short fall in the price of iron ole in the world market.According to its Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Mr Momo Cyrus his organization will be investing about US$ 50, 000 into the cooperative to make it more productive.He added that the purpose of the cooperative is to keep the downsized officers busy doing something as a means of sustaining themselves before they go back in society to engage in unlawful activities that will embarrass the company.He said the cooperative will involve in mechanized farming and products will be sold in Yekapa to Mittal canteen owners and the rest of the country.“Our goal has always been to keep Liberians at their jobs, but due to some situation we are taking this decision by downsizing you, again, we don’t want you to go in the community sitting down doing anything or getting involved into some unlawful acts, this is why we are launching this cooperative,” he explained.He encouraged the downsized officers to take advantage and join the cooperative as another means of employment.“The cooperative is synonymous to cooperation and they have to cooperate with one another so that it can be successful and it is going to be a modern farming venture involving machines for mass production,” he asserted.The management of SEGAL immediately invested US$ 2000 as an initial contribution in the formulation of the cooperative.SEGAL on May Day downsized about 118 officers in Yekapa as part of three months campaign to downsize 50% of their men manning Mittal facilities, according to Mittal’s demand which came due to the fall in the price of iron ole.SEGAL is a security firm protecting Mittal facilities in concessional area in Yekapa. It has about 600 men who have been in active service since Mittal began mining in Liberia.Downsizing 50% of these men means that some 300 Liberians will be losing their jobs, but the coming of the cooperative will again upsize those who will lose their jobs, SEGAL said.The downsizing and launching was attended by former SEGAL Board Chairman Mr. Lionel Keller along with prominent citizens of Nimba including the office of Rep. Samuel Woleh, whose district the Mittal concession falls.“On behalf of the Nimba Caucus and the office of District # 3, we are very proud of SEGAL to take this bold step in creating a cooperative that will upsize the downsized,” said Thomas Bahn, Administrative Assistant in the office of Rep. Woleh.However, the management has outlined that the cooperative will be comprised of representatives from SEGAL, Nimba District 3 office backed by other consultants from Yekapa while the land will be provided by Mittal. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Cartoon: August 12, 2016

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‘It’s Gowa, Someone Wanted You Dead’ (Part 1)

first_imgThe author, Omari JacksonA harrowing account of Omari Jackson’s encounter with ‘GOWA’Death was not a word that ever occurred to me the morning I was accompanied by my younger brother, when I managed with difficulty to get into a taxi to seek treatment from a treatment center near the Baptist Seminary Community. It was on Thursday, June 22, 2018, my left foot had developed blisters and I seemed to lose my concentration. I did not know what was happening around me. All I could hear was my brother’s encouragement that he knew somewhere to take me to get relief.What was my problem? “Someone threw GOWA on you and wanted you dead,” journalist Trouble Suah, told me the next night before and he had sought to get help for me. However, the young man that he brought to help me gave me a white chalk with the instruction that I should not attempt to go to any medical center for treatment. His problem was that he said GOWA hated injection and death could result if I chose to take an injection at any medical center. I was shocked that I had contracted GOWA because until then I had no idea I could become a victim of GOWA’s insidious horror.“Someone threw it on you or you stepped on it,” was the statement I heard again and again as I arrived at the treatment center on a motorbike on the second leg of my journey to a Treatment Center outside Monrovia. At her center, we were directed to another location where the woman that we sought said she was preparing to visit another location so we went there to wait for her.After arriving at the location, to climb the low steps that led to the three-bedroom that she was using for church service and treatment center, my brother and another person helped me to climb. I felt tired and wanted to sleep. When the woman came, she explained that she was on her way to an occasion and decided that I could wait if I wanted to. But when she examined my left leg and saw huge bubbles of blisters all around it, she apparently felt sorry for my condition. “This is an emergency situation,” she said. It became apparent that she could read from my face the horrible tiredness and exhaustion that I was going through at that moment. She confirmed that I had contracted GOWA and noted the wickedness of people who seek to harm their friends. She meant that someone, though she could not reveal to me at the time, was responsible for my suffering, for it is an accepted fact in Liberia GOWA is one disease that can only contracted when someone, an enemy or a wicked person could only send to harm anyone they are against or simply a disease that is sent to kill.Though I had a problem reconciling the statement that because my left leg had contracted GOWA, it was someone who was responsible for it. I was overwhelmed with the number of people who came to encourage me and to wish me God’s blessing ‘in the name of Jesus’ for two days after the blisters gathered around my left leg, I was still alive. Many of those who came to empathize with me kept praising God and Jesus since many felt that I was a good man and did not deserve any evil person to harm me. But what might have done for someone to throw GOWA on my way to go through such an experience? One of the obvious questions that came to me was, whether I was following someone else’s woman. When I would answer in the negative, many of the people would simply shake their head and asked God to bless me.As I understood the nature of my sickness, I realized how vulnerable Liberian poor communities and even the majority of the people have allowed the whims and ignorance of many to dictate their lives in cases in which they are quick to blame some enemy for their suffering. What was the motive for anyone to kill me through juju (GOWA)? In all my life I have been a journalist and I know no other job and I am not sure I have done that great an evil to someone who may want me dead. Until the GOWA experience, I don’t remember doing anything to injure another human being. I have always been a journalist and I have not caused anyone to lose their job, and there was no indication that someone was interested in someone’s else job in which he would want me out of the way. As one of the editors at the Daily Observer newspaper, I have not been given any preferential treatment and I don’t know any issue that could be the reason for anyone to suggest the motive to kill me by using GOWA. All these reasons I am pointing out mean nothing to those who have made up their mind that one could only contract GOWA through another somehow wicked human being.Personally, I share the belief that only the living needs help and not the one who is dead and in my weak way I share my little resources with others as much as I could. But the reality was that anyone who came across me with the distemper believed that someone was trying to kill me or in the worst-case scenario, someone wanted my left foot cut. At the treatment center, I learned about a man who died when it became apparent that Mother Johnson could not help him after she received a vision that the man was beyond redemption. But could God, the Almighty reveal to his prophet that a sick man could not be healed? In the end, I was told that the man died one week before I arrived at the center for help. The man’s story in actual fact was not helping me but I could not tell them to stop making life hard for me. However, I made my resolved and was determined not to allow stories that were without collaboration to scare me to death. So, every evening I would bow down in the room that was given to me to use while I was there, and asked God not to abandon me. I would quote Isaiah 41:10, when God Almighty told the children of Israel: “Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be anxious, for I am your God. I will fortify you, yes, I will help you, I will really hold on to you with my right hand of righteousness.” It gave me reassurance and the courage to hung on because it was clear that I could not change the situation. So, I made a vow to wait for God’s time.Meanwhile, I began to investigate what kind of disease I was suffering on my leg. What was it? How could someone contract it? What was the most effective treatment of this GOWA? Now since my GOWA began as blisters around my left leg, I was told it was ‘water Gowa.’ I also learned there is fire Gowa. From my brief investigation, I gathered that GOWA is prevalent in the Southeast of Liberia: Grand Kru, Grand Bassa, Sinoe, Grand Gedeh, and Maryland. But what is GOWA? As far my experience was concerned, it appeared to me to a certain kind of disease that affects the leg and sometimes neck. As the foot succumbs to the infection, it produces pain. Since blisters surrounded my leg on the second day of the infection, the water-filled blisters had to be open to get the water out. As the process continued, I saw my flesh decaying right before me. It was depressing to see my foot ‘being rotten’ before my eyes and though center applied several traditional medicines to the foot, it was apparent that I had a long way to go because of the slow response of my foot to the traditional medicine. At the same time, the center encouraged me to take a lot of antibiotics to avoid any future gangrene that could lead to the cutting off my foot. In what appeared like a hopeless situation, the consumption of antibiotics and the use of several leaves suggested by the woman proved worthless, they decided to encourage me to put my trust in God, for He is the doctor who knew solutions for all diseases.So far, I had spent one month at the center and the results had not been encouraging. What was I to do? So, I decided to inform some of the friends who are more religious to come to my rescue. I called my friend Augusta Lafalay of Gardnersville.“I have a request for you,” I told Lafalay on the phone.“What can I do for you Mr. Jackson,” she replied.“Are you going to church this Sunday?”“Yes.”“That’s what I am talking about, listen is it possible you can put in a request at your church for me…I want you to sing some gospel songs for me.”Lafalay laughed.“It’s serious, my friend.”She gave a deep breath and replied that she would be in the church that Sunday.“Please, can you ask your church to sing for me ‘What About Me?”“Are you serious?’“Yes,’ I said, “Lafalay. “It goes something like this: He Did It for Other People, What About Me…” Lafalay interrupted me and said she would ask her friends to do my request.“There are two more,” I said. “The second one is, ‘My Life Time, I will Give God My Lifetime…do you know that song?”Still laughing, she said, “Yes I know it and I will ask my friends to sing as a dedication to you.”I was enjoying the conversation since Lafalay had agreed to do my request.“Now the last one is,” I said, “They are men, they are not God, They are men they are God…’do you know it?” It was also apparent that Lafalay was enjoying the conversation and she assured me that she would do my request. I felt at peace with myself and looking at the situation I knew I was in for the long haul. But I began to re-examine my position carefully when I heard that someone had a dream and a certain woman had gone to her to say, “That man in the room, I will see to it they cut his foot because of what he did to me.” When it was revealed to me, I realized that someone wanted me to say something that they could use as the basis for the situation I was in.However, I was not prepared to let anyone pick my mouth and begin to tell me an issue that had already been part of my activities, therefore, I felt that if anyone thought they knew what caused my situation, they should be bold and let me know what the problem was and they should not engage in any fishing expedition to explore and to appeal to my fear to reveal any kind of information to them.I realized that since many of the people believed that one could not be infected with GOWA except someone sent it, it is the cause why many religious Liberians are found in local churches every Sunday and under the influence of smart pastors, mothers and prophets who would tickle their ears with titillating tales about their enemies and their goliaths and become slaves to orders and instructions of these people of God. They are noted to point to family members as the sources of their suffering. It is no wonder that some families are torn apart because some elder members of the family were accused of being the sources of their young relatives suffering. As I went through three months of not being able to walk, I never for one minute believed that someone was responsible for my situation. All of us have different destinies and while consequences place two or more people together, we are comforted with chances that come our way, for either good or bad and how well we manage the chance encounters is up to us. I felt that GOWA could cause by a bacteria. There was even a report that GOWA was on sale at Gorbachop Market in Paynesville. Again there was no collaboration and later investigation proved that false.To fight the disease I was encouraged to consume a greater number of antibiotics and while I thought they could help me, it was confirmed one day when my leg was being attended to that my foot was spoiling and the specter of amputation went through my mind.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Omega Cares Breaks Ground for Basketball Court in Paynesville

first_imgGajay Ananaba breaks ground for the construction of a modern recreational center in Paynesville, while Minister Wilson looks on.For the second time in recent weeks, the administration of Omega Cares Incorporated (OCI) has broken ground for the construction of multipurpose recreational facility that includes a basketball court and a gymnasium with a seating capacity of 200, near the SKD Sports Complex.The ceremony, which took place on Monday, December 19, at the Right to Play Conference Hall, adjacent the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville, coincided with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Youth & Sports and OCI to work closely to see that the design meets its required standard.Gajay Ananaba exchanged notes with Minister Wilson after signing the MOU.The facility is a gift from Mr. Charles L. Ananaba, a former basketball player and his wife Patricia, who have retired as CEO and vice president for administration of Omega Insurance Group (OIG), respectively. OIG is the parent company of Omega Cares.Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony, Youth & Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson was hopeful that the facility, when completed will not only help in the unearthing and nurturing of talents but also serve as a place of entertainment for people in the community. He said the facility has the potential to benefit young people in the community, especially between the ages of eight and 17.Minister Wilson praised the company and its executives for the initiative, noting that it will meet the recreational needs of young people who reside in the area.Wilson further told the residents that Mr. Ananaba is one of the best that Liberia could ever boast of when it comes to basketball.“So, when they approached me on the project I was so excited about the idea, because somebody who played sports in this country, particularly basketball, has an NGO that wants to help modernize the facility here for the young children. It was something that we thought it was laudable to honor it,” he said.Gajay Ananaba exchanges notes with Minister Wilson after signing the MOU.Gajay Ananaba, president and chief executive officer of Omega Insurance Group Limited, expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Youth & Sports family and residents of ELWA Community for allowing them to construct the facility.Speaking on behalf of the founder of Omega Cares, Mrs. Patricia Ananaba, Gajay believes that when the project is completed, it will become a talent development hub in the area.He said his parents, who are also athletes, always had to go out of the city to play basketball. He said it is because of the need for a recreational facility that the company decided to undertake the initiative.Gajay added, “It is said to whom much is given, much is expected,” he said, noting that their family has been blessed by God. “Therefore, we want to break ground today to establish a closed gymnasium for basketball. And it will provide playing time and protect our children, keep them out of the streets, and they can have a life of playing [and] enjoying sports.”“I am happy, and I am proud that we can give back to the community. We want to say that we have been blessed as a family. But we must give back. And this is why we are building this closed gymnasium for the youth in this area,” he said.According to him, his family’s aim is to see children in Liberia becoming useful in society, rather than being in the streets. He also clarified that his parents are not constructing these basketball courts for political reasons, “because it is not in our mind.”He said work on the facility will begin Monday, December 24 and is expected to be completed in three months. Meanwhile, the construction of the ELWA basketball court is the second initiative that the foundation is carrying out. The first project is ongoing in the Brewerville community, north of Monrovia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Soldiers injured during paratrooping exercise

first_imgTwo soldiers, whose identities were not released to the media, are now hospitalized following an accident during a routine paratrooping exercise at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).Based on reports received, the two soldiers, attached to the 31 Special Forces Squadron of the Guyana Defence Force, sustained injuries after their parachutes became entangled on Thursday at about 08:15h.The two soldiers were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where they are listed as being in stable condition but are being evaluated to determine the seriousness of their injuries.The families of the two men were contacted, and an investigation has been launched into the accident.Questioned about the incident, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, told media operatives that it is normal for paratroopers to be injured during an exercise. He explained that in some cases there is a “may-west”, an occurrence where there is no air and the parachutes do not open as they should.The minister explained that paratrooping has always been an occupational hazard, especially when someone is in the military. Harmon reiterated: “These injuries do occur when they (paratroopers) exit a moving aircraft”.last_img read more

Dwayne Bravo’s five-star show lifts Knight Riders to victory

first_imgHero Caribbean Premier League 2018…Dwayne Bravo made Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) history with five successive sixes as Trinbago Knight Riders beat St Kitts & Nevis Patriots by 46 runs at Warner Park.A slow-burner of an innings from the Knight Riders exploded into life in the closing overs to get the total within a whisker of 200, which proved well beyond a Patriots side that still has work to do to secure a play-off spot.There appeared little chance of anything approaching 200 for the Knight Riders with just 127/3 on the board after 16 overs, but an astonishing 72 runs came from the remaining four overs with Dwayne Bravo’s demolition of Alzarri Joseph’s final over – the 19th – very much the headline attraction as he became the first player in Hero CPL history to hit five sixes in a row.Perhaps the most astonishing thing about those five sixes was the fact they were all so different. The first went gun-barrel straight back over the bowler’s head, the second in-to-out over extra-cover, the third over square-leg, the fourth carved to third-man and the final one swiped beyond deep mid-wicket as the Knight Riders captain smashed his way to 37* from just 11 balls. He now has 12 sixes from just 41 balls faced in this season’s Hero CPL.Colin Munro, who batted beautifully once again as his unbeaten 76 took him back to the top of the 2018 Hero CPL runs list , added another 18 runs from the final over – including the fifth six of his own innings – to lift the Knight Riders to 199/4 in an innings that remarkably featured 16 Hero Maximums but only nine fours.The Patriots were always up against it in the run-chase, especially so after Anderson Phillip snared the big wicket of Chris Gayle for just 9 in his first over the 2018 season.There was a welcome first half-century of the campaign for Evin Lewis, who made light of his recent poor run with a classy 52 from 37 featuring five more Hero Maximums, but the Patriots couldn’t get the big partnership going that was needed to chase down such a total.Lewis also fell to Phillip (3/40) walking across his stumps to be trapped plumb lbw, while leg-spinner Fawad Ahmed did for Rassie van der Dussen and Anton Devcich.When Devon Thomas chased a wide delivery to edge Ali Khan through to Denesh Ramdin, the Patriots were left hoping for some Bravo-style heroics from either Ben Cutting or Carlos Brathwaite just to get close to their distant target.Cutting, though, ran himself out looking for a non-existent second run to third-man and Brathwaite was unable to get going until the target was well out of reach, hitting his first six when the equation had reached 57 from nine balls.Phillip took his third wicket of the night when Brandon King sliced a full delivery to Sunil Narine at backward point before Dwayne Bravo fittingly had the final word with the wicket of Brathwaite for 21 in the final over of the night.The Knight Riders had made an inauspicious start to their own innings, losing both their openers inside the first 27 balls of the innings. Both Narine and Chris Lynn did manage to contribute to the six count – Lynn’s a landmark 200thsix for him in T20 cricket – but not much more. Narine was caught by Joseph off Carlos Brathwaite, while Lynn was one of two batsmen clean bowled by Joseph. His figures were an eye-catching 2/13 after his first three overs before Dwayne Bravo got hold of him.Munro and Brendon McCullum rebuilt the innings in a partnership of 78 that was often hard work but studded with just enough boundaries to keep the Knight Riders going in the right direction.McCullum rode his luck in making 35 – dropped by Joseph in the deep and wicket-keeper Devon Thomas down the leg-side from a gloved pull – but was finally removed by Joseph, who, for better or worse, appeared to be at the centre of everything.Darren Bravo offered a taste of what was to come with successive sixes off Cutting before being caught at mid-off by Mahmudullah off Sheldon Cottrell. That, though, only brought the elder Bravo to the crease for 11 balls of mayhem.last_img read more

Sample of local residents split on pick for Best Picture Oscar

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Letters from Iwo Jima” each received two votes, and two responders expressed no preference. None of our responders selected “The Departed,” which oddsmakers consider the heavy favorite. “The Queen,” considered the least likely to win, didn’t garner any votes in our poll either. According to online sportsbook, which sets its own Oscars odds, “The Departed” pays just 1.65-to-1, followed by “Little Miss Sunshine” at 3-to-1, “Babel” at 4-to-1, “Letters from Iwo Jima” at 7-to-1 and “The Queen” at 13-to-1. Here’s what Antelope Valley residents had to say: PALMDALE – Sometime later tonight, a long, drawn-out Academy Awards presentation will culminate with host Ellen DeGeneres announcing the coveted Best Picture Oscar winner. The Daily News wanted to know which film Antelope Valley residents believe is the most deserving. So we took to the streets earlier this week, asking 10 random participants at Palmdale’s main post office for their picks. The winner of our admittedly unscientific poll was “Babel,” which took four of the 10 votes. last_img read more

Preacher’s wife convicted of voluntary manslaughter

first_imgSELMER, Tenn. – A preacher’s wife who claimed her husband abused her was convicted of voluntary manslaughter Thursday for killing him with a shotgun she said fired accidentally as she aimed at him. Mary Winkler showed no emotion as the verdict was read. Prosecutors had sought a first-degree murder conviction, but the jury settled on the lesser charge after deliberating for eight hours. She faces three to six years in prison but would be eligible for parole after serving about one-third of the sentence. If Winkler, 33, had been convicted of first- or second-degree murder, she would have gone to prison for at least 12 years and maybe for the rest of her life. Her lawyers said Mary Winkler’s testimony was decisive. “They had to hear it from Mary; there was no other source,” defense attorney Steve Farese said. Winkler told jurors in powerful testimony Wednesday that her husband, Matthew, abused her physically and sexually, but she said she did not pull the trigger and the shotgun went off accidentally as she pointed it at him. The prosecution said it was ludicrous to suggest the shooting was an accident. Assistant District Attorney General Walt Freeland said bank managers were closing in on a check-kiting scheme that Mary Winkler wanted to conceal from her husband. Matthew Winkler, a 31-year-old preacher at the Fourth Street Church of Christ, was found in the church parsonage shot in his back in March 2006. One day later, his wife was arrested on the Alabama coast, driving the family minivan with their three young daughters. Matthew Winkler’s father, who is also a preacher, thanked the jury and thanked God for being “our rock and our shield” during the trial.last_img read more

Governor threatens to sue EPA

first_imgSACRAMENTO – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday said his administration will sue the Environmental Protection Agency if it fails to act more quickly on California’s request to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. Schwarzenegger said he called EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson on Wednesday and told him his agency was moving too slowly on California’s 2005 request for a waiver to the federal Clean Air Act. The waiver, if granted by the EPA, would allow California to more aggressively regulate greenhouse gases as air pollutants. “If we don’t see quick action from the government, we will sue the U.S. EPA,” Schwarzenegger said during a luncheon speech in Beverly Hills, addressing the Milken Institute’s annual global conference. The administration’s letter announcing the intent to sue, a procedural step that is required six months before a lawsuit would be filed, was sent to the EPA on Wednesday, Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear said. The EPA had delayed acting because the agency maintained it did not have the authority to regulate the gases that contribute to global warming. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Arsenal line-up v Southampton – Wenger to rest Sanchez?

first_img 1 Alexis Sanchez has played a lot of football this season 1 With the winter period comes the busiest part of the season for English clubs, and Arsenal are no exception.The Gunners kick off their festive fixture list with four games over the next ten days and while boss Arsene Wenger will look at his threadbare squad with a degree of concern, he knows that rotation will be key.With Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny back in the first team following lengthy periods on the sidelines, Wenger is able to breathe a sigh of relief, but a quick look over his current squad unearths a number of players in need of rest.Two who immediately spring to mind are Per Mertesacker and Alexis Sanchez. The duo have been ever-present in the Arsenal XI and there are signs that some degree of rest is needed.Fresh defensive concerns – both Nacho Monreal (knee) and Kieran Gibbs (ankle) are doubts – suggest that Mertesacker will be forced to power through a potentially tricky tie against Southampton, but this could be the perfect chance to give Sanchez a break.Since arriving at the Emirates this summer for around £35m, the Chilean has played 90 minutes on 15 occasions. While Arsenal are unquestionably better off with him on the pitch, there were signs that he was flagging in the latter stages of Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over West Brom at the weekend.But how would that influence the Gunners’ line-up against Southampton? Here is a possible XI… Should Wenger opt to rest Sanchez, the likeliest alternative will be either Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain or Lukas Podolski.Given fitness doubts surrounding Oxlade-Chamberlain, we suggest that the German may finally get a run-out, especially given his vocal concerns at a lack of game time.There could also be a slight reshuffling at the back, with the doubts lingering over Gibbs and Monreal possibly seeing Wenger field full-back Hector Bellerin in their place.Arsenal fans, how do you think you’ll line-up against Southampton? Comment below…last_img read more