LNH Montpellier finally win 3632 against Aix

gajickarabaticMontpellieroslakselestat Finally Montpellier is back on the winning track. After a disappointing draw against Selestat last round, now Karabatic and co. scored a much-expected victory. At home, Aix was defeated with 36:32. Gajic scored 9 goals, while Karabatic had 6. Borut Oslak was Aix’s best with 7 goals. After this victory, Montpellier are now with 12 points from 9 games, 4 behind Paris HC (who have a game less). ← Previous Story Mirko Milosevic in Swiss St. Otmar from the next season Next Story → Luka Karabatic joins Aix!

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