Diego Milito: “That 6-1 to Madrid was historic and will always be in my memory”

first_img—Yes, they are the only two who will return to La Romareda from that Madrid. 14 years have passed and the circumstances are not the same. Zaragoza is now in Segunda and Madrid has a superlative team. But hopefully Zaragoza will draw its special mystique and its spirit buttress. I am sure that Madrid respects Zaragoza a lot, although it is now in Second.– In Zaragoza there is only Zapater, who is recovering from a knee operation. That night he played improvised left side to mark Beckham.“I remember it perfectly, and he did great.” It is a shame that Zapa is injured and cannot play this game. I know what he feels for Zaragoza.– The penalty is that after eliminating Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid, that Cup could not be won.-That Cup we have the bitter end of having lost the final against Espanyol. We eliminated the three biggest in Spanish football with a great game and then we couldn’t win what would have been the seventh Real Zaragoza Cup. It was a shame, but the Zaragoza enjoyed a lot of those games against Atlético, Barcelona and Madrid. We won 0-1 at Calderón, we scored four goals for Barcelona and then six for Madrid.JAVIER BELVER ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Diego Milito celebrates with Cani the third of his four goals against Real Madrid in the historic 6-1.JAVIER BELVER —How many times have you seen those four goals repeated?“It’s been a while since I’ve seen them, but of course I’ve seen them.” It was a special match for everyone. Also for the fans, who could enjoy a lot.“Do you remember them well?” The first was at the pass of Ewerthon, after a splendid control; the second came in an Oscar throw-in, after a great cut to Sergio Ramos, when he was asking for offside. Offside in a throw-in! And the third and fourth went head to Cani centers.“Goals like that remain forever.” I have them etched in memory. The first two, with the right and the other two, head. The fourth was when he nodded a corner that Cani took. -From that Madrid Sergio Ramos is still active, in addition to Zidane, his coach … — February 8, 2006. First leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. Real Zaragoza, 6-Real Madrid, 1. Diego Milito, author of four goals. Fourteen years later, that feat and his great scorer return to the forefront of Spanish football today …“Yes, well, they are beautiful memories.” Very cute. That was a historic match and will always be in my memory. Now there will be a new confrontation in the Cup between Real Zaragoza and Real Madrid and that unforgettable night is spoken again.center_img —Víctor Muñoz, then the coach, declared that Zaragoza played a perfect match…-Definitely. We made a perfect match. Only in this way is it explained that we won 6-1 at Madrid, in a Cup semifinal and against some extraordinary players.—That party made Diego Milito immortal for Zaragoza and Zaragoza, but Ewerthon also scored at an excellent level, which scored two goals, the fifth and sixth, Celades or Cani.—That day was a collective victory. I was the protagonist, because four goals are not scored every day and less to Madrid, but the whole team played a superlative match: Cani, Celades, the defense … “Will you see Wednesday’s meeting?”—I don’t know if any television will give it here, I hope so, but I’m always aware of Zaragoza. My whole family loves Zaragoza a lot, the institution that allowed me to play with my brother. I will always be grateful to Zaragoza. In addition, my oldest son, Leandro, is handy …—What is your prognosis?—I know that the tie is a match and I hope I can win Zaragoza and get into the quarterfinals. Madrid is a super team and is a favorite, but in football everything is possible.– Víctor Fernández says, who you also know very well, who prefers to win Cádiz on Sunday to eliminate Madrid …– It is clear that the main objective of Zaragoza is the ascent. There is no doubt about that, but Zaragoza is a cupbearer and will show his face. Insurance. He carries the Cup on his shield and in his history, and, knowing Victor, he will never give up his style and ambition.—The center forward of Real Zaragoza is now the Colombian Luis Suarez. Have you seen him play?“I haven’t been able to see it much.” I have heard of him, because I am aware of everything in Zaragoza, but in Argentina they only give small summaries of the Spanish Second Division. I know that Luis Suarez is young and that he is doing things very well.last_img read more

Another look at that statement flushing out all “PPP moles”

first_imgDear Editor,I read with great disquiet, the asinine statement made by David Hinds about flushing out all PPP moles from the public service. He made those remarks after Minister Sarabo-Halley fired members of her workforce at the Public Service Ministry. According to her – and Hinds is in full agreement – once you are a whistleblower you should be given the boot even if you are right.Their asinine assumption is that once you whistle blow on any wrongdoing done in the public domain using taxpayers’ money, you should be fired immediately, fired even without a hearing. This is the servile mentality David Hinds is exhibiting in this 21st Century and wants everyone to buy into it.Hinds’ servitude is not only apparent, but his statement is also empty and base because he is also assuming that once you oppose corruption, you are immediately classified as a PPP mole. This is very serious business because I am tempted to ask the question of what makes Hinds believe that the information of the corrupt transactions by a Minister came from this Ministry, and who gave him the impression that these folks are PPP members?For a man who claims to have the interest of The Race at heart, this is the foolishness he is pushing down our throats. Now I see why the PNC treated this man and his party the way they did because they knew what mettle these jellyfishes are made of.So, if Hinds is a modern-day slave of intellect, I can tell him we are not, our thoughts are not conditioned by anyone, far less by another man.These fired individuals are all upright good citizens of Guyana who were duty bound to do their civic duty in exposing corruption wherever and whenever it occurs. They are honest well-meaning citizens, irrespective of their race. According to these idiots, being Black means that you should uphold corruption just as Cathy Hughes asserted in that public press interview she had. She too is of that non-emancipated mentality like Hinds.So, if it is not bad enough that these people can make these vile remarks, even more distressing is the fact that they are trying to “herd” us into that school of thought!So, my message to Hinds and company, is that all Blacks are not like Pavlov’s Dog, we will not, and I repeat, we will not be conditioned into that retrograde thinking. And for Hinds’ information and most indelible records, we are emancipated Blacks of the highest order.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more

David Granger is seen as untrustworthy, demonstrating poor leadership

first_imgDear Editor,Please allow me to respond to the letter of Mr Roger James of NICIL, who has publicly called on me to point out the mistakes caused by the proliferation of caretaker President David Granger’s style of unilateral decision making.Mr James spent an inordinate amount of time to state four points:1. Acquisition of GuySuCo’s assets did not need approval of the Board or Minister of Agriculture.2. The NICIL Special Projects Unit (SPU) was set up by Winston Jordan, and does not need the approval of Cabinet for its transactions.3. Borrowing at a high interest rate while investing capital at a much lower rate are unique transactions and are not related4. The $30 billion bond is not a costly mistake. Nothing is offered to back NICIL’s claims that these are good actions, save and except that “the establishment of the SPU has further enhanced the management and operation of NICIL”.Editor, my reply to vesting of GuySuCo’s assets is constrained by sub-judice rules. Suffice to say I have been advised by my lawyers that it is trite company law that shareholders cannot deal with the assets of an incorporated company being managed by a Board. This is one of the questions that would be answered soon enough by the courts in the matter of GBL Inc vs NICIL, of which I am the plaintiff.GuySuCo itself issued a statement (6.12.2019) saying “NICIL had even speciously appointed its own Board of Directors in March of 2018, with Mr Colvin Heath-London as its Chairman, this decision was quashed by the Government, however, NICIL has never abandoned the misconception that, GuySuCo, an independent corporate agency, by Law, according to the (Companies) Act, is neither a department, unit or owned by NICIL”I maintain that the removal of Cabinet approval from the use of state assets is contrary to good sense, never mind best practice. Borrowing at high interest while lending at low rates is a recipe for bankruptcy. The drastic reduction in Government reserves since 2015 is proof that the Jordan ‘mathematical formulas’ are not working in the best interest of the public.Granger’s administration inherited the following in 2015: Gross international reserve at BoG US$666.6 million. Non-Reimbursable and High Concessional Financing: EU budget grants totalling €25.9 million, of which €20.2 million relate to the sugar support programme, with all conditions associated with disbursement already being met. Climate payments totalling US$250 million under the Guyana/Norway Partnership, of which US$190 million was already earned, and only US$40 million disbursed. Concessional resources secured for developmental projects:·US$130 million from China’s Eximbank to construct a new international airport.·US$66.2 million from IADB to fund road network upgrade and expansion project.·US$64.6 million from IADB to fund power utility upgrade programme.·US$50 million from India Eximbank to fund East Coast to East Bank bypass road.·US$34.4 million from CDB to fund West Coast Demerara Highway Upgrade project.·US$31.7 million from the IADB and EU to fund a water and sanitation infrastructure improvement project.·US$15 million from IADB for new Citizen Security Project·US$12 million from World Bank for a flood risk management project·US$10 million from World Bank for secondary education improvement project.·US$10 million from World Bank for UG science and technology support project.·US$7.5 million from CDB to fund a sugar industry mechanisation project.With all of the above projects and financing in place upon assumption of Office, the Granger Administration still pursued the population for money: raising existing taxes, introducing new taxes, closing ‘loopholes’, all of which increased revenue collection by over $80billion per year.Churchill’s contention that: “For a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle” is lost on this administration.Amidst all this available finance left in place by the PPP for projects, NICIL approached the commercial banks for a loan of $30 billion to finance the conversion of the Skeldon estate compound to a resort, while the LBI estate lounge has been made into a ‘sports bar’ luxury hangout for the APNU elite.The retooling and restructuring of GuySuCo as outlined in the Government of Guyana (GoG) State Paper on the Future of the Sugar Industry has not been attempted, much less executed. GuySuCo has complained “that NICIL/SPU are mere custodians of the Skeldon, Rose Hall, Enmore and Wales assets of GuySuCo for the specific purpose of facilitating divestments as envisaged in the State Paper on the Future of the Sugar Industry, the proceeds of which must be remitted to GuySuCo in order to fund its Strategic Plan. NICIL/SPU ought not to be the beneficiaries of the proceeds, as currently obtains”.NICIL is selling GuySuCo’s assets and pocketing the proceeds, which should rightly be re-invested.The $30 billion bond is backed by a sovereign guarantee; which means that the taxpayers will pay this ‘loan’ back in full, complete with $8.4 billion in interest, after NICIL is done spending on frivolous projects.This is the legacy of David Granger, as he is being exposed as untrustworthy, lacking in management skills, demonstrating poor leadership, engaging in trivial pursuits, and single-handedly moving Guyana from a constitutional democracy to a dictatorship. Granger is now using his wife as the face of the pseudo-campaign. Entry into politics comes with intense scrutiny, given that Mrs Granger already compromised the Government and her Office of the First Lady with acceptance of an all-expenses-paid trip to Singapore, this may be an ill-advised stratagem in an arena where no sacred cows exist.Respectfully,Robin Singhlast_img read more

LGC to address fraud at NDCs

first_imgThe Local Government Commission (LGC), which is mandated to oversee Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) and municipalities across the country, is preparing to address a number of fraud allegations that have surfaced over the past few weeks.LGC Commissioner Carol SoobaCommissioner on the LGC and former Town Clerk, Carol Sooba told Guyana Times via telephone that when the body met on Tuesday, it was expected that it would discuss the revelations and formulate a plan of action on the way forward. Sooba disclosed that the first step towards effective action was to prioritise the numerous complaints.“Our task is to prioritise these issues according to the seriousness,” she stated. Admitting that she would not be able to disclose the exact method of how the Commission planned to deal with the issue, Sooba noted that a general system would have to be put in place.“We have to set up a system by which we can deal with these things.” She went on to explain that owing to the large number of NDCs and municipalities around the country, the system will have to be versatile enough to deal with such issues on a large basis and also prevent future issues of this kind.Just this week, three NDCs within Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) have been accused of meddling in fraud. Substantial evidence has been provided to back up the claims. In the first case, Grove/Diamond NDC Chairman Bharrat Narine is calling for a probe into $21 million that has gone missing. The Enmore NDC is being investigated for missing monies that were allocated at a barbeque fundraiser. Additionally, the Caledonia/ Good Success NDC has been accused of misappropriation of funds and implementing higher rates and taxes that were never officially approved by the Communities Ministry.last_img read more

Roberto Martinez surprised by ‘special’ Everton youngster

first_img Brendan Galloway, left, has joined Luton getty 1center_img Everton boss Roberto Martinez admits he has been stunned by how easily Brendan Galloway has taken to Premier League football.The 19-year-old, signed from the MK Dons in 2014, has been a revelation for the Toffees at left-back after stepping in to replace the injured Leighton Baines.Galloway has made nine appearances so far this season and will again be in the starting line-up for Saturday’s Premier League trip to second-placed Arsenal.“”Brendan keeps surprising everyone,” said Martinez of the England Under-19 international.“His maturity is very impressive and I haven’t seen him needing time to rest or a need to take him out of the team.“You need to measure that week to week and allow football to make the decision. But there is no general rule saying that if someone is 19 and hasn’t really played before, there is a certain number of games you have to give him.“We have been very pleased with the way he has adapted to the demands and clearly we have someone quite special for the future.”last_img read more

Seat in memory of May McClintock unveiled today

first_imgLetterkenny Community Heritage Group will unveil a summer seat in memory of the late May McClintock at 7.30pm on August 23rd beside the Penal Monument on Sentry Hill.May was a good friend to our group and done a lot in her lifetime to promote the local history and heritage of the Letterkenny area.Everyone is welcome along and light refreshments will be served afterwards in the Station House Hotel. Seat in memory of May McClintock unveiled today was last modified: August 22nd, 2016 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Letterkenny Community Heritage GroupMay McClintockpenal monumentSentry Hilllast_img read more

Can the Oakland A’s get back to the playoffs in 2019?

first_imgOAKLAND — The mood in the A’s clubhouse following their elimination from the playoffs at Yankee Stadium was anything but somber.Matt Chapman, Khris Davis, and Blake Treinen held their heads up high, smiling as they answered questions just minutes following their 7-2 loss to the Yankees in Wednesday’s American League wild-card game.The feeling and message amongst players postgame was that the A’s are a team on the rise, destined to reach the playoffs for years to come. And they should feel …last_img read more


first_imgAs China moved in with its military to assert its claims, the US which is backing the smaller states in the area to stand up to Beijings bid to forcefully establish control asked China to implement the verdict and settle the row peacefully with its neighbours who have counter claims over the area.The new military manoeuvres by Beijing came in the midst of the visit to China today by the US Navys top admiral, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson, to discuss the South China Sea dispute in the aftermath of the verdict and ways to boost interactions between the two militaries.Richardson met the head of the Chinese navy, Admiral Wu Shengli and held talks with him.”It is very helpful for us to strengthen communication between us and build confidence. Of course it can help to improve our working and personal relationship,” Wu said.Earlier, Sun Jianguo Chief of the Joint Staff Department of the Chinas all powerful Central Military Commission, said the freedom of navigation issue “was bogus and one that certain countries repeatedly hyped up”.Without directly mentioning US, he warned that freedom of navigation patrols carried out by foreign navies in the South China Sea could end “in disaster”.Reiterating Chinas stand that freedom of navigation in the South China Sea has never been affected, he said there wont be a problem in future “as long as nobody plays tricks”.Terming China as the biggest beneficiary of freedom of navigation in the South China Sea he was quoted as saying at a meeting here that Beijing wont let anybody damage it.advertisementBut at the same he said China consistently opposed “so-called military freedom of navigation” referring a number of US military vessels passing through waters close to artificial islands built by China in the South China Sea.”This kind of military freedom of navigation is damaging to freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, and it could even play out in a disastrous way,” he said. PTI KJV KUNlast_img read more

Michael Phelps gets another gold, but says it is the last

first_imgRIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Standing atop the medal podium for the 23rd time, Michael Phelps teared up, bit his lip and gave a little nod.This was how he really wanted to go out.On top of his game in the water.Totally content away from the pool.“It turned out pretty cool,” Phelps said, another gold medal around his neck. “It’s just a perfect way to finish.”Phelps put the United States ahead to stay on the butterfly leg of the 4×100-meter medley relay, giving the most decorated athlete in Olympic history his 23rd career gold medal Saturday night.If that was the end, and Phelps insists it is, the numbers are simply astonishing.No other Olympian has more than nine gold medals.With 28 medals in all, he’s 10 clear of anyone else.“It’s not even once in a generation,” said his coach, Bob Bowman. “It might be once in 10 generations that someone like Michael Phelps comes along. ”As Nathan Adrian touched the wall to finish off the victory, Phelps gathered the other relay swimmers, Ryan Murphy and Cody Miller, in his arms. One night after his only setback of the games, an upset loss to Joseph Schooling in the 100 fly, Phelps was back on top.At age 31, he leaves Rio with five golds and a silver.“I wouldn’t change anything,” he said. “This is the best place I’ve ever been in my life.”In the stands, his fiancee, Nicole Johnson, bounced along to the music with their son, 3-month-old Boomer, cradled in her arms.Phelps is eager to spend a lot more time with them. He plans to marry Johnson after the Olympics and said he wants to watch his son grow, maybe even dole out a swimming lesson or two.And what if Boomer wants to take all those medals to show-and-tell someday?“I might let him take one,” Phelps said with a grin.“Maybe a bronze,” Bowman chimed in.Most of the U.S. swim team was in the stands to watch Phelps’ finale, including the biggest female star at the pool, Katie Ledecky.The 19-year-old Ledecky joked that she was proud to be part of Phelps’ final Olympics — twice. He initially retired after the 2012 London Olympics, only to decide about a year later to return.The comeback endured a huge setback with his second drunken-driving arrest in 2014, which led to Phelps being banned from the world championships last year. But it also sparked a turnaround in his personal life. He entered six weeks of inpatient therapy, where he got in touch with some of the issues that seemed to lead him astray.He quit drinking, reconnected with his estranged father, got engaged, moved to Arizona along with Bowman, and became a father for the first time.Phelps sounds much more adamant when he says his swimming career really is over.“These games really showed his growth,” teammate Anthony Ervin said. “That human spirit, that capacity to heal. I think it showed in his swimming, it showed in his demeanor, and it certainly showed in his leadership on the team.”Phelps was elected a team captain for the first time in his fifth Olympics and truly seemed to enjoy being around his fellow swimmers. He was still the same ruthless competitor, but he was also willing to join in when some of his younger teammates made a carpool karaoke video at their final training camp in Atlanta.Took a starring role, in fact.“Being Michael requires such isolation,” Ervin said. “Other people respect that. They give him that space because he is the greatest. But this time around he started reaching out, reaching out to other people, bringing them closer, letting that gap be bridged. That was special.”On a victory stroll around the pool, Phelps and his teammates grabbed a sign that said, “Thank You Rio.”“No matter what country you swim for, you’re indebted to Michael Phelps for bringing a lot of exposure to the sport and making it a little more mainstream,” Murphy said. “If this is the end that was a great way to cap off an incredible career.”Murphy, who won two backstroke golds in Rio, put the Americans out front with a world-record split — it counts since he was leading off — before Britain surged ahead on the breaststroke with its own world-record holder, Adam Peaty.Phelps dove into the pool in second place.He wouldn’t be for long.On the return lap, Phelps powered through the water with his windmill of a stroke, surging ahead of James Guy to pass off a lead to the anchor Adrian.It wasn’t in doubt after that. Adrian pulled away on the freestyle to win in an Olympic-record time of 3 minutes, 27.95 seconds. Britain held on for silver, with Australia nabbing bronze.The victory came just minutes after the women’s medley relay gave the United States its 1,000th Olympic gold medal at the Summer Games.“A thousandth gold for team USA,” said Simone Manuel, who swam the anchor leg for her second gold of the games and second medal of the night. “It’s a nice number.”Kathleen Baker, Lilly King and Dana Vollmer joined Manuel in the historic victory, which came with a time of 3:53.13. Australia earned silver, while Denmark took bronze.Earlier in the night, Manuel took silver in the 50 free. She already became the first African-American woman to win an Olympic swimming title with her win in the 100 free.Connor Jaeger gave the U.S. another silver in the 1,500 free, leaving the American with 33 swimming medals in Rio — matching the highest total since they captured 34 against a depleted field at the boycotted Los Angeles Games of 1984.The U.S. also won 33 medals at Sydney in 2000.The final two individual golds of the games went to Pernille Blume of Denmark in the 50 free, her country’s first swimming victory since 1948, and Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieri in the grueling 1,500 free.The night, though, belonged to Phelps, who walked out of the arena for the final time carrying an American flag handed to him by his mother from her front-row seat, right next to Johnson and little Boomer.With a gold medal around his neck.The only way imaginable.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Logic Technology: FlashFX Tera 4.2 extends MLC NAND flash support for automotive and IIOT

first_img Continue Reading Previous AAEON: the power of a Mini-ITX SBC on a 4” boardNext Bringing machine learning to the edge: A Q&A with Neurala’s Anatoli Gorshechnikov Datalight has released the latest version of its FlashFX Tera product with enhancements for NOR device long-term reliability features as well as refinements to validation tests for multi-level cell NAND flash and enhanced support for i.MX family of processors from NXP.Ensuring long-term reliability for flash media requires careful attention to the physical degradation that occurs over time which leads to bit errors and device failure. While FlashFX Tera has managed data retention and error handling challenges for NAND flash media since its inception, but NOR flash has heretofore not required such sophistication. Now customers are beginning to suspect similar longevity concerns for NOR flash media and Datalight has responded with enhancements to error detection and correction focused on NOR flash. This software solution allows the data from blocks with correctible errors to be rewritten elsewhere while the original block is fully erased for future reuse. In addition to correcting single bit errors, two-bit errors are detected for proper handling by the design.Customers who place a premium on device cost often choose MLC NAND flash as their storage media. FlashFX Tera is acknowledged as the market leader in support for MLC NAND flash media and is the only flash manager with robust MLC support on Linux, as such support has been deprecated from open source solutions. This release offers refinements to the Flash Memory Services Layer (FMSL) test for this media type. This Flash Media test is crucial to exercise all aspects of implementation and customization of both the drivers and the hardware. Like all Datalight tests which are included with its products, the full source code is provided for ease of customization and finding hardware errors from within a debugger.FlashFX Tera continues to support the NXP series of application processors with an updated version of our i.MX family NAND Technology Module, which is designed to support i.MX8, i.MX7 and i.MX6 processors.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components last_img read more