Firefighters turn out for Capt Tim Vails funeral

Hundreds of first responders from all over Ontario came out to pay their last respects to Niagara Falls Fire Captain Tim Vail.Vail lost his life on Remembrance Day while taking the family dogs for a walk. Vail died attempting to rescue one of hisdogs trapped in an old well.Vail was taking his dogs for a walk behind Prudhommes Landing in Vineland, the smaller dog got stuckin an old well. He attempted to rescue dog when he became trapped and suffered fatal injuries.Vail leaves his wife Samantha and children Tanner and Abbi.Vail became a paramedic in 1991, a few years later he joined the fire department but stayed on as a paramedicpart time. The Honour Guard of hundreds gave Tim Vail a final salute as the hearse carrying his body passed by.Many came to pay their final respects.

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